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  1. My group is interested in investing in operating distilleries with some brand recognition. Preferable located NE USA. Intent to keep current owners on the job. They would then become paart of the investor group as well. Ground floor time in the small batch distiller industry. Contact Stanley H. Gruen 717 379 3104 shgruen.kennedyspirits@gmail.com I wanted to thank the enterprisers that have to date responded to my investments groups interest. We are in conversation with several distillers and are now looking to expand our search nationwide. If you are seeking second tier investment in you
  2. In posting the interest of my group, I typoed my email address. Apologies to all. Should have read, shgruen.kennedyspirits@gmail.com Thank you. /SHG/
  3. In posting the interest of my investment group in purchasing operating distilleries in the Northeast I typoed my email address. It is shgruen.kennedyspirits@gmail.com
  4. Our group is interested in the purchase of operating, State and federally licensed distilleries in the Northeast. Will consider all opportunities. Intend to keep operators on as equity holders. Stanley H Gruen 717 379 3104 shgruen.kennedyspitits@gmail.com
  5. I think that a tasting room in any high walk traffic area is an advantage wauting to haoopen. SHGRUEN
  6. A start up statre licensed craft distillery coupled with a restuarant housed in a renovated building,dating to 1908 in a major Pennsylvania tourist location. Compensation tied to experience and skill and open to participation in the company and probable expansion to other areas. Contact: shgruen@gmail.com.
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