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  1. B: we're thinking seriously about doing a malt house for Breckenridge Distillery. If so, we're going to do it right and bring in a malt consultant. I doubt we could make enough for more than our own needs though.
  2. you can buy a solids separator through vendome. talk to rob sherman. we use one with a sparger. the separator is very effective. the sparger is weak. you will need a pump to push everything through.
  3. Thx a million for the link, Charles. I'm planning to push hard against their interpretation of the law and have asked for the specific references they have quoted. If they believe their interpretation is correct and they're going to start enforcing it then we'll be forced to unite and take a legal whack at this outdated law. I believe these laws were mostly written at the conclusion of prohibition and need to be revisited. Another ridiculous law prevents you from have a residence attached in any way to a distillery. We had to move a deed restricted apartment from our building even though it was located on a different level, had it's own independent entrance, and had no communication with the distillery. That took us three months to accomplish. The TTB's official interpretation of that law applies to the most extreme examples I could think of. I asked them, for example, if you operated in a large city and were located in a structure of independently owned units stretching over a mile and had a distillery on one end and there was an apartment on the other end (1 mile away) would you be legal. They said emphatically that you would not be permitted. Will keep you all informed.
  4. No doubt. I'm blown away...speechless. Will post as soon as they get back to me.
  5. They're taking a few days to gather the specifics for us. As soon as they report I'll post all the details. I can tell you that it's a federal law, and not a policy, so you cannot request a variance. They stated that guests could view the bonded premises through a window, but there has to be a floor to ceiling wall between bonded and nonbonded areas--tape on the floor, a walkway, or half wall would not be sufficient. If they decide to enforce this then most brew pubs, all wineries and all distilleries I've been in will be in violation.
  6. We recently were questioned re: our tours and tasting operations by the big guys in Cinci. According to law you cannot have anyone other than employees on your bonded premises. This would mean that your distillery is completely off limits anywhere you have etoh that's not tax-paid--such as your production room, barrel room, etc. This would also mean that every tour i've personally been on at a distillery, brewery, or winery has been in violation. You can have a retail premise, if your state allows, and you can put product there that is tax-paid, but the space must be non bonded. BTW...happy ****ing tax day.
  7. that's brilliant. what are they charging for the permit?
  8. Here's my 2 cents as a distiller and a MD. Heavy alcohol consumption, especially spirits, is linked to cancer of the esophagus and oral cavity. This is seen mainly in HEAVY alcoholics, not craft spirits tasters. Any alcohol you consume is metabolized by the ctyochrome p450 enzymatic system in your liver (same one used by Tylenol, so don't consume them together). Alcohol is a poison. If you consume a large volume you oustrip temporary capcity of the enzymes and get liver damage. In the short term this will be reflected by an increase in liver enzyme markers, mainly ALT. However, the liver has unbelievable regenerative capacity. Your can remove ~75% of someone's liver, and they should be able to regenerate enough capacity to have normal function. So how much is safe to drink? No one can tell you for sure, but studies have shown enzyme markers usually remain normal if you drink 2-3 drinks per day total (14-21/week). Personally, as a whiskeyphile and product taster, I have no worries about the volume of etoh I'm consuming, which by the way, is less than I remember drinking during highschool in the 80s.
  9. Most helpful, Guy. Thx for the scoop. We're meeting with the code consultant and architects tomorrow to get the final ruling.
  10. At this point, I believe our architects are a bunch of pot smokers. We do have an architecture firm and a code consultant working for us. Hey, there's apparently nothing that an assload of $$$$ can't fix!
  11. Just curious. How painful has it been for all you other H-3s out there in regard to ventilation for your "hazardous fumes"? Anyone want to offer up the $ range you found if you were forced to do some ventilation, and did they require you to have a back up power source to run the system... in case your local power station was hit by a meteor and your still somehow decided it wanted to make free alcohol vapor instead of liquid and you just so happened to be touring a group of one hundred sparkler-wielding grade school children? Also, if you're new to the process of starting a distillery please allow me to make a personal recommendation...buy the steel belted, kevlar Gorilla scrotum protector with 5-point groin harness to protect your tenders from the local building and fire officials. Never take it off. Because after you're finished with them your wife will be next in line! bryan
  12. I"m looking for input on using a hammer mill vs roller mill for malt barley processing in whiskey. We're looking at both versions. seems like hammer mill is more cost effective and has less maintenance issues. Anyone have experience or thoughts on hammer mills? thx. bryan
  13. You can also try cobhthaighceltique.com I've purchased in bulk from them, and they're very reasonable, friendly and fast. -bryan
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