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  1. You pretty much have your answer. Will want to add it to the next batch. Some distilleries make bad cuts and attempt to filter them out with activated carbon. It doesn't really work though. Might just chuck this one up to learning the cuts. Cheers, Turtle
  2. Looking for a distiller or someone willing to learn. The work is largely production of rum. Other work includes tasting room in which we have a limited menu of cocktails. Tips are pretty good as we are in a tourist location and the weather is turning nice. We are located in the Texas Hill Country west of Austin, Texas. Hit me up to learn more, James
  3. I run a rum distillery in Texas and we've been working with a small distributor. Long story short, we aren't happy with the relationship and are looking at our options. There seem to be a fair number of options, but we aren't sure which way to go. We are debating trying for a big distributor, but fear being lost in the shuffle or that their demands might be to high for our capacity. Does any one have any recommendations or advice what to look for in a distributor?
  4. Hey Patrick, Youngest distiller in craft distilling? Maybe not. I just hired a guy to by my assistant distillery and he's 24 too. I guess it depends when your birthday is. I'm one of the owners/distiller at Hye Rum about an hour north of San Antonio. You should stop by sometime, or heck, maybe I'll come to SA. Cheers, James
  5. Hey Eddie, I'm one of the owners at Hye Rum on 290 in Hye, Tx. I'm glad to see someone working with the wineries to bring us some Texas brandy. Do you have you location and licensing yet? Cheers, James
  6. Hey Everyone! I wanted to keep this thread updated with our changes in the hopes that it may help someone else. We brought back the bricks with a large opening in the front to pull in air. The vent is still attached, but we are considering a dampener in the future. We got the hoses to handle the heat, but there has been a delay with the pump. It's pretty frustrating as I'm sure many of ya'll are familiar with delays. As a stop gap, I am depending on a small still to get us enough rum to keep our tasting room/cocktail bar open. Also, I am stirring the wash in the still un
  7. Thank you so much Ned! We talked about the putting the bricks back. I think we have a good idea how to do it. Mrjayce is my business partner. Thank you everyone for your input. This week has been stressing us pretty hard. We are moving forward with circulation and may add some heating elements and some other ideas suggested here. In hopes that other's will be helped by this post, I'll update it later with our changes. James Hye Rum
  8. The was started at about 80 Degrees Fahrenheit, but it was a pretty cool day. The goal is to not run it at full power on the heatup, so we shouldn't be using 68% of the propane on heat up. That being said, we want to connect a pipe to a larger tank. We are running the propane at full blast when trying to get the initial boil going. We are using the quarter turn on the rig to control the flow. I agree we probably need something more precise. 120 Gallons. I want to thank everyone for there help. Agitation is something we are interested in perusing, but
  9. I'm distilling Rum. Would this be a problem? The mash has the viscosity of a wine. So, the mixer moves around the heat in the still, helping it heat up faster? Interesting. I thought mixers were for grain spirits to prevent scorching.
  10. We've been in contact with Ward and they have been very helpful. I've attached pictures of the flame and just sent them to Ward. Mark at Ward has given us some good suggestions, but we are looking for other perspectives. Don't think I have the time/fuel to do a heat up with water. What information would this provide that I haven't given? Maybe I can figure it out without the time/expense of doing that.
  11. Good Afternoon Everyone, Our distillery got permited in mid February, we distilled in earlier March and realized that we were very inefficient. Our heat up time was 3 hours and overall run time was 7-8 hours. Production was paused and we sought the advice of Ward Burner and made a lot of changes. Now our heat up time is 4-5 hours. We are very perplex as to what the issue is and would love some advice or ideas. Below are the details: The still is housed in a 12x6 foot metal shed. Initial Set Up: X11 Burner placed at about 11 inches from a copper plate betw
  12. Felo, The reason there isn't a brandy available in your area might be that it doesn't have demand. Sometimes there is a reason there isn't a provider of a product. If you make a brandy and try to make it taste like a whiskey, it will still be shelved in the brandy section. So, I'm not really sure you will see much benefit. If you want to make whiskey, you should probably make whiskey instead of making brandy. I'm not sure what you'd call " characteristics of whiskey," but I'm guessing you are referring to over oaking. If that's the case, then please, don't do it. Brandy is a gr
  13. Thanks for the feedback. We think you are probably correct. We'll get in touch with the TABC to verify how that process might work. Cheers, Turtle
  14. Hey Everyone! My business partners and I have submitted out TTB paperwork a couple months ago and are getting everything else in order. We will be making rum and have access to some great baking equipment, so we are debating making and sell Rum Cake as an additional item. In Texas we are able to sell on site up to a legal limit. My question is, if we use our rum to make cake, does that alley to the limit? The alcohol is baked out of the cake, so is that destroyed product? If so, are we taxed on it? Anyone using their spirits to make a food item? Any advice or ideas are welcome.
  15. I believe Defiant still uses Barrels, they just added Oak Spirals to increase the intensity of flavor. My guess is they are using older neutral barrels.
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