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  1. Why not own a Figgins Reciprocator® distillation system? 550 US gallons ~ best value for a still of this volume twin 1000-liter kettles two 24" reflux spheres patented, innovative design ten CIP zones agitator for faster warming overbuilt condenser for water conservation three-port dephlegmator for cooling flexibility temperature-sensing ports for easy data collection only six plates needed to reach 96.2% ABV in second pass column available is 316 stainless steel with copper bubble plates, or all-copper pot-still or pot-an
  2. Hi Matt ~ If 120 GPH is sufficient through-put, you would do well to consider the CF-1000, built by Headframe Spirits / Headframe Stills in Butte, Montana: https://www.headframestills.com/ Let me know what direction you decide to take, as I can suggest a design of my own if you need another option. All the best, Rusty
  3. Have you ever seen this vendor? Glacier Tanks has a substantial selection: https://www.glaciertanks.com/manways-and-manholes.html
  4. Try Berlin Packaging for any small-quantity needs: https://www.berlinpackaging.com/1750-ml-clear-glass-alex-gripper-liquor-decanters/
  5. Both the jacketed and unjacketed model are in stock in Taylor, Texas. www.StPats.com. If on the West Coast, check with www.AgerTank.com, although I believe that they only stock the 4000-liter model currently. The Letina mix tank does make a great mash kettle, and it doubles as a vessel for rapid incorporation of reduction water into cask-strength spirits.
  6. Thank you! Hmmm, an exact flow rate figure depends on so many variables with this rig, as with all others: Pot still, or pot-and-column mode? Initial alcohol by volume of substrate? Number of plates in use? Pressure of steam? Desired proof of output?
  7. The Spirits Institute Puget Sound warehouse in Seattle has received one final Figgins Reciprocator® spirit still before we commence work on another two units in January. 2 x 1000-liter kettles (528 US gallons) ~ an innovative, patent-pending design heated by low-pressure steam or thermal-transfer fluid fully ported for pressure relief valves and gauges large-capacity steam or fluid jackets, with insulating jackets for safety bi-directional, explosion-proof agitators with gear reduction for low foaming 24" twin boil balls in gleaming, micro-polished copper
  8. The Original and Celebrated Figgins Reciprocator™ Own the much talked about twin-kettle Figgins Reciprocator™ pot-and-column spirit still for $64,995.00, FOB Seattle, Washington! One customer could not arrange financing and was forced to renegotiate, and hopes to get in on the next order cycle. This leaves a single unit available! Full assembly on-site at your distillery is included, along with operation tutorials by the designer himself! Warranty and service after the sale is also included. Lands in warehouse on January 21st. Full details of the twin copper-kettle st
  9. Hi Steven, I think that you're very wise to educate yourself about apple brandy! Some favourites are: Calvados by Charles Neal Calvados: the world's premier apple brandy by Henrik Mattsson Handbook of Fine Brandies by Gordon Brown Distilling Fruit Brandies by Josef Pischl In good spirits, Rusty
  10. This item has been sold! Thank you to the ADI Forum and to those of you who responded! All the best, Rusty Figgins
  11. So sorry, it was purchased sight-unseen yesterday!
  12. So sorry, it was purchased sight-unseen yesterday!
  13. So sorry, Stumpy, it was purchased sight-unseen yesterday!
  14. Now available after an upgrade at the distillery is an Anton-Paar DMA35, bought new in 2012 for $2400.00: Gently used and always carefully handled, it is in excellent working condition and comes complete with the optional hard-shell carrying case, not the cardboard case. Includes the original paperback owners manual and the driver on a mini CD! It can be yours today for $1100.00, and includes free US shipping + insurance. Also, free for first-time users of this type of device is a complete operation tutorial by telephone!
  15. I will take them both, and I have sent you a direct message! Glad to have them for the SIPS lending library, and thanks for offering these two books on this forum!
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