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  1. We are expanding and looking to hire an assistant distiller. Job Description: The Assistant Distiller will focus on production but he or she will be expected to accept a variety of roles at the distillery and do what is necessary to keep the operation running. You'll be a key player in a growing distillery and will expand your knowledge quickly in an open environment. Tasks will include but not be limited to: · Run the day-to-day production. Keep the production schedule. · Maintain and clean all equipment used for the production of spi
  2. Located in booming North Metro Denver area. Established sales out of tasting room and through distribution. Business is growing and owner must re-locate for family reasons. The building is for sale or lease with option to buy. We are asking $ 250,000 for the business and $ 400,000 for the real estate. Contact Thomas Lang, Broker, at tlang@touchstonebiz.com or 303-726-7646. -250 gal pot still -200L column still -1100 gal fermentation -300 gal mash tank -4 products in distribution -all federal, state and local licenses -seller will help train new owner for
  3. Thanks for the responses. I have tried hitting the still with full steam without much luck. Possibly my boiler is not running at full capacity... It is just odd that this started happening with the last couple batches, and I have never had this problem before.
  4. My last couple stripping runs have essentially stalled around 40% abv. It is really weird, I will have a great run until about that point and then the spirit just starts to lightly spit off the still... Any ideas?
  5. I am looking for a manual bottle labeler, similar to the race jr.
  6. DenverDistiller, I am currently opening a distillery in the area. PM me and I will fill you in on my experience so far. It has certainly been a roller coaster but I think it is a great idea. Word of caution, an architect will make or break you. Know what you want to do, study the code, and find a way to make it work... And also plan on spending double what you originally planned!
  7. I am searching for a source for olathe sweet corn from Olathe, CO. Does any one have any suggestions/contacts? Thanks!
  8. Me to, please send to htuthill@gmail.com
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