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  1. @meerkat It seems our rum contains dissolved solids, as we get a 41.97% reading with our SNAP 50 and the lab gives us a reading of 42.52%. They use a DMA 5000M, and their method takes into account dissolved sugar and solids. Why the rum contains dissolved solids is still an open question in my mind, but surely enough we cannot trust the SNAP 50 readings for this particular alcohol.
  2. @Silk City Distillers We had fresh 95% alc./vol. alcohol and our SNAP 50 gave us a 95.01% reading, and we took measure from a few off the shelf bottles and our readings were always on target even on a summer day. This is why we are thinking that they are some dissolved solids in our rum which would offset the SNAP. We aged the rum in small bourbon barrel casks, nothing fancy.
  3. Hello, My understanding is that the distillation process takes out any residual sugar left from the fermentation, is this accurate? We double distill our rum and age it for 18 months. We use a calibrated SNAP 50 to measure the ABV and we are off by 0.6% alc./vol when it comes to our rum, when we compare the readings with a external lab. So we are thinking, either there is a small quantity of dissolved leftover sugar in our rum (we did not add any sugar after distillation), in which case it would explain why the SNAP 50 does not give an accurate reading as it does not work with ob
  4. I should have mentioned, the container we are looking for is to be used for transport and therefore short-term use, it will likely sustain a fair share of shock and vibrations. A food-grade plastic drum properly secured on a pallet will do the job.
  5. Hello, we are looking for plastic jugs / drums suitable for high-proof alcohol. Our provider can get us containers made from FDA compliant resins, but we are not sure if this is sufficient or not, we don't want our gin to taste like cheap plastic toys after a couple of days.... Anyone had good or bad experience with food-grade plastic drums and booze ? Thanks. Chris
  6. I have been told yesterday by a reseller that the enolmatic is not recommended as the hoses and other materials are not rated for high proof alcohols. Interesting.
  7. Hello, We are considering purchasing a manual machine to fill 50 ml bottles with our gin. The volume is not big enough to consider anything automated. I checked a couple of manual fillers on Amazon, they all share the same design (more or less), and some comments said that the volume of liquid was not accurate which is a bit of a problem. Anyone out there purchased a manual filler for these tiny bottles and had a good experience so far ? Thanks. Chris
  8. The last tests we did were not conclusive, we could not find any rubber material that did not introduce cloudiness into alcool when immersed for a couple of days. We changed our procedures to prevent any situation where high-proof alcohol is in contact with rubber material for a long period of time.
  9. Hello group, Anyone has done something interesting with their botanicals after they have been used for distilling? Like creating a spice mix by adding salt to ground botanicals ? Chris
  10. We are assembling our still at this point, not in production yet. Can't wait.
  11. Thanks. We will probably end up cleaning the kettle with an electric pressure washer unless we can find an inexpensive alternative. What do you use to push 30-45 gallons/minute into a spray ball ?
  12. Hello, We hooked up the spray ball of our 1,000L kettle to city water using 1/2 PEX tubing and found the water pressure to be very insufficient to clean the kettle inside. At first we thought we could hook up an electric pressure washer since it could deliver many more PSI, but the output is not designed to be coupled with a standard garden hose fitting or anything off-the-shelf. Any tip on how to efficiently deliver water pressure to spray balls ? Chris
  13. Spitfire

    Gin Fragrance

    Thanks everyone, we use angelica root and oris root and noticed that our grind was too coarse. Oris root is harder than concrete and we had to switch to a new grinder. Anyone had a good experience with chamomile as a fixative?
  14. Spitfire

    Gin Fragrance

    Hello everyone, We are putting the final touch on our first compound gin these days and we’ve been asking ourselves the following question: What factors contribute to a fragrant gin ? Some gins have a good but fleeting aroma. We pour some in a glass, it smells wonderful but after 5 minutes the fragrance is almost gone. We also noticed that a fleeting aroma is not related to a weak flavour, the gin can have a bold taste but an aroma that has a short life. Other gins are much more fragrant, you can leave the glass for 20 minutes, come back and their signature aroma is still ve
  15. The goal is to design a cam lock adapter to extract small amount of alcohol, as our tote tank is on a shelf and the top opening is not easily accessible. The adapter has a second valve at the end, controlling flow to a 1/4 vinyl tubing. So when we need for instance to extract 1 liter of GNS for R&D, we open the tote tank valve, then the adapter valve, and there is a small flow of alcohol that we can put inside a beaker. What is happening is that a small amount of alcohol is alway trapped inside the adapter between the tote tank valve and the adapter valve, and after a week or this
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