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  1. This pump was only used a few times and is in excellent condition. It comes with all the fittings shown in the pictures! Msg me if interested. $500 shipped USA only. https://www.flexibleassembly.com/Ingersoll-Rand-PD05P-AES-SST-B-1-2-in-Non-Metallic-Compact-Diaphragm-Pump
  2. It does not come with controls but the 6 elements are included,they are cheap to buy/replace too. Thanks
  3. Hello- We have for sale a StillDragon 500L bain-marie kettle with mixer. It comes with a brand new 8" copper bubble cap column( 4 plates) w/dephleg and 6" X 48" condenser and stand $15,000 firm plus buyer pays for shipping and crating. FOB Muskegon, Michigan Thanks for looking!
  4. Does anyone have a source for good vanilla extract (2X)? Thanks!
  5. Thanks all! We will try submitting under DSS. Keep ya posted...
  6. We tried that and they said no
  7. I was wondering if anyone else is having issues getting label approval for their Spiced Rum? We have submitted over and over and over and over and keep getting denied based on the titles. The are saying it has to be something like "SPICED FLAVORED RUM" and not just "SPICED RUM". They also want it all on one line. We tried SPICED RUM and then below "RUM WITH NATURAL SPICED FLAVORS" but it got denied. We have seen all the big producers have just 'SPICED RUM' and have also seen the 2nd version we tried to get passed too. We have even tried to submit again as a new product in hopes to get a new person reviewing it. No luck. Often they find new things wrong each time we submit! UGH... There is just something about the wording of "spiced flavored rum " that sounds a little like it has something fake in it (we use all natural spices). Any thoughts on word choices or words of encouragement ???? Haha Thanks!
  8. Can you please share the carbon treatment process you perfected that removed the color but not flavor ? Thanks !!!
  9. Can anyone tell me how long you need to mix the spirit with the cream base so it it well mixed and STAYS mixed? Thanks!
  10. I know this post is old but what did you end up doing and how is it working for you? Thanks -
  11. I didn’t know SD did any control boxes. Where is that one from? Thanks -
  12. Has anyone had any success with making a flavored whiskey, rum, vodka , etc... with adding the fruit (purée or concentrate ) to the final spirit run (after two stripping runs)? If so any hints on ratios to get any flavor from it ? If adding it to the ferment it would change the class I’m guessing. Thanks -
  13. DEVOS family bought it. $$$$
  14. Paul- can you you post a picture of the “Open to atmosphere” valves you’re referring to ? Thanks -
  15. Thought something seemed odd. All the old sales people are gone and the website info is old.... too bad.
  16. Shindig

    Spiced Rum

    I am wondering if I could get some advice on making spiced rum using maceration? I bought around 10 ingredients but have no idea where to start with blending them (amounts) or what proof I should be macerating at. I know some things like cinnamon and star anise can be overpowering quick and others take more time to steep. I was thinking of doing each one separately in their own mason jar and then blending the tinctures. Right now I am starting with a full bottle (750ml) of 80proof silver rum and eyeballing the ingredients. I just ordered a scale that does smaller weights since mine only goes down to 1 gram and I thought about making tea bags with small amounts so I could use less than 750ml bottle of rum. Any advice would be a great help! Thanks in advance
  17. @Silk City Distillers thanks for the info ! The Brewery Branding website looks great. I emailed them and will get some pricing. I would like to use their free design team
  18. Does anyone have a recommendation for a printer for T-shirts and hats and such? Thanks
  19. Shindig

    Rhum Agricole

    Thanks @whiskeytango but was hoping @Silk City Distillers Would share too !
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