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  1. If you are talking about direct to consumer or retailer, the answer is not allowed. I believe you could potentially ship Brandy under current law to consumers.
  2. please email me with avail sizes, pics and pricing.
  3. I don't believe Fruit has to be your own. Was just at Greenbar in LA were selling brandies out of their tasting room.
  4. Ballast Point in San Diego has/had their distillery inside their brewery separated by chain link fence a year or two back when I visited.
  5. As a newbie, I can't tell you the invaluable information and knowledge I have acquire from this forum, and vendor reviews good or bad should be permitted. I do not go to a new restaurant without reading the reviews and ratings on Yelp, I do not buy a product on Amazon without reading ratings and reviews, I do not stay in a hotel without reading the ratings and reviews on Tripadvisor, yet if I am going to spend thousands or 100s of thousands dollars I cannot read ratings or reviews on the most centalized forum for craft distilling? I am more than surprised that the forum is not run by the ADI, compensated by the ADI and what appears to be managed by one individual. Seems unfair, and a little deceptive with the ADI banner across the top of the forum sight. If ADI is to be the voice and advocate for the industry, I agree with Blackheart on his long term solution proposal. In the short run, I am sure there are several advanced members who would more than volunteer their time to act as moderators, relieving the sole burden of Guy. In fact, I am sure that if a dedicated area was put on the forum just for vendor reviews, a couple two three moderators could more than police just that section. Also, it would make it easy for those vendors who care to monitor their performance and respond to the reviews posted. I would be the first to contribute to the overhead cost of managing this growing forum. A simply donate now paypal button on the forum might make sense. While the longer term direction is addressed.
  6. Thanks for the response. Sounds like I should just stay with whole corn since that is not treated, just the rolled.flaked. Was hoping I could use a steam rolled corn and not have to go with normal cook and rest. May named to seek out another source on the flaked idea.
  7. Does anyone know if sprayed on mold inhibitors for flaked maize/corn is dangerous? I have some flaked corn that has been sprayed with a mold inhibitor called Rout, that I got from a commercial feed mill. Wondering if I can use it in my grain bill without any issues?
  8. Here is a pretty heady blog post for the cerebral types: http://whiskyscience.blogspot.com/2011/02/oaky-flavours.html
  9. Thanks Dehner & fldme. So if I had ratio of 3:1 corn to water add amylase enzyme (ratio?), then I should have a mash that converts to fermentable sugars? If I distill and age in new charred oak, my end product will be 100% corn bourbon? If I age in used or uncharted oak I have corn whiskey as end product - yes?
  10. I've seen a number of labels "made from 100% corn," but how are is the corn converted, is it by simply using enzymes instead of malted grains?
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