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  1. You can send me your thoughts and questions to stillwagondistillery@yahoo.com. We can discuss it further.
  2. Hi Doug, I am working with a non-profit to acquire a grant to build the full scale system that will process our spent wash, CO2, solid organic waste, and waste heat. In the mean time, we are building a 1/16 scale system for proof of concept and to work out some of the details until we acquire funding for the whole system. We have been developing the spent wash treatment for the last 5 years, and believe we have the system worked out, we simply have to prove it (we currently use part of the system to eliminate our spent wash.) It has been an adventure, but it will be great to close the
  3. Calcium carbonate doesn't raise pH much. I use it as a buffer to prevent a pH crash. Calcium hydroxide will effectively raise pH, but do it slowly as it is very reactive and you can overshoot quickly. I keep my pH above 4 to keep it active, fermentation is usually done in 5 -6 days at 80f. I would avoid the buffer solution. They usually don't work very well in my experience.
  4. Academia.edu is one such site.
  5. If you Google research on distillery spent wash treatment, you will get a large number of papers. To access some you will have to join some scholar paper networks. Most are free. I am not near my office for a while. But 2 minutes on Google and you will have a hundred hours worth of reading.
  6. There are a great number of research papers that cover a number of methods of remediation. Anaerobic digestion is the most prevalent method used to recycle the spent wash. PH adjustment after fermentation, then dilution before application as a fertilizer. I have found the addition of nitrogen balances the nutrients and makes it more effective. The system I am working on is use in semiaquatic environment, then filtration, to reclaim the water for reuse once it has had the majority of pollutants removed.
  7. stillwagon

    Aging Rum

    I age most of my rum in new, charred, American oak barrels. I do use some wine barrels for aging some infused rums that I don't want a major influence from the oak. I generally age 3+ years in the new barrels, a year or so in the wine barrels.
  8. Hi Guys, We have a small craft distillery on the Oregon Coast. We produce a large variety of rums, a whiskey, and a vodka. We have been established for over 7 years and are ready to step things up to the next level. So we are entertaining the idea of a partner or investor, or the sale of the distillery. We currently have 20 products, two satellite tasting rooms in neighboring cities, and a tasting room at the distillery. We have product placed in about 80 liquor stores throughout Oregon, and have product placed in a couple other states now as well. Equipment: (2) 100 gallo
  9. A local cheese maker has asked if I would help him with the production of a distilled spirit from his byproduct whey. He currently produces about 100,000 gallons of whey per week. I have not had his whey analyzed yet to find out exactly the percentage of lactose available, but most studies I have found say it is around 4%. I have found a suggested yeast strain, kluyveromyces marxianus, to begin fermentation trials with. I have read using an enzyme can increase the fermentability, ultrafiltration or boiling can reduce the volume and consolidate the sugars. My question is, Has anyone e
  10. I am looking at my options on whether or not to continue this business. We have a small distillery on the coast of Oregon. We currently have 18 products on the shelf. We produce primarily rum, vodka, and increasing our whiskey production. We produce about a barrel a week at this point. The primary consideration for the sale is the necessity for a hip replacement, and the worry of the repercussions of the inability to work in the distillery as needed. We have a steady increase in sales, expansion into other states has been steady, with an organic growth based on demand of our product
  11. You will have to proof by distillation, or have it done by a ttb approved lab. I use Vinquiry.
  12. stillwagon

    rum waste

    We have a rural location so we treat the spent wash ouselves by aerobic digestion, raise the pH, dilute, then use it to water our forested area.
  13. stillwagon

    Aging Rum

    I use new, charred, American Oak barrels to age in for the first few years. The rum is then much like a bourbon. Then from there I start moving it around in a variety of other barrels.
  14. I had to create my own distributor in CA. I talked him into jumping through the hoops, getting a small warehouse, then helped him start acquiring his retailers. We are a year into it. Still working out the bugs, but he is getting our product into major retailers now.
  15. I had the same experience. Starting pH starting at ~5.7 then crashing early. So, I add no acid either. I add calcium carbonate to buffer to prevent crashing at the beginning and half way through fermentation. If it crashes, I use calcium hydroxide to raise pH. But I haven't had a problem with pH in the last 4 years using this procedure.
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