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  1. Never been used 150 gallon Artisan still with 4 plate column and 300 gallon Artisan Mash tun ready to go to work just needs a new home. I also have a 20hp Comimbia CT vertical boiler complete with feed water tank as well as blow down tank perfectly suited to this still. Will sell the whole package for $115,000 reasonable offers considered. No wait time come and get it now. The equipment is located in Kinston, NC and pictures can be sent upon request either email me fishon420@gmail.com or call 252-933-9668 for more information. Why wait months and months to get the distilling equipment that is ready to go now?!?!?
  2. I have a full almost turn key distilling equipment package that has never been run brand new out of the box for sale that includes the following items: -150 Gallon Artisan Still with 4 plate column -300 Gallon Artisan Mash Tun -(4) 300 Gallon custom made cypress open top fermentors -(1) 75 Gallon custom made cypress yeast tank - 20HP Columbia boiler with blow down tank as well as feed water tank -(4) stainless steel collection tanks -5HP Columbia boiler Why wait for months to have your still built when you can get what you need now our plans changed so if your going into or expanding your distilling business here is a great opportunity to get what you need for a great price and no waiting. I prefer to sell this as a package but will consider breaking it up for the right price. Its not often that an opportunity like this comes around to be able to have the equipment you need without waiting months to have it built, so if your in the market act fast so you don't miss out. Once the deal is signed ill send all the serial numbers so you can get right on having the equipment permitted so not to have any delays and you can be in production ASAP. The buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges that is not included in the price of the equipment. The equipment in located in Kinston, NC and invite anyone interested to come by our facility if your in the area to check it out with your own eyes. Whole Package $150,000 obo!! Pictures available upon request please feel free to contact me with serious questions or offers Lee@sugarhillgrain.com CHEERS Y'ALL
  3. Here at Sugar Hill Organic Grain Company we are having our end of year Organic Grain sale so if you have been holding off on buying some organic grain now is the time to buy. We are selling our Yadkin white wheat at $.40 per pound bagged in 50lbs bags for $20 per bag and our Organic Blue River Corn at $.35 per pound bagged in 50lbs bags for $17.50 per bag. You won't find cleaned food grade organic grains at any cheaper prices probably anywhere in the country right now. This sale will last till January 9th and supplies are limited so act fast so that we can make sure you get the grain you have been wanting all year. Prices like this only happen once per year and may never be this low again with the demand for organic grain outpacing the farmers who are now growing it. The organic market is growing fast and we also have options for distilleries wanting to start using organic grains to lock in prices thru contracts for the entire year so that you will always know what your grain prices will be and won't fluctuate with the market. We are here to help distillers produce the best spirits possible by providing you with the highest quality grains available anywhere. Also when you deal with us you know that the grain you are using is coming from family owned farms and all the certificates for the grain you purchase are available anytime you need them so that you can always be sure your getting 100% certified organic grains. http://www.sugarhillgrain.com
  4. We have 50lbs bags ready to ship or deliver of certified organic corn. 50lbs bag $27.50 bulk pricing available upon request contact us at info@sugarhillgrain.com
  5. We have in stock certified 100% organic Blue River Corn, organic Yadkin white wheat, and organic NuEast red wheat. We bag in 50# bags so you can order 1 bag or multiple pallets to be shipped from our facility in NC to anywhere in the country. All of our grain is cleaned in house to food grade standards when you order a 50# bag from us you get 50# of usable grain no chaff, cobs, stalks, or any foreign matter. We are a certified organic processing facility certified by Quality Certification Services and all of our bags carry the USDA organic logo. We built this business to provide distillers and brewers a reliable source of organic grains to be used in the production of their products so we all have extensive knowledge of brewing and distilling to help in finding the right grains for your specific mash. For these lots of grain we have in stock now the price list is as follows: Blue River Organic Corn $.50 per pound Yadkin Organic White Wheat $.60 per pound NuEast Organic Red Wheat $.60 per pound For orders 2000lbs or more please contact us for bulk pricing. Please feel free to contact us at anytime we would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. You can contact Lee Edwards anytime via email at Lee@sugarhillgrain.com and please check out our website www.sugarhillgrain.com
  6. First load of our organic Yadkin white wheat going in going in one of our holding bins till it's time to bag it out so that some of you extremely talented distillers can have a steady source of the highest quality family farm grown organic grains at your disposal.
  7. philf34 we are located in NC but can ship anywhere we need too with our contacts in the shipping industry. we are also set up to do either pallets of 50# bags or can do totes of up to 2000# also all of our grain is cleaned to food grade specifications so you will never have to worry about getting a shipment from us just to find that 10% or more is unusable chaff, cracked grain, hollow grain, hulls, seeds from other plants in the field, metal, or other unwanted stuff in your bag. When you order from us you get what you pay for a full bag or tote of nothing but the finest organic grains ready to be made into the spirit of your choice. Also for those who might be interested we offer custom stone bur milling on our state of the art 30" meadows stone burr mill for the products you order to the milling specifications you desire, if this option is chosen we will mill the day the order goes out to insure the utmost quality and freshness. We also have the ability to stone mill your whole mash bill into one bag for ease of use for those who want the highest quality milling available in the industry.
  8. If there are any distilleries interested in having some certified organic soft white wheat for use in their spirits production please let us know as we will be taking delivery of 3000 bushels to clean and bag over the next few weeks and hope to have it all ready for distribution sometime around the first of october. This will be all the soft white organic wheat we will have in stock till next harvest time in 2015 it will go quick so wanted to put the word out on here for distilleries to have first shot at it since our business is to provide craft distilleries with the organic products needed for high quality spirits. We are working on all of our price list now and for the others that have asked about prices on the wheat and corn we will get you our pricing as soon as we can we def have not forgot about you but are working with our farmers to be able to give the best pricing available for organic grain. We can be contacted at sugarhilldistillery@gmail.com and would love to hear from anyone who is interested in any of our organic grain or that might have questions!! cheers y'all!
  9. we are putting in an organic grain cleaning and bagging company to supply distilleries with cleaned NC raw organic corn in 50# and 1500# bags starting around mid-september. Followed soon by cleaned raw organic wheat and rye for 2015. If there is anyone out there interested please contact me at sugarhilldistillery@gmail.com for further information including pricing which we will have available first of september 2014
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