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  1. As much fores as a fores cutter cuts if a fores cutter could cut fores.
  2. Amazing find, very beautiful. Whoever gets these is going to be very proud to show them off. The history is amazing - especially for any of us out here in the Northeast.
  3. We have noticed 30s being much more flexible with timing than 15s - far wider timing range, much less worried about letting them go longer.
  4. Slightly off topic, but I have done a few runs now of hammer milled grain-in malt whiskey, and I was very, very pleasantly surprised with the flavor of the distillate. Give it a go, you might like the result. I generally go out of my way to try to challenge the status quo. I continually hear that you can't make malt whiskey grain in. So I said, that sounds like the perfect thing to try out. Tannin astringency? Huh? We tried roller mill variants, that created real headache in pump overs from the tun to the fermenters, from the fermenters to the still, and on still cleanout. Roller mil
  5. Question for the brain trust - we're looking to do some variants of our 100% rye. Working with a local farmer, we're looking to smoke some raw rye. Anyone ever gone down this path? It's not very typical to smoke raw grain, but we don't see any reason to malt, if what we are really after is the smoke.
  6. 60 minutes in a rush, but holding at temp for 90 minutes give us yields that are a touch better (2-3%).
  7. We cook at 90c - 100% unmalted - all exogenous enzyme conversion - Beta glucanase, High temp alpha amylase and Glucoamylase.
  8. Same, we take 100% unmalted up to around 90c as well. We tried lower, but yields drop precipitously.
  9. Lots of oils and emulsifiers. Not sure how clear you could get something like that.
  10. There is a decent looking Meadows #35 in Nebraska over on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333639315147 Not sure it would hit 5k without the blower though. Probably has room on the price.
  11. How do you account for that in TTB reporting? Barrel storage records?
  12. Hornindal in Bourbon Mash - The amount of tropical fruit and dark fruit jam straight through the hearts is nuts. Some might call those all off flavors. We will see how those flavors survive aging.
  13. If a bottle of Arak falls off the shelf, does anyone care?
  14. Just bringing this back to life. We did a Bourbon with Hornindal, and have a pack of the Lallemand Voss we'll pitch in another bourbon mash to be able to lay down a few barrels as a "side-by-side" comparo. Not rum, but continue to be excited by the crazy ester profiles of these.
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