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    Fellow Rum Distillers, I’m just wondering if any of you had a rum consultant you would recommend. I’m new to the business and would rather buy a recipe and ensure we’re tooled to distill it from the start, rather than experimenting once we’re up and running. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks! Andrew
  2. First off, this is my first post and I want to thank everyone for the insight I've learned by casually reading for months. This really is a helpful community. My question is whether I need to plan on a 40-45% retail markup when I sell directly to bars? I’m in a non-control state and we’re HOPEFULLY getting rid of our three-tier system before I open. On the same note, does the 40-45% contain the distributer mark-up or if I’m selling this directly out of my car can I safely lower that percentage? Also, for those of you established 2-3 years, what percentage of your customers comes to you t
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