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  1. StonesRyan, We haven't been able to get the color stability we had hoped for. We actually ended up running the blueberry steeped gin back through the still to remove the color and keep the flavor. Brad
  2. We are having a few problems with the color stability of a gin that we are infusing with blueberries. We have sweetened with cane sugar to 2%-3% by weight and added Ascorbic Acid to a rate of 2 grams/gallon of 80 proof spirit. We are still seeing some color degradation. The measured pH is right around 4. Does anyone have suggestions on this? I appreciate the help. Brad
  3. Sorry for the confusion, bluestar was right. Just for the record I'm more of a John Deere guy.
  4. Looking froward to meeting people on here as well at ADI this April. Little background, I've been distilling at New Holland since late 2011 and love it. Cheers, Brad
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