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  1. Contact Jennifer Royall at John Sutak Risk in San Francisco. Took me 10 minutes to get my bond. Very inexpensive. Premium was $10 per $1,000 annually. She was great help. The bond was technically through Hartford. Jennifer C. Royall John Sutak Risk Services One Embarcadero Center, Suite 1040 San Francisco, CA 94111 Direct 415.901.2551 Main 415.394.0700 Fax 415.394.8839
  2. I realize that every distribution contract is different. But we are just venturing into these waters and I don't know what to expect. How are most distributors paid? A % of the sales they account for? A flat rate per case sold? Incentives for sales goals? I'm trying to better understand their position in all of this before I get into any serious discussions.
  3. Not much notice, but the TTB is holding compliance seminars in Tampa on June 15 and in Ft. Lauderdale on June 17. More info is linked below. Sessions are free, but you have to register. I have my ticket booked for Tampa. So if anyone's going, drop me a line. I'd love to meet some people there. TTB Compliance Seminar Info
  4. This is fabulous and exactly what I need. Thank you!!!
  5. We're considering a beautiful building constructed in the 1850's for our dsp. The main floor where we'd like to have our still has wood floor coverings. The trusses, etc. can handle the weight. But I'm concerned about water proofing the floor and having drainage. Is anyone else set up in a similar situation? How did you handle the flooring? I'm looking into a seamless rubberized covering for portions. Also wondering if epoxy sealants, etc. might be an option. Will go talk to a flooring pro, but just wondered if anyone in the industry had already found a solution to a similar issue.
  6. Several of us in Iowa have been working closely with the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission to get micro-distillation legislation introduced in Iowa this session. The commission is now on board and has made a significant recommendation to the legislature that will allow on premises sales and tasting for micro-distilleries. If there's anyone on this forum from Iowa that would be willing to contact lawmakers in support of this bill, please contact me. We should have a bill in committee sometime in the next week or so.
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