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  1. Our Fire Marshall just came into look at our new barrel room and she is telling us that we need a 1 hour firewall around our very small bottling line because it is now in the same room as our barrels. It wasn't a problem when we had everything in the same room, but now she says its a problem. Has anyone else had to deal with this issue? Thank you for any insights!!
  2. Our local fire marshal just told us that barrel storage is not excluded from the 2015 IBC, only from the 2015 IFC. Is this correct?
  3. We are looking for new options for a bottle supplier. Our bottles are screen printed, so we need the glass and the screen printing done. preferably all at one place. Thank you for any suggestions.
  4. We are about to empty our last 53 gallon bourbon barrel on a rack and have had breweries, cideries ask about purchasing them from us. Can anyone share as to what the resale value usually is? Thank you!
  5. Any ideas of where to source straws, sippers, etc that would be a good alternative to plastic? TIA!!
  6. Looking for some Tasting Room events. We might be taking over more space and really need to breathe new air, new fun ideas into our Tasting Room. Would love to hear your creative ideas!! Thanks in advance!
  7. So when you say the distributor should be arranging the shipment, do you mean just arranging or arranging and paying? Or does the distillery always pay 100% of shipping costs? Thank you so much!!
  8. We have a distributor in another state that wants to sell our spirits. We are excited about this new business relationship but of course concerned about shipping costs to get our spirits to the distributor. What is the least expensive, reliable way to ship numerous cases across state lines? Thank you in advance for any ideas!!
  9. We always thought that it was illegal for us to ship bottles of our spirits to our customers, regardless of where they live. I just noticed a distillery with a page on their website from which you can order bottles (unless you live in one of the 13 or so states that it is illegal to ship to). Can anyone tell me definitively whether we can ship or not? Thank you SO much to anyone who can clear this up for us!
  10. We would like to submit our recipe for approval for our "moonshine/unaged whisky", but we cannot decide what class/type to choose on the application? Any suggestions? THANK YOU!!!
  11. We are having one major issue with Shopkeep. If you allow employees to close their own shift at the end of the day, they are also allowed to void and voids are not track able at this point. This makes it possible for employees to void a transaction if paid in cash and you have no way of knowing.
  12. Yes, we are in Colorado and we can self-distribute within the state. If we provide the customer with the packing materials (get it completely ready to ship) can they take it to the Post Office? I heard they have a no ask, no tell policy? Will FedEx and/or UPS ship bottles for the general public? Again, will they ask?
  13. We are heading into tourist season and already getting asked if we can ship bottles home for customers? Is the answer a definitive "no"? Does it depend upon the state? What are the legal shipping options? If we cannot ship, I am thinking of having bottle shippers that we can offer customers and package the bottles for them to make it easy for the customer to take to the post office or pack n' ship and mail themselves. Any thoughts, ideas? Outlets for bottle shipper materials? Thank you in advance! Amy Durango Craft Spirits
  14. Nashville Wraps was recommended to me and seem to have competitive pricing and great customer service!
  15. We just started self-distributing to local retailers in Colorado. Some businesses have told us that distributors require a copy of their business licenses. Do we need to retain a copy of their business and/or liquor licenses? Thank you for any input! Amy Durango Craft Spirits
  16. Can anyone give me a good rule of thumb, or examples, of wholesale pricing to liquor stores and bars/restaurants? Is the pricing the same for retail and beverage service outlets? Obviously a bar is going to make a much larger profit on a bottle than the retail store. Is pricing the same to both industries? Thank you!
  17. Filing federal reports for the first time - does everyone need to file 5110.43, or just those dealing with denaturing? Thank you!
  18. IF we decided to use a NGS for our vodka, would we need to get a formula approval? Curious - thanks!
  19. Are there any regulations as to what needs to be printed on our bottle cartons? Thanks for any insights!!! -Amy Durango Craft Spirits
  20. Thanks PT - I thought MAYBE since we weren't selling it we could get away with it. The Noel Night shoppers kind of expect a bit of elixir at every stop. They'll just have to enjoy our free apps and maybe some hot chocolate! We are finally getting close - just waiting for label approval which should be very close to Christmas - we might be bottling Christmas Day if we can get a quick turnaround on the bottles! Looking forward to seeing you in January - thank you so much for all of expertise you have shared with us the past few months - so very helpful!!!
  21. Our downtown merchant association is holding their annual Noel Night in a couple of weeks (an evening of retail specials and food and beverage provided complimentary at shops). Unfortunately we are waiting for label approval for our vodka and won't be able to sell or serve tastings of our product. Are we allowed to offer complimentary wine in the tasting room visitors that stroll into check out the new distillery in town? Thank you, Amy
  22. Do the feds need to approve?
  23. Do hang tags on the bottles need to be approved by the feds?
  24. Can anyone shed some light on what we can do that we have our DSP but not COLA approval for our vodka label? Serve tastings? Sell cocktails but not bottles? Thanks for any insights, Amy Durango Craft Spirits
  25. We have a group of about 15 investors, but only 3 of us had to submit financials, etc. Others are small investors. We are going grain to glass in our building. We only had to re-submit the directions of our bonded area and our reviewer was a little confused on what she really needed (we have an exterior boiler building) and communication was sketchy for a couple of days. I had to call a couple of times to check because it took 3 weeks to get final approval after our review submitted for approval and on day 68 - yesterday - we got our approval! Good luck to everyone playing the waiting game!!
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