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  1. We have a semi-automatic Corking Machine and Labeling Line for sale. We would prefer to sell them both at the same time as they work well together but would consider selling the separately. The Corking machine is from CCR Engineering and is designed for a wide variety of T Top type corks. We purchased this machine two years ago and it has been working extremely well ever since. Because of the way it is designed it vibrates to move the corks down the line. The only maintenance we have found is that a few screws need tightened every week or so. The Corking machine was purchased new for $4750. Our labeling line was built for a round or tapered bottle. It will put front and back labels on perfectly and runs of electric and compressed air. There is also a cork strap portion of the labeling line that works but due to cork straps being difficult to adhere there always was a need for slight adjustments to the cork straps. The cork strap portion can be used or skipped if that is or is not your type of seal. The bottling line was also purchased new for $19,000. The labeling line and corking machine can handle sizes from 375ml to 1L round and slightly tapered bottles. In line with two employees we average 7 bottles per minute or a little more than 400 bottles per hour. All in we have $23,750 into these two pieces of equipment. We are asking $12,500 for the pair. If you are interested in one or the other I would break them down as follows. Corking machine $3000. Labeling Line $10,000. Call or email Dave at 614-357-1896 or dave@watersheddistillery.com . The reason for the sale is that we purchased a fully automated line but this served us well through years 4-6 of our business.
  2. Like new CCR engineering T Top corking machine. This unit has been in use for 18 months at our distillery with no issues. Once setup you can do 2000+ corks per hour. We are selling because we have upgraded our bottling line to an completely automatic unit. This unit cost us $5500 new. Selling for $4000 firm. Please email dave@watersheddistillery.com with interest or questions. Thanks Dave
  3. Looking to move these quickly as we need the space for barrels. Have adjusted the price to make for a quick sale.
  4. Two Open Top fermenters for sale. Diagram and picture below. Only in service for 18 months. Have outgrown and looking to sell. New they were $7500 each. Asking $5000 each or $9000 for both Contact Dave @ 614-357-1896 or dave@watersheddistillery.com open top fermenter tank diagram.pdf
  5. Hey all! We have an assortment of filter cartridges, I'll post the quantity, price, photo and provide a link to the manufacturer's website for more information! 2 - Aqua-Pure AP1001 Cartridge - Price: $15ea - Link 3 - Aqua-Pure AP420 Water Filter Cartridge - Price: $30ea - Link 2 - Caware Activated Carbon Block Filter Cartridge - Price: $15ea - Link (These are CBC-10 Large Cartridges). 1 - Prefilter Cartridge - Price: $5 - Link 2 - Caware Activated Carbon Block Filter Cartridge - Price: $10ea - Link (These are CBC-10 Small Cartridges). Please, contact Dave Rigo at dave@watersheddistillery.com if you have any questions or would like to make a purchase. Thank you!
  6. Hello all! We have a beautiful, good-as-new ON THE GO - MIXBED Portable Water Dionizer for sale over here at the distillery! Here's some of the specifications, as the manufacturer website does not have a direct link to the product: This 3-stage unit will provide high quality DI water at the lowest cost per gallon and upwards of 4000 gallons of DI water. Made up of one approximately 1 cubic foot cation tank and two anion tanks, this model will produce 200% more water than the Dual Bed Business model. The Tri-Bed Business Model and Ultra Business Model will produce more water than any other portable deionizer on the market. Built of sturdy fiberglass, this system will give you years of use. Comes complete with the deionizer units, 4' high pressure hose, hand-held TDS meter, shut-off valve, and a cap/plug for the inlet/outlet. Part Number: OTG2-TDIL Design: Tri-Bed System Size: 48" x 6.75" each Weight: 52 lbs each Capacity: 0.90 cubic feet Tank: Tri-Tank Rinses: Approximate # of rinses before refilling, assuming TDS of 250 PPM: Car - 685; RV Class A - 115 Meter: Portable TDS Hand-held Meter FlowRate: Less than 5-6 gallons/minute for best performance & effectiveness Connector: Polypropylene Cam Lever MSRP: $ 1,628.00 Watershed's Price: $750 Here are some photos: Please contact Dave Rigo at dave@watersheddistillery.com if you have any questions or would like to purchase this item! Thank you!
  7. Hello! We currently have a gently used, good condition iSpring Reverse Osmosis Water System for sale. I will post our price, a photo and a link to the manufacturer's website for more details below! iSpring Reverse Osmosis Water System - 5 Stage Filtration - Prince: $150 - Link Please, contact Dave Rigo at dave@watersheddistillery.com if you have any questions or would like to purchase! Thank you!
  8. We have 8 left of the original 31. Please shoot me an email if interested... Thanks Dave
  9. I have 31 freshly dumped 53 gallon bourbon barrels. $100 each or $3000 for all of them. Please email Dave (at) watersheddistillery (dot) Com or call 6143571896
  10. We are asking $7500 each for these fermenters. We purchased both of these new from Practical Fusion in 2014. We are purchasing new bigger equipment from Practical Fusion that is due to arrive in late February. These two fermenters will be available March 15th. I would like to secure a buyer before then. We will require a 25% deposit to hold and the additional 75% before shipment in March. Buyer is responsible for lining up shipping. I can be reached on my cell or email. Thanks Dave 614-357-1896 or dave@watersheddistillery.com open top fermenter tank diagram.pdf
  11. I have 2 Napa Demptos Cooperage once used Red Wine Barrels. They were used to make Honig Vineyards Cab. Was going to use these to finish Whiskey for a client but the project fell through. Asking $300 each. Please email Dave for pictures or questions at dave@watersheddistillery.com Thanks
  12. Jeff if you have 2" I would be interested. Dave@watersheddistillery.com
  13. Jeff if you have 2" I would be interested. Dave@watersheddistillery.com
  14. Scalawag, They are not new... The iSpring RO system was our first and purchased new in 2012. We have not used it in a couple years but is still in working order. The Deionizer was in operation until last month and was purchased new in 2014. The two aquapure SS filter housing were new in 2011. All of this equipment is lightly used and in great shape. We just purchased a large Kinetico softener/carbon/ro system that replaces everything we had and don't need it any longer. Hope that helps! Thanks
  15. I have three items up for sale Pictures upon request, file size of each picture was to large Contact: Kyle, Gintern@watersheddistillery.com Shipping costs not included, prices are slightly negotiable 1. iSpring Reverse Osmosis- $200 -Paid $500 new -Specs: http://www.amazon.com/iSpring-RCB4T-Tankless-Commercial-Electric/dp/B0040IOU5E 2. On the Go Tri-Bed Deionizer- $1250 -Paid $2300 new -Portable water softener -Picture of the quote and specs available through email 3. (2) Aquapure SS Filter Housings- $100 each -$209 each brand new -Will come with all the filters provided in the pictures -Will be just the separate metal housings, not the piping attaching the two housings -Specs: http://www.aquapurefilters.com/store/product/200092.200081/sst1ha.html?utm_source=google&utm_term=sst1ha&utm_campaign=Models+%28AP%29&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=sTgWo83Fn|pcrid|36199407727|pkw|sst1ha|pmt|p|&gclid=CjwKEAjwzuisBRClgJnI4_a96zwSJACAEZKecr5ApbbkgAUaIWEf1RG3t2nUD6CYtitaT-JewewToxoCULzw_wcB
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