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  1. Looking to buy approximately 120 of the 375 ML Flask glass bottle and closure (5 Cases of 24). If you have a few you would like off your hands please let me know!!! Thanks!!!
  2. We have been making our standard corn mash consisting of 80% corn flour, wheat, and malt for about 6-years. It's real consistent - 200-gallons, starting Brix at 20 and finishes dry in less than 4-days. Temp peaks at about 90*F in 24-hours and gradually drops as the ferment progresses. A couple weeks ago we got some corn from a local farm to try out. Was milled more like cornmeal so a little less fine than normal. Last week in 24-hours temps spiked to 96*F - and with that ferments was complete in about 48-hours. Stripped out with typical yields and flavor of the spirit run was also n
  3. We have used a system called Toast for a little over a year now and like it a lot. We pay about $120/month and paid for some of the hardware at the start as well. Two POS units - both touchscreen with a cash drawer and receipt/ticket printer at each terminal. Back of the house is pretty good too. It's a restaurant system but adapts pretty well to what we do, especially on the cocktail side of things...….. They process the credit cards (it averages 2.9% which is deducted daily) and it deposits the next day. I don't recall that we have any long term contract - probably because we purch
  4. I can validate what our legendary Mr. Dunbar said and that our OCD will remain challenged. I called daily and left messages every other day, finally getting a live agent today on the other end. As my experience with TTB help has been, although challenging to get someone on the line, once you do they are VERY well trained and helpful. Her response today was that while TTB is aware of this request, and it exists on their tech side wish list, it is far from a priority. The hanging amendments only display on our individual dashboards and not on their end. Out of sight and out of mind to
  5. I have a message into them as we speak about the same thing. Waiting to hear back but will reply if they do!
  6. We purchased a 250-gallon Mash Tun Stripping Still this winter after working with Paul on our startup equipment 5-years ago. We run it 6-days a week with great results. You can literally pick up the phone and talk to him, as well as his guys that work for him. Best of luck Paul as the biz continues to grow!
  7. I've was taught to use a 2% - 3% solution but I would also be curious to hear what others do, including what the pH reads at that rate. Thanks!
  8. I was dealing with similar issues and ended up shooting them a request via email. Within a day I got a response from someone who was able to let me know which of my ideas were acceptable for use in alcohol production and which ones were not. Be prepared to send them the scientific name of any species but in my one experience I found them to be quick to respond and very helpful. Plus I had their approval in writing!
  9. Northern Waters Distillery has expanded its operation and is seeking an entry-level distiller to join our team. This is a salaried, full-time position assisting the Lead Distiller in all aspects from production and bottling to cleaning and record-keeping. Specific Responsibilities · Once trained, execute the distillery’s particular methods of milling, mashing, fermentation, distilling, warehousing, record keeping, and cleaning, among other duties. · Log and maintain detailed records of each phase of distilling for compliance and quality control
  10. The C-70 sells itself as a fairly versatile yeast although this is the only thing I have ever used it for. It definitely is a pretty clean flavor although that is generally what we prefer. Even after two distillations the warm buttery sugar flavor remains so we have been very happy with it so far. Yes, calcium carbonate can get the pH back up. I also find that adding the DAP also bumps the pH too. Another thing to play with! Dunder is what is left over in the still after distilling your rum ferment. It is often referred to as backset in whiskey production, just that dunder is sp
  11. We worked through a lot of similar challenges on a small scale and finally got a pure cane sugar to work and complete in four days. We tried a variety of yeasts and nutrients, and determined that for pure sugar a LOT of nutrient was necessary. Here is our program - you can scale up from there: Heat 25 Gallons Water (5.0 pH) to 125*F Add 75-LBS Sugar Add additional cold water to cool the wash and bring total volume to 40-gallons Hydrate 90 Grams Fermentis SafSpirit C-70 yeast at 100*F for 20-minutes Nutrients - 250 Grams DAP & 250 Grams Fermentis Prop-Aide Pitch at 95* F an
  12. I use mostly 15-gallon barrels but have filled as little as 5-gallons in a barrel. The head space has proven not to be any problem at all.....
  13. We have played with many experiments of less than full barrels with no downside. Some folks recommend short-filling barrels for various reasons. Unlike beer and wine that may still be fermenting, your spirit is complete, so set it to whatever proof you want and put it in the barrel!
  14. How about running it two times? Strip of a couple ferments first, put those together, and run them as spirit run. It should be a lot cleaner that second time, and without the plates engaged and dephleg off you can probably stay below 80%.
  15. We have done several batches of this and, although we have only release a couple barrels so far, has been my favorite. We used 85% red wheat and 15% malted wheat, both sourced from Briess. Best of luck!
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