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  1. I think you owe me $100. Otherwise I just wasted about twenty minutes reading this bullllloney. You are a distiller like I am a bullfighter. I have seen a bull, and I have been in a fight. The rest is just bull.
  2. So you think I added a costly step to my fermentation process in order to produce a false sweetness? Come on man..... Ethyl acetate is synthesized in industry mainly via the classic Fischer esterification reaction of ethanol and acetic acid. This mixture converts to the ester in about 65% yield at room temperature: CH3CH2OH + CH3COOH → CH3COOCH2CH3 + H2O The reaction can be accelerated by acid catalysis and the equilibrium can be shifted to the right by removal of water. It is also prepared in industry using the Tishchenko reaction, by combining two equivalents
  3. Nice to know that all of you guys are adding sugar to achieve your result. My vodka is naturally sweet when it comes out of the still and filters. I am sure that many people probably do add sugar, but we will not. Wheat, yeast, water. That is the whole formula.
  4. Just don't go the route the Chip Tate did down at Balcones. It ended up costing him his company. Read up on it on the internet...
  5. He doesn't drink. And the winner only gets another lawsuit.... lol
  6. What you will find is the domain was registered before you filed for your Trademark. As a matter of fact a quick check of the USPTO shows that you never have filed a trademark at all. Heck, I may just file a trademark for that, sounds like a name I could use.... Case closed.
  7. As long as you don't use a .com in a negative manner or make disparaging comments about the brand you can own it. It is legal for anyone to purchase any name they choose that is available in the U.S.. My .coms are for my own personal use. The Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA), enacted in 1999 and codified at 15 U.S.C. § 1125(d), creates a civil action against cybersquatters, where the cybersquatter had a bad faith intent to profit from the registration of a domain name, and the domain name is either a trademark or identical or confusingly similar to a famous or distinctive
  8. Note: Twister is a distillery. Things are made from stainless steel tanks and copper and stainless piping. This should be a surprise to no one on this forum..
  9. We had a flash fire which I take responsibility for. I was in the hospital for 21 days, I take responsibility and bear the scars for that. We rebuilt the distillery with a new internally heated pot still and I take responsibility for that. We won a Gold Medal in New York City and have a 5 star rating from www.VodkaBuzz.com/vodkas/success-vodka/ and I take responsibility for that. Here's to hoping all your products do well and your days are filled with sunshine.... jt
  10. The folly is that you fail to realize that my only statement was that I was using a piece of equipment that you left at the distillery. I didn't say you were an idiot. There are photos and receipts to show that in fact this equipment was at the distillery when I arrived.
  11. Garrett Janko , (now Scissortail Distillery, moved two doors down and attempted to bankrupt Twister) You are saying that mass produced small stainless "still" you bought and operated was "my design"?. As you know well, that was the only "still" you had and operated. YOU bought it. It was there when I arrived. You used a propane burner to "make" your "gin" using this "still", remember? You were still doing it when I got there. I took pictures. As a matter of fact this is the only "still" that was ever used at Twister Distillery before I installed an actual working internally heate
  12. Worst day of my life by far..... We had reporters in the plant doing an interview at the time of the incident so we had the old equipment left over from the previous distiller fired up for the show. I can't really say much more than that except for that I have recovered well and am back distilling again. We put our new 850 gallon still online with a boiler system when I got back and started making "Success Vodka" in Moore, Oklahoma. We have already been rated 5 stars by VodkaBuzz.com and won a Gold Medal in the Top 50 Domestic Vodkas in NYC. I would like to thank all of you for
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