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  1. Thanks, I did see that. Do you recommend any other websites?
  2. Hi everyone. Its been sometime since I have been on ADI forums or involved in the distilling world. After a 4 year hiatus, I'm looking to get back into it. The Help Wanted forum was great on here and I clicked the link to the new page and it seems to have a lot of "clutter" on there. Is there another place or website that would be good to look for distilling jobs? I've been updating my LinkedIn and will search on there as well. Thanks!
  3. NovoZymes will also send out samples. I've been with them after my fair of shopping around with different companies. Plus I think 2 jerry jugs delivered was like $480. That amount of Enzymes will last you.
  4. Thanks Joe. It hasn't been too involving yet. I'm thinking a very nominal fee since I have a cut off date when I will stop.
  5. A nearby distillery that will not be making any of the same product approached me and asked if I would do some consulting on their stills and setup. I have a little over 5 years in professional beverage and 2.5 years of professional distilling. I've been at a startup that has doubled its production for the past 2 years and is riding about 4,500 cases right now. I don't consider myself an expert by any means, but I do value my time and skill I've learned over the course of my trade. I cant see this being a clear and straight answer, but does anyone have suggestions on what I should charge? If anyone has used a consultant in the past or have been quoted would you please message me? Thanks in advance everyone.
  6. I'm all about DIY but if you do find yourself needing one built Bierling, Paul at ADE is the guy to do it
  7. Silk City - will do. They sent us out replacement breakers for what you see in the picture, F3 & F4. Only took almost 2 weeks of me asking! Its funny, they say 30A on them but they put 25A sticker over that. I know we were blowing these in the past. We will see.
  8. Here is an up close of the area for right now. I can get more once I'm back at the distillery. I tested the fuses because one day our still would not go above 99C. I thought that was weird, specially after the Carl rep gave me a spiel about a protein film in the still that would inhibit heat exchange and incomplete fermentations. Ended up 6 out of 12 fuses were bad. Also in the very beginning of the distillery they were going through fuses and upgraded to higher amp fuses. I'm pretty sure I'm talking fuses, In that picture those gray "tabs" fold down and you can pull out a small fuse, round about 1/4" W and 1" L. Yep, original owner, first used here. Just a note, 1 week has gone by and not even a simple response from the Carl rep.
  9. For those of you who are running Carl stills, who do you call/email if you have a concern or issue with your still? I've contacted our rep that I'm familiar with but he sent me a response 4 days ago saying he would get back to me right away and now isn't responding to my emails. The issue is I was testing fuses in the breaker inside the control panel and noticed the fuse boxes are too hot to even touch, plus some discoloration which appears to be from the heat build up. I had the electrician that set it up take a look and he wants me to talk to them and figure out more about the fuses. He ran some basic tests like checking the 3-phase. I've not been running it out of obvious concern and its really cutting into our production. Any leads?
  10. Thanks, Okay this seems to make total sense. The brewery is a mid-size craft brewery so I'm sure they have some type of software in place. I have a friend there and he said they meet on Fridays to talk about new stuff so hopefully this comes into fruition. I'll keep the thread updated. Thanks everyone
  11. Okay awesome, Thank you. Now how does the brewery have to report this? Will there be paperwork involved for them? I assume its null and void since they are not fermenting or finishing anything? As most would, I want this to go smooth so I don't "sour" things with the brewery. haw haw
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