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  1. SimonUK

    Molasses Pump

    Just an update - we have been making our rum for a few months now, we ended up buying an eccentric screw pump to pump the molasses. It takes around 45 mins to 60 mins to pump across when cold, which is fine for us, I assume this will speed up as we head into summer and things get warmer.
  2. SimonUK

    Molasses Pump

    Thank you everyone for your comments, really helpful.
  3. SimonUK

    Molasses Pump

    We have been making Gin in the UK for a few years now and will be starting to make Rum later this year. We aim to ferment molasses and i am sourcing the extra equipment i need. Does anybody have any insight into what pumps would be good to pump the molasses from our storage tanks to the fermenters? We are looking at pumping around 500 litres at a time. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi Pog, I can recommend Haymankimia in the UK. Cheers Simon
  5. These new stills look fantastic. I am the proud owner of an istill250, it is doing a great job for us at the moment but we will need to upscale at some point and would definitely look to get another larger istill.
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