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  1. Shoot, for some reason I don't get notifications any more - they are medium toast, #3 char. Thanks!
  2. I have 10 Extra 5 gallon Black Swan barrels for sale (grooved, not honey comb). They do have our headstamp on them but it is painted on so a plain barrel is some elbow grease and some sandpaper away. $165 each FOB Toledo. You can arrange shipping or I can.
  3. Ahh, I see, so I just submit that with the COLA and then see if they want to do a formal review based on what's there.
  4. Don't mean to hijack your thread but we're going to hopefully doing something similar (we just got our DSP) and were getting ready to submit a COLA online and its also asking for a formula - I assume this is an in-house formula then? And is it as simple as saying "XYZ beer for PDQ brewing distilled once to 60 proof and a second time to 150 proof"?
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