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  1. Good Day Fellow Distillers! Just moved my distillery and I'm in the process of setting up my new space. While I'm designing my new workflow, I've decided to build a workbench (I do some woodwork). I've already constructed the top, it's 6 foot by 30 inches. It's build from gluing staves together. Now I'm working on the storage area for the table. My current plan is to have 1 shelf below the top with sections for my graduated cylinders, tasting glasses and hydrometers. The top will have a tray cut in so the bottle top press will sit flush and it will also serve as a spot for my hydrometers to sit so they don't roll off the top. Below the shelf, I'm thinking of making a hanging rack so I can slide in storage boxes that can hold shrink capsules and t-top corks. My question for ya'll is, what would you want to see in a work bench? What are the tools you want to keep at hand while you are working? Cheers, James
  2. It sounds like ya'll are just starting to look into Rum. It's a very complex and deep category. Without some understanding of what your final goal is, your question really can't be answered. Cheers, James
  3. Thumpers are an interesting piece of equipment. In my experimentation, I've used thumpers quite a bit and still use them from time to time in small batches. There is no good, "Here is exactly how you use them" answer. I suppose I can answer the second part of your question. The remaining liquid in the thumpers is waste. Thumpers are a bit tricky to use if you don't have experience with them. You should be able to find out how Jamaican distilleries use them if you do a bit of searching. In the end, how well the Thumpers effect your product will largely be based on your skill. I'd recommend getting a small set and experimenting with them before buying large scale equipment. Turtle
  4. I'll be using a 53 gallon stall for a while and eventually a 125 gallon. Only reason I'm hesitant to let the botanicals free in the still is that I have internal elements. Eventually, I plan to move to a still with a steam jacket, but not for a while yet. I like the idea of this bag, but I'm worried about the material. Maybe my worries are unfounded as ya'll aren't having problems. This is kind of what I was thinking, but didn't know how to find it! Thank you! Thanks ya'll for the replies, I now have some good options to look into. Cheers, James
  5. Good Even My Fellow Distillers! I released a Gin in a small batch and it went off well. Now I'm trying to run larger batches, but need some advice. In the smaller still, I'd keep my botanicals in a hop canisters you can acquire from a homebrew shop. That works "okay" for small batches, but don't think it'll work for the large. Does anyone have their botanicals in their still? If so, how do you manage them? I've seen large hop baskets that breweries use, but they don't have tops. Any helps would be grand. Thanks, James
  6. If anyone has some extra Idaho bottles laying around, I'd be happy to buy them. Running low and didn't know they'd become in short supply. Cheers, James
  7. It would be a new location, so still working out the details. My hope is that would could get propane at some point. I didn't see any tanks on property.
  8. Seems like a steam boiler is the way to go. I'm worried as I don't think natural gas is available at my potential new location.
  9. For the past 4 years, we've been using a 500L Hoga with direct fire. Now we are moving to a new building and I'm looking to get off direct fire and upgrade the size of my still. We have a 2500L stainless tote that already has extra ports welded on top that would be good mounts for an agitator and product pipe. My brother owns a machine shop and is very talented with stainless steel. My idea is why not add ports for electrical elements? I'm not entirely sure what we would need and I can't find a direct correlation in previous posts. For those that would suggest an oil or steam jacket still, why? We only make rum, so the possibility for scorching is almost zero. I don't have a steam boiler and not sure it's in the cards, what would be the benefit to heating up oil instead of having the elements going straight into the still? I'd appreciate any advice on this. We aren't in a rush, but would like to get the build started. Cheers, James
  10. You pretty much have your answer. Will want to add it to the next batch. Some distilleries make bad cuts and attempt to filter them out with activated carbon. It doesn't really work though. Might just chuck this one up to learning the cuts. Cheers, Turtle
  11. Looking for a distiller or someone willing to learn. The work is largely production of rum. Other work includes tasting room in which we have a limited menu of cocktails. Tips are pretty good as we are in a tourist location and the weather is turning nice. We are located in the Texas Hill Country west of Austin, Texas. Hit me up to learn more, James
  12. I run a rum distillery in Texas and we've been working with a small distributor. Long story short, we aren't happy with the relationship and are looking at our options. There seem to be a fair number of options, but we aren't sure which way to go. We are debating trying for a big distributor, but fear being lost in the shuffle or that their demands might be to high for our capacity. Does any one have any recommendations or advice what to look for in a distributor?
  13. Hey Patrick, Youngest distiller in craft distilling? Maybe not. I just hired a guy to by my assistant distillery and he's 24 too. I guess it depends when your birthday is. I'm one of the owners/distiller at Hye Rum about an hour north of San Antonio. You should stop by sometime, or heck, maybe I'll come to SA. Cheers, James
  14. Hey Eddie, I'm one of the owners at Hye Rum on 290 in Hye, Tx. I'm glad to see someone working with the wineries to bring us some Texas brandy. Do you have you location and licensing yet? Cheers, James
  15. Hey Everyone! I wanted to keep this thread updated with our changes in the hopes that it may help someone else. We brought back the bricks with a large opening in the front to pull in air. The vent is still attached, but we are considering a dampener in the future. We got the hoses to handle the heat, but there has been a delay with the pump. It's pretty frustrating as I'm sure many of ya'll are familiar with delays. As a stop gap, I am depending on a small still to get us enough rum to keep our tasting room/cocktail bar open. Also, I am stirring the wash in the still until about 170 degrees then I seal it up. Not ideal, I know.
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