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  1. With or without rectification columns......... Seems like a bit of a strech dude. You do realize that at one point you use "infuse" in your definion but then in your explaination state that you are deliberatly trying to exclude "infused"products. I also think that if you feel the need for such definition you should not be grouping artisian & craft as one. Instead of defining this by marketing terms first, why not start with various volume tiers like the brewing industry....THEN we can come up with the gimic pitch we will all use and abuse while trying to sell our products? I also do not feel you should be defining either by the types of equipment used....rather ingredients.
  2. could someone give me an estimation of what you are paying the brewery to produce your wash? (excluding shipping cost)
  3. My product is "neutral" so anything I have cut out, I don't want in the product. The energy & time consumed to do any further processing of this "trash" ends p resulting in me losing money in the end. Even if I add a small amount into a consectutive batch.....eventually that little bit not add, or constantly cut adds up. For me that adds up to hundreds of gallons right now. The environmentalist in me, doesn't want to just dilute it and dump it down the drain...
  4. It is rumored that if they don't get ample time for beer break, that they piss in the bottles they fill..... However, research was also found that show due to lack of thumbs you never have to worry about them sitting around with their thumb in thier ass!!!!
  5. We ordered our equipment in July of 05, recieved the keys to our building Nov 1st of '05, submitted our application as soon as we had our keys in hand, recieved our Fed permit Dec 28 '05. Have all your ducks in a row, and do your homework on the regs & your equipment. I also recieved a state and federal inspection during this time. So if anyone tells you it is not possible, let me assure you that it is.
  6. Does anyone know of a resource to sell your waste alcohol to? I have completed the proper ammendment to mky DSP license, but just need somewhere to get rid of the couple hundred gallons of tails, etc....
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