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  1. But you can easily reverse absinthe’s (for example) louche simply by adding more absinthe.
  2. I don't really buy into the shocked thing (at least long term), but this is definitely related to proof, temperature, and oil concentration. Too low of proof and/or temperature, and too many oils will lead to haze.
  3. For giggles, I went through our own pictures. Not very many pictures of our equipment (no recent ones). Honestly, most people don't care, pictures of the end product are more popular except to other distillers which obviously aren't a target market. I'm pretty proud of our equipment which is very visible to anyone that visits us, and we ferment and distill everything we sell from scratch, but it's changed a lot since 2016 which is when most of the posted pictures of this distillery were shot. And the posted pictures don't show a heating source either. So the fact that there aren't a
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/50-500ml-Honey-Paste-Alcohol-Gel-Filling-Machine-1-7-17oz-Cylinder-Piston-Filler/142853498725?hash=item2142bb6765:g:B~YAAOSwsvJdYLum You can put heat tape around the hopper to keep it warm/hot and/or draw from another tank.
  5. Gravity won't be much help with less than a 3" pipe especially after settling. If you get the pump close enough to the tank and use the right pump (positive displacement) almost any size pipe would probably work. If you're just using the pipe to pump to the still, flush it with water when done, cap it off and then flush it again before you use it again. I don't think you really need to clean it all that well.
  6. Doing your comparison, was the malted rye the unmalted rye but malted or was the malted rye from a different source than the unmalted? The reason I ask is because my perception has been the opposite, but my malted rye was not a malted version of my unmalted rye.
  7. I've found every vodka to be distinctive, not just those made from cane. Vodka can be made from anything, wheat, corn, rye, cane, potato, grapes, etc, but they all taste different.
  8. "The HHS Office of the General Counsel (OGC) has reviewed the matter and determined that the manner in which the fees were announced and issued has the force and effect of a legislative rule. Only the HHS Secretary has the authority to issue legislative rules, and he would never have authorized such an action during a time in which the Department is maximizing its regulatory flexibility to empower Americans to confront and defeat COVID-19. Because HHS OGC has determined the notice is really a legislative rule and that no one at FDA has been delegated authority to issue such a rule, the notice
  9. Ha, then you'll find out how many otherwise intelligent people have trouble counting.. skipping numbers, duplicating, etc... The struggle is real. Need a machine that can print what looks like handwriting.
  10. I think making and selling are two different things, but in either case deregister.
  11. "on the heels of Association discussions with HHS Chief of Staff Brian Harrison and senior HHS leadership, together with an intensive outreach campaign over the past 48 hours to congressional legislators and members of the media, HHS has withdrawn the FDA’s scheduled $14,060 fees to craft distillers who produced hand sanitizer in 2020. " Still need to de-register for 2021 though. 4.5 hours left.
  12. So let's say theoretically a company with product on retail shelves goes out of business. When/If they deregister, would everyone carrying their product no longer be able to sell them? It seems to me there is a reason to still keep the products active, but the facility inactive/deregistered.
  13. This is as clear as mud, but it looks like you're probably right. Anyone that registered with the FDA during 2020 is going to get screwed out of $14k even if you deregister now. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever, so maybe someone knows more. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/12/29/2020-28714/fee-rates-under-the-over-the-counter-monograph-drug-user-fee-program-for-fiscal-year-2021?fbclid=IwAR1R41wSMRz8eFoDphxHoCHcK7kwyC2fQLCcO_SG9j1MvUAR5go9mAxKCKY "Under the statute, a facility fee will not be assessed if the identified OTC monograph drug facility: (1) Has ceased al
  14. Thoughts on the just announced facility fee ($14,060)? Do they apply to distilleries registered to manufacture hand sanitizer? If so, you'll want to deregister by the 31st.
  15. Assuming you're talking about a standard plastic IBC tote, the caps often have a 2" NPT thread on them. Get one of those and a 2" NPT to 2" triclamp adapter and you're done. If you're heating while cleaning, you're going to need some sort of pressure & vacuum relief or your IBC will become a big balloon. You can also try putting the above cap on loosely enough where it doesn't really seal.
  16. The final gravity is where it's at.
  17. Good points. But, I don't think this is xenophobia (at least I hope not). It's more like multiple red flags flying all at once. "I'm from company so and so from where and where" and I google it and it doesn't exist (at least according to Google). "Please use my trusted shipper from Somewhere, USA" with a random Gmail email address and I google that, and the shipping company doesn't exist as far as I can tell. It's, "what credit cards do you accept", not will you take cash, ACH, EFT, Wire, etc. The first couple times I gave the benefit of a doubt and it crashed when I wanted them to a
  18. I've been getting a lot of these since early May. Usually they lose interest once I tell them they have to figure out their own freight (since they seem to be from companies I can't verify exist and they want me to use shipping companies that don't seem to exist). I've started ignoring them. It has to be some sort of scam, not sure how, but like you said, seems suspicious and not worth my time.
  19. I'd love a small centrifuge that didn't break the bank. Biofuel uses them and are affordable, but almost definitely not food or alcohol safe.
  20. Did any of you fill out the voluntary sanitizer question form they sent out a while back?
  21. The VFD is apparently single phase and converts to 3 phase for the motor. Perfectly normal.
  22. I could very well be wrong, but to me it looks like Registrar doesn't do anything that you couldn't otherwise easily do yourself. Registering your facility and product (even one that doesn't match the WHO/FDA guidelines like a gel) is relatively simple (and free) once you understand some basics. What I'm really wondering is what the process was for selling hand sanitizer before COVID. It looks to me that any company could have registered with the FDA before COVID and started selling. That seems incorrect to me but how? Is this regulated by the states somehow? Are there additional lic
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