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  1. Just curious how everyone is hanging in there, and if the quarantine is causing any distilleries to go out of business? I imagine it's got to be tough for those that are really dependent on tasting room sales and/or on-premise accounts.
  2. I'm acquainted with some folks that started a vodka brand in NYC as a part-time side project. They've had some decent placements in high visibility New York City on-premise accounts, and a few in the Los Angeles area as well. However a lack of available time has them questioning how much longer they want to manage it, and curious if anyone else is interested in taking it over. PM me if this might be something you'd be interested in.
  3. I've received a number of spam emails from buyers wanting to purchase our excess/damaged/closeout inventory, which I usually deleted without giving any thought. Now I've got some inventory I'd like to liquidate and can't find any of those emails. Anyone here have suggestions on closeout buyers or brokers?
  4. I got that $350M figure from one of the prospectuses I mentioned. I don't have any insider info myself, but perhaps they did. I don't think the High West deal was that surprising, and not the only headline grabbing acquisition. I'd be curious to know what prices were had for Aviation Gin and Westland Whiskey. Take a look at the valuations of the deals mentioned above and other past and future deals. Don't forget Ballast Point sold for $1 Billion, or 20x revenue. Obviously the vast majority of small producers are not going to achieve such success, and many will fail complete
  5. I've seen a couple investor prospectuses recently that claimed $1000 per annual case sold is one industry standard valuation (i.e. Deep Eddy selling for $350M with 350K cases sold annually). I've also seen successful equity raises by smaller distilleries that are comparable with that valuation multiple. Of course I believe High West just sold for $160M with 75K in case volume, which is more than double that "standard" valuation. So if you're selling 5,000 cases annually with ambitions to become a national brand, a value over $5 Million value does not seem unreasonable. You might also consi
  6. I'm curious what kind of language are people seeing in their contracts with distributors in franchise states? I understand the extra burden of the state's requirement that the distributor release a brand before switching to another distributor, but are there any challenges that prevent specifying conditions in advance which will cause distributor to release their rights? I'm thinking along the lines of minimum sales targets and buy-out clauses.
  7. There doesn't seem to be a good "in between" option with automated systems. It seems like a choice between a $5K manual operation or $100K+ automated. I think a packaging supplier could do well with an entry level system in the $30-60K price range. Of course there is always used equipment, if you're willing to be patient for one with the right specs.
  8. Cool. How many gallons of cooling water does it go through now? Another option to control flow would be getting a flow meter with needle valve, although that still requires manual adjustment throughout your run.
  9. I agree with this. It seems a disservice to remove the ad completely. I can't imagine it would take anymore work to lock a thread than delete it completely.
  10. Anyone know what the deal is with the semi-monthly tax period ending Sept 26th, and then another ending Sept 30th?
  11. Do these have a sloped bottom or otherwise drain completely, or do they leave a puddle after emptying?
  12. Just curious, do these ship in the barrel itself?
  13. Ah, it's just a fanciful name. Clever. Not too surprising about the age statement however, as I also see it lacking on numerous labels.
  14. With no new charred oak barrels, how can they call it Malt Whiskey? I also didn't notice an age statement on the label. Have they found some loophole by spelling it "whisky"?
  15. We started reasearching the industry long ago, and have equipment quotes from a lot of the still manufacturers from over many years. Prices for new stills have doubled in some cases, even after factoring the price swings of copper/steel and euro/dollar inflation. Same with leadtimes. Ten years ago you could by a 200L German still off the shelf from GW Kent for less than $20K. I think the current high prices are simply a factor of supply and demand. It's a good time to be a still manufacturer, but a not so great for a purchaser. For anyone buying a still today I wouldn't absolutely count
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