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  1. What's reasonable to you? I do all my own work so I searched for a chiller that was affordable, but not expensive, but reliable. I went with Chill King. $35K or so delivered, $7000 for electrical install (most of which was the copper wire to handle 200 amp 150 feet from the breaker panel.) If you can operate a hammer drill then install is easy. The compressor need to run in the correct directly and if you're not handy and know electrical that part might cost more. Everything else out there was way more expensive. Oh, mine is a 30 ton chiller.
  2. Best thing to do would be calling a company that either makes filters or filter pads and ask them. You can try TCW the complete winemaker as they have lot of good people there who can recommend the right product.
  3. Have you tried cooling it? Clearing agents might pull other stuff out, but if you try a batch in a carboy so you can see it and put it in a fridge that might work. When you cool spirits, wine or beer down stuff settles to the bottom. You can also look into a vortex/centrifuge type system. They make them for the food industry so they can handle a lot of volume. These systems will pull any particulate out and then you filter as you're bottling.
  4. This is wash station I made a long time ago. Uses off the shelf parts if it ever went down. But it's reliable. You press the bottles on by hand to rinse them out and then put them on the conveyor to drain as they automatically advance to your next station. Asking $500. Located in San Francisco.
  5. Hi, I've got about 10 totes and the other chemicals to make hand sanitizer for sale in San Francisco. They're in IBC totes. Our hand sanitizer production dropped off considerable. I think I paid $7.00 a gallon including shipping. As I said I also have the hydrogen peroxide and glycerin if you're still in hand sanitizer production. Drop me a line if interested.
  6. They are getting very creative and are the scum of the earth. I got a call last Friday saying it was PG&E and my power to the distillery was going to be cut off in 30 min. I said, let me guess you need a credit card. He said NO! He had NO IDEA why the disconnect order was issued, but I should call another number and find out. Of course I'm sure they would have asked for one. I knew it was a scam a few seconds into the call, but at first I was like WHAT!!! we've opening the tasting room soon we need power. So they are getting very creative. For PG&E though it's pretty easy to
  7. Thanks. Good to know. Personally, I never take credit cards. If it's a legit business they will have other forms of payment. Credit cards take a fee and we're not a retail store, aside from the tasting room of course. Plus, as said above CC charges can be reversed. Second, if it's a new customer I wait until the payment completely clears. That might mean a month of more if it's some weird foreign bank. If the customer is concerned, they can make a wire transfer from their bank to mine. No harm in that and once money is sent via a real wire transfer, not western union which most scamm
  8. Does anyone know why, in that article, the still blew, what the failure was? I think the education of that would be invaluable.
  9. I think it's TOTALLY Legit to mention websites that either, 1. Have Design Problems and/or 2. Are stealing other people's designs. I'm not sure as well about the forum rules, but this should definitely be allowed.
  10. Ok we're holding off for now. We really need someone who already lived in the bay area.
  11. Still looking for a distiller, some experience they should have, said Yoda! 1. In charge of making all spirits. i. Distilling Gin and Absinthe from Scratch, but starting with a neutral brandy spirit. ii. Making Rhum from scratch. Fermentation to spirit run. 2. At times overseeing bottling. 3. Tastings at Safeways around the bay area. We all chip in when the Safeway is in our areas. a. All tastings are either Friday 3-7 or Saturday 2-6. If you run out of product to sell from Safeway’s shelves you can leave. Happens quite of
  12. Greetings,

    I am interested in the distiller position that you posted my I get more information?

    My email is sandersc003@peacocks.uiu.edu

    Thank you


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