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  1. I am pretty interested in this. We use an inline 10 head filler. I am sure it could keep up. We basically use a Titos 1Liter bottle. Can you call or email me and we can discuss. Peter Caciola 602-481-0229 Peter@coloradogolddistillers.com
  2. What grade is the is the ethanol? Is this beverage alc or? Would need specifics on origin and such but could take all if passes our spec
  3. Anyone have a good carton contact for the 60 packs. Our typical box guys mins. are like a 1000. Could even be plane white and we add a sticker for upc and brand. Thx
  4. You do not list the costs. This would certainly get more reply
  5. We might be interested in the unit. We have actually been looking at another brand that seems to be a bit more reasonable. Email me Peter@coloradogolddistillers.com
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