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  1. Business is SOLD! Up North Distillery in Idaho has purchased everything including the inventory. If you havent tried the honey spirit and apple brandy spirits, be sure to stop by there and give them a try. Im sure these guys are going to be great at it.
  2. I messaged an administrator. Hopefully this gets fixed asap.
  3. Yes, everything is still available. Trying to work out a deal for the whole business however if it comes down to it I will part with just the equipment if I have to.
  4. Greetings from Montana, I am a microdistillery owner in Corvallis, MT looking to sell both my equipment and inventory. Turn key operation with aging barrel inventory as well as bottled inventory. Specializing in apple brandy and honey spirit (whiskey). Business valued over $200,000 with equipment and inventory. Asking $150,000 firm for a quick sale. Attached you will find majority of the business assets. Sole reason for selling is due to family problems. If interested, post or PM me and I will send you my phone number. I will entertain offers on inventory only but not on equipment onl
  5. Just delivered my first order to the state warehouse. If you are in Montana, feel free to request "Legendary Gold Honey Spirits" at any bar or state liquor store. It is ready for delivery.
  6. Well, just finished my first official bottling run. Bottled 28 cases (6 bottles/case) of the 750 ml bottles and 12 cases (12 bottles/case) of the 375 ml bottles of my Legendary Gold Honey Spirits. I should be able to get the states first shipment to them sometime this week when I get a chance. You cant believe what a huge weight has been lifted now that I actually have product ready to go.
  7. Labels are FINALLY here. Going to be bottling this week ready to sell.
  8. The model I have is a 3 HP 220V/3 phase/60 hz model. You can see all the specs and images here.
  9. Greetings everyone, I am in a unique situation where I find myself no longer needing a brand new Chiller Unit I bought from Pro Refrigeration. It has less then 20 hours of operation on it. Has the extra casters and all the bells and whistles. I paid $8500 factory direct and I would be willing to sell it for $7000 just so I can liquidate it as soon as possible. Damon Reed from Pro Refrigeration, who is a user on here, has been my contact person throughout the entire deal from start to finish and knows all about the unit so if you require a second source for info on it he would be a good on
  10. Just thought I would let everyone know that I have everything completed including label approval and I am just waiting on my labels to actually arrive...hopefully this week considering they have had the approved proofs for a month now Anyway, I still find it amazing how slow things progress within this industry. Luckily I have found a few things on the side to keep busy until I get my labels. Ill post as soon as I have actual labeled product to sell
  11. Labels approved and ordered. First sale should be within the next week or so.

  12. I submitted my labels Feb 1st and they still are not all approved. I have 1 approved and 2 pending that I have been going back and forth with the TTB about for 2-3 weeks now with little to no movement. Im personally frustrated beyond belief with these people and there complete lack of professionalism. Every freaking day that goes by is costing me time and money and from their responses, they couldnt care less. If you guys hear of a disgruntled distillery owner at the top of a clock tower in western montana you can have a safe guess who it is.
  13. Lots of great proposals/bills being submitted both on the state and federal level that would help all of us in the business. Thanks to all of you guys putting this all together for us. Speaking for myself I very much appreciate it and I am working on doing my part in getting the word out to our representatives. Thanks, Luke, @ Mountain View Distillery
  14. I have recently gone through this problem myself. My "temporary" solution is using a Pro Refrigeration chiller unit, circulating pump and 2x300 gallon holding tanks hooked up in series. The primary circulating loop which feeds the cold water into the still and a bypass that mixes the hot water with the cold water so that the chiller unit can keep up easier. It works good and at the end of the day I just leave the chiller and circulating pump on and it cools it back down overnight. Its not a perfect setup because it doesnt utilize the heat in a productive way and its not super cost effectiv
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