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  1. Thank you everyone !! I have been kicking the idea of branding for my own product around for a lot of years now. When I lived in Nashville Id go to the big liquor stores and photograph the "craft" section to get an idea of what stands out as you surgest. I have been playing with a design myself but , as with everything I do, I'm not 100% happy with it. Its simple and elegant so ticks all the criteria you suggest, but I just doubt myself and that's the reason I was wanting to approach a designer. Maybe I can get a professional opinion on what I already have started. once again, many t
  2. Brilliant !! Thanks Jedd. That's exactly what I was hoping to find. As you state in paragraph 2., I don't want to be and amateur nightmare to work with. Thanks a million !
  3. Hi All I'm starting a very small rum and whiskey distillery is South West England and Ive finally reached the stage where I need to get a label design for my products. As I have zero idea about the process of getting a label designed, I was wondering if there was anyone out there that has been through the process and could give me some advice as to how it all works and the best way to go about it? I'm sure the best way is to approach a design company, but what do you need to know before approaching them (apart from the legal requirements that need too be on the label)? I realize this mus
  4. Thanks again Galapadoc As far as I can figure, Its all a bit vague. When I called Health and safety I was told there was no wrong way to develop a HACCP plan. I found the online .gov site that develops the plan for you by answering questions. The penultimate section basically asked you to prove your assumptions with evidence. I think I have what I need. If there are any issues then I can look further, I was hoping that someone that had been through all this might have jumped in but hey ho 😕 Thank you for your help !!! Thanks Thatch If I need to dig further I can ask around there !
  5. Thanks Galapadoc Wow !! That's a ton of info !!! But perhaps I should have been a bit more specific in my request. I'm filling out the UK gov HACCP plan generator. I have to justify my assumptions about critical control points. These being that there is no real risk of biological hazards in distilled spirits over 15% ABV. At least, I thought that's what I had read somewhere. I will be producing spirits of at least 25% ABV but just used the 15% ABV as I thought that is what I had read, but Im damned if I can find where I read it now. Also, I know i read somewhere that it is accepted th
  6. Hi All Im looking for some sort of Study or paper that states that there is no real risk of biological contamination hazard in Alcohol beverages over 15% ABV. Also looking for the same "study / papers" that states there is no real risk of allergenic contamination in distilled spirits. Can anyone advise me or point me in the right direction please. Ive tried to google but apparently I really suck at googleing 😕 Thanks Sim
  7. Thanks for the reply Bluestar. Much appreciated !!! I was hoping to get a few responses and see what the general consensus was. Maybe some more folks might respond. But from other inquiries Ive had your info pretty much mirrors what others are telling me too. Cheers Sim
  8. Hi All Just wondering what micron filers you are using pre bottling for whiskey and rums? I know everyone has different ideas and experiences so just thought Id ask for a quick post saying what you use? Thanks Sim
  9. Again, many thanks for your input, advice and help. I'll try to digest all the info. Cheers 🙂
  10. You my friend, are a star. !!! Thank you. I'll have a read and try to digest. !!! It certainty looks detailed from first glances.
  11. Hi All I'm considering my future corn whiskey barrel aging program and was wondering if there are any books etc on how the spirit develops in flavour within the barrel as it ages? I know there are a million factors that can influence how a spirit ages, but I was after a description of how the flavour profile develops as the spirit sits in the cask. Ideally Id love to find descriptions for small casks, as always, Its about how I can get the best whiskey to market as quickly as possible in the early stages. Many thanks for your time to read this post Regards Sim
  12. Thank you Andy! I have sent an email off to them to see what they can offer. Ive heard conflicting info about additions so good to get your take. Although I do have to say I was pretty impressed with Defiant's single malt when I tried it a few years ago at the ADI convention. Ugggggg, what to do !! But I think you are right. The only real way to go is to do it in the proper manner and source charred white American oak barrels. Thanks !!!!
  13. Thanks for the replies guys! As I alreadyt import equipment to the UK I asked my shipping agent for a rough figure to ship 8 pallets (12cbm). I figured that would be a decent order of assorted sized barrels. The cost would be approx. $4,500 just in freight. Maybe its just the English/French thing but I really don't want to use French oak. I could get barrels coopered in France but don't want to go down that road unless I absolutely have to. And I believe that getting barrels coopered in France our of French oak is also expensive. Even though I don't have to abide by the rules of Bourbo
  14. Hello All I have a bit of a problem that I'm hoping you guys can give me some thoughts on. I moved back home to South West England from Nashville TN to set up my small (and I do mean SMALL) distillery. We are a month or so away from starting production if all goes well. Of course we will start with the usual "white" spirit to get cash flowing but once we are off and running we intend to make American style whiskey (Bourbon by another name), rums and apple brandy. As I want to reproduce a "Bourbon" as closely as possible here in the UK, I will need to find a good way to age my product. Sm
  15. Thanks Mike I will give it a look over ! Im not at present in production but nay in the planning & equipment gathering phase. Thanks for your input & I'll get with you if it looks like you could help me. Many thanks
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