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  1. Happy Monday, ADI! Monday means the weekly Fuel NW marketing blog has posted. You can check it out here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz This week, we talk about the importance of marketing to bartenders, based on responses to our nationwide survey of distilled spirits drinkers. Check it out! As usual, we also feature two craft distilleries in this week's blog. This week's distilleries are from the home states of the NCAA finalists. Go Huskies! Go Wildcats! Cheers, Jen & Erika Fuel NW
  2. Hey Natrat! Check out Copperworks Distilling and Sound Spirits -- two of our favorites! Enjoy Seattle!
  3. Greetings ADI! Thanks for all your support and feedback with respect to our Marketing Myth Countdown series! This week, we're starting something new ... Some of you may recall that Fuel NW published a nationwide survey of distilled spirits drinkers earlier this year. We've compiled the results from all over the US and now we want to share some of the results with you! This week we talk about a definite theme that grew out of the survey responses -- i.e., how much "local" matters. Take a look at the blog here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz If you haven't seen the survey, it is still posted on our homepage -- feel free to take a look so you can get a feel for the questions -- www.fuelevents.net. We are happy to share detailed responses with our clients and will also summarize some of the most poignant findings in our blog over the next few weeks. Also, please check out this week's featured distilleries from 2 of the Final Four towns: Old Sugar Distillery from Madison, Wisconsin (Go Badgers!) and Barrel House Distilling Company from Lexington, Kentucky (Go Wildcats!) As always, feel free to contact us with any questions of if we can help you out in any way. Cheers, Jen & Erika Fuel NW jennifer@fuelevents.net www.fuelevents.net
  4. ADI Members, Thanks again for all your support with your Marketing Myth Countdown series! It has allowed us to get to know many of you and we are grateful! We've just posted the final entry for this blog series. This week's myth is a two-headed monster: (1) "We Don't Have A Marketing Department"; AND (2) "We Have A Marketing Department." You'll just have to read this one for it to make sense … http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz Also, check out this week's featured distilleries: High Ridge Spirits from Alabama and Wood's High Mountain Distillery out of Colorado. Remember, Fuel NW is here to serve the Craft Distilling community. If you want to find out how we can help your distillery, contact us! There's a link for that on our website. Or, if you ever just want to talk shop, we're down for that too! Finally, if you're traveling through Portland and want to meet up for a cocktail, we love making new friends! Thanks again ADI! Jen & Erika Fuel NW www.fuelevents.net 971-678-2602
  5. Congrats on your new venture! The Sacramento Valley is a great place to work an agricultural network. I am a "valley girl" -- undergrad at Chico State then McGeorge School of Law (where, apparently, I prepared to be a marketing consultant for craft distilleries!). Please feel free to check out our blog on marketing tactics for craft distillers. We post something to this forum each week or you can go directly to our website: www.fuelevents.net Cheers & Good Luck! Jen Anderson Fuel NW
  6. Happy St. Paddy's Day, ADI! This week's blog is out! This time, we're debunking a myth we've heard from many start-ups: "We don't need a formal marketing plan." Or, said more eloquently, "We don't need no stinkin' marketing plan!" You can check it out on our site: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz Also, if you know any bartenders just itchin' for something to do, we've published our Bartender Survey. It is aimed at learning from bartenders across the US what motivates them to sell (or not sell) craft spirits. We only want responses from actual bartenders, bar owners, managers, etc. So, please pass it on to your friends in the biz. We'll blog about the results down the line so we can help our comrades in the craft distilling industry get their products on as many shelves as possible! You can reach the survey from our homepage: www.fuelevents.net As always, thanks for your support! If you have any questions or ever want to chat about marketing topics, please feel free to contact me! Jennifer Anderson Fuel NW jennifer@fuelevents.net 971.678.2602
  7. The final survey has been published! If you have any friends who are bartenders, bar owners, managers, etc ... please hit them up to take this survey! Once we have sufficient results, we'll write about what we learned with respect to selling Craft Spirits to retailers! Final survey link here: fb.me/6tNzLY51y
  8. Welcome to the forum & good luck to you! We can't wait to try your products! We're always looking for a good excuse to get up to Vancouver, B.C.! Cheers, Jen & Erika Fuel NW www.fuelevents.net
  9. First of all, welcome to the forum! As far as your question on which product to start distilling for a new distillery, I'd ask you a question in response: What's your passion? If it's Vodka, make Vodka ... If it's Rum, make Rum. Our advice is to build your brand upon your passion and then expand your product line from there! Cheers and good luck! Jen & Erika Fuel NW www.fuelevents.net
  10. Greetings, ADI! It's Monday, so the Marketing Myth Countdown continues! This week's Marketing Myth: #3 "I Got 99 Problems But Marketing Ain't One" Check it out and let us know what you think! At the end of this week's blog, we ask for your thoughts and comments ... and we would really love to hear from you! You can reply right from our webpage or post something here! Also, this week's Featured Distilleries are: New England Distilling out of Portland, Maine and Sound Spirits from Seattle, Washington. If you want us to feature your distillery in future blogs, just let us know! It's free and we get darned good web traffic! Thanks for your continued readership! Check out this week's blog here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz Cheers, Jen & Erika Fuel NW happyhour@fuelevents.net www.fuelevents.net
  11. I used to be the Marketing Director for a top-25 Craft Brewer in the U.S. and I would get these calls all the time. Luckily, I worked for a company that was brave enough (and smart enough) to draw the line. We refused to pay for product placement. Once we made that decision, it made it really easy to separate out the legit inquiries from the scammers. And, guess what? We had a ton of product placements from film & TV makers -- people who placed our products just because they loved our products! There are also really cool ways to work with the Hollywood folks on unique projects like Private Labels, etc. But that's a topic for another day... Cheers all, Jen Anderson Fuel NW jennifer@fuelevents.net fuelevents.net
  12. Congrats and good luck to you, Dave and Jeanette! We'll try to stop by and say hello next time we're up your way. Can't wait to try your spirits! Cheers, Jen & Erika Fuel NW www.fuelevents.net
  13. Good timing, Natrat! We're working on the survey right now. Great questions!
  14. Hello Again, ADI! Your members gave us an AMAZING amount of responses to our "Craft Spirits Super Survey." In the coming weeks, we'll be blogging about the results from over 300 Craft Spirits drinkers nationwide. For now, we're putting together another survey! This one will be aimed solely at the people who sell Craft Spirits at retail -- bartenders, bar owners, managers, spirits buyers, etc. We aim to find out what motivates them to buy, recommend, and sell. We're also asking what they don't like in craft spirits as well as what kind of support or tools they want from distilleries... What do YOU want to know? We're happy to include some questions that impact YOUR business! We'll be distributing the survey nationwide and hope to get some great feedback to steer this great industry. As usual, we will blog about the results as soon as we get a decent number of responses. Feel free to respond to this post or email us directly at happyhour@fuelevents.net. If you want to check out our current survey, you can link to it from our home page (fuelevents.net) or here: https://www.surveyplanet.com/survey/eee37548bdb386a3bb221241a194936c Thanks again for your ongoing help and feedback! Jen & Erika Fuel NW Portland, OR
  15. It's Monday! The Marketing Myth Countdown continues with Myth #4: Marketing is Easy. Also, please take a moment to read about this week's Featured Distilleries: Striped Pig Distillery out of Charleston, South Carolina and Vinn Distillery from Wilsonville, Oregon. Read all about it here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz Thanks, as always, for your support, ADI!
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