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  1. We're currently going through an expansion and i'm sure alot of you have gone through this so I thought it might be a good question to throw out there. Boiler will be heating: 300 gallon still, one 4 plate whiskey column, one 20 vodka column plate column hybrid still one 10bbl or about 310 gallon mash tun one 17.7 bbl or 550 gallon hot liquor tank We also wanted to have room for a future stripping still or a continuous to strip. We are getting quotes on 1.3 million btu input low pressure cast iron boiler thoughts? Should we look at bigger boilers to be safe or do you think we should b
  2. Title is pretty self explanatory. We are looking for a TTB report expert to do our monthly reports. We are located in Buffalo New York. If interested or know of someone please contact me here or email me at chad@lockhousedistillery.com Thanks
  3. Full time, part time and overnight availability. Brewing or distilling experience a plus. Duties would include: -Supervising stripping runs -cleaning and sanitizing equipment -help bottling and labeling -general hand to the distillery Please email chad@lockhousedistillery.com if interested
  4. Ok great, exactly what I was looking for. I do use temperature corrections, i'm just looking for a better hydrometer. the H-B 6160 is backordered for a month. Any other good trustworthy brands? Kessler?
  5. I'm curious to see what everyone is using for final proofing before bottling. I realize it would be ideal to use an Anton Paar 5000 meter but i cant imagine everyone has the budget for that. Just wanted to see what other distilleries were using. -hydrometer (if so what brand have you found that you like?) -weight -Anton Paar hadheld etc. -any others?
  6. Hey have a 200 liter boiler that i would like to add agitation too. I would like to both speed up heat up time and avoid scorching issues... The agitator would have to tri clamp onto a 3" ferrule and be around 16" from the top of the ferrule into the wort... I'd like to do this as cheap as possible and preferably an electric motor as apposed to an air powered. This is a commercial environment so i assume the motor would have to be explosion proof? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated....
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