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  1. We have an extra 150 x 2 gallon steam jacketed still to sale. Very unique and provides lots of options. We are currently using two of them and love them. For specifics contact me at bill@kdidirect.com. We are located in Southern California. If you have been pricing you know these are typically sold for a lot more than we are asking. Brand new never used. The pictures are of the ones we are currently using. This is a steal at $65k. Contact us at bill@kdidirect.com or call 951-239-5183
  2. We have an extra 150 x 2 gallon still.  We are operating with 2 love them, but need the room.  This extra still is brand new and still in original packaging.  These are stainless with copper helmets.  Also includes a 16' column with chambers.  Stainless tell jacketed for steam and both pots have agitators.  Contact Bill at bill@kdidirect.com or call 951-239-5183.  Think of this as a fire sale.  you can see the two we are using.stills.thumb.jpg.056c87446d69ef303968fe2d541527af.jpg

  3. Have an ad that I submitted on Jul 12 and still has not been approved.   Is there something else I need to do?  Thx

  4. We have received an extra still. Designed by Rusty Stiles and newly manufactured. Two 150 gallon stainless pots with copper bubble helmet.. Additionally, 16' column with 6 chambers with bypass and connected CIP. SS jacketed for steam heat. Both pot have agitators. Drawing attached. Comes with 3 year warranty. For more information contact Bill at bill@kdidirect.com or call 951-239-5183. Located in Southern California. This will sell quickly. 150 x2 Still Drawing.pdf
  5. KDI

    Lots of tails from wine

    How do you desulfer wine?
  6. KDI

    Lots of tails from wine

    Thats exactly it. And for the majority of the run Like I said maybe 5% is not eggy.
  7. Hello All, Just finishing a brandy run with new wine. Vineyard went out of business and I got 700 gallons of not good wine. Been distilling for a long time, but I do not have a lot of experience with wine distillation. This wine was supposedly tested and is 14-16%; however, I am lucky to get 5% hearts. It an easy call this stuff turns quick and smells up the whole place. lol BTW, using a 4 plate system with slow heat. Just wondering if ya'll think its the wine or should I just 6 or 8 plate this wine. I have another tote to go so any suggestions are welcome. Regards,
  8. I did the same thing. But the new freezer we bought keeps defrosting. Cannot figure out how to stop it. So we cannot get it to freeze the water we put into the freezer. Any ideas? Thanks, Bill
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