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  1. Well technology is all around us, for good or bad. I attended the Madison class looking for validity in the Istills place in the industry. Well as a traditional distiller I can say that the theoretical and practical aspects of distillation have not been altered by the addition of a ROBOT, the ease and consistency of producing and replicating product seems to have been achieved. This by no means should imply it will make you a distiller overnight there are too many other phases of distilling such as mashing, fermenting, blending and marketing to name a few the ROBOT can not do for you, however
  2. OH yes and if Mona LOa erupts and your barrels vibrate your aging has been reset with the contact with the USED barrel. Sorry
  3. And yes nab, the emptying dictates the USED definition not adding
  4. Bottom line IN MY OPINION is unless the original spirit is removed from said NEW barrel Aging continues until the SPIRIT is removed changing the NEW unused barrel to a USED barrel status. Addition of water inside or out. Movement or rotation left or right. will not and does not change the aging of the SPIRIT until it is REMOVED from a NEW unused barrel. remove it and the second addition of un-aged spirits defines a used barrel. get real guys. nobody would have age to their spirits. stop splitting hairs.
  5. People think what your saying. This would mean every time you move a barrel rack or pallet with barrels on it you will have to restart the clock. How do all of you keep your barrels from drying out? If you rotate you stop the clock. If you saturate you would stop the clock. 5% lose now exponentially increases as staves shrink and vapor escapes. Glad you all don't make and interpret the laws.
  6. In regards to nabs interpretation of bluestar touching used barrel by adding water or rolling is absurd. Dumping and adding new spirits constitutes a barrel being used. I disagree with this. This means you can never change or move the barrels placement EVER during its time in the barrel . Again absurd.
  7. Like I said. It's the spirit not the water. Tax!$
  8. Thank you Roger. See you soon. Visiting distilleries in Wisconsin this week. Be upstate soon
  9. Roger, to throw another twist strictly to promote thought, is. the original whiskey in question and the portion of which the ttb bases its regulations on is the spirit, alcohol, which is produced under its guidelines, once introduced into a barrel and further never leaves said barrel can not be considered used nor the age halted. THIS is my interpretation/ opinion and should be treated as such. the only interpretation that matters is that of our governing bureau. TTB I love opinions, like something else everyone has one. did you ever get a answer from the TTB?
  10. My two cents open for every ones interpretation, are we not, weighing, gauging and paying tax on the spirit not the water? Is the water aging or the spirit? If the spirit does not leave the barrel is it still new? or used? I still have not seen a decisive answer substantiated by the cfr/ttb. Matt
  11. Meadowsweet was used in both England and Scandinavian countries to flavor alcohol. In the middle ages it was called meadwort for its use in mead. Stick with it
  12. MDH, I visited their facility and had an in depth discussion about set up, size and Budgeting. They were extremely receptive to customizing the configuration and " bells and whistle". The product is top notch! Made in north america and delivery is spot on. I was completely impressed with their quality and diversity, and as I like to call it a complete system tuned and sized in on package. I have a few clients very interested and will be engaging in design and pricing in the near future. I truly believe this is a manufacturer to watch. more or less their system is complete and a plug in mecha
  13. Canadian made, complete systems available. Check out specific mechanical systems in Victoria BC. Call Gregg at 250-652-2111 and check out www.specific.net They had a set up at ADI in San Diego. Check them out!
  14. Wow! Thanks my friend. As you would agree, having help when you need it is a blessing. I only wish we could have started working together earlier in your venture. I too agree with above posts. One key ingredient to making money is spending your money wisely and having an efficient system and sop. having a consultant to support and guide you throughout the process saves you time and money. And yes sometimes your ass. Making money is what we all dream about doing and having a consultant you can count on and trust is key to saving time and making money. All future and existing distillers sho
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