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    Retired from ATF and began consulting for DSP's in 2012. When I'm not working, I like to head outdoors. That can mean simply sitting on the deck reading. Regulation bores me. Helping others deal with it does not.

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I worked for ATF, TTB's predecessor, for about 35 years, retired, and ended up consulting when some asked me if I would. I now limit myself to distillers because I don't want to keep up with wine and beer regulations too. I teach a session on federal regulation at SIPS seminars in Seattle and work from my home, in Ellensburg, WA, where we moved when I retired.

TTB and its predecessor agencies have been around since 1935. That's about 80 years. I have been involved in regulations for almost half of those years, giving me a fairly good perspective on their history and evolution, from the days of storekeeper-gaugers, through the transition to all-in bond, into the current exponential growth in the the number of DSP's. In many instances, that lets me look at how things came to be, which gives me a basis for commenting on current issues and how we might best approach them to the benefit of craft distillers. I know that statements like that lack the particulars needed to assess them, but anything more would drag on. 

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