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  1. Your reply should be "Why did you choose a house XXXX you dumbass? You're a total newb and you have never built a house and know nothing about it." Research + research + research ...............................
  2. In my opinion, if the mixer in the still works well at 100% speed (60 Hz USA) then you don't need it. A centrifugal pump flow rate can be reduced to almost zero with an inline valve on the discharge side, assuming there aren't particles to clog the valve if it is almost closed. EDIT: I said above "almost zero" It is very important to keep some liquid moving through the pump otherwise the liquid will heat up and can boil. A friend of mine left a pump motor running for an hour or so with the outlet shut off. He opened the priming port and it shot boiling water in his face.
  3. 20 minutes sounds as if it should have easily done the job. I assume a tote is about 1,000 litres, maybe didn't get the agitation to the bottom, get a longer paddle. Maybe stratification is not the problem. Being new to this industry are you sure you are measuring your ABV correctly? How are you measuring?
  4. Agree, most likely wasn't stirred well enough after adding water. Denser water goes straight to the bottom of your blending tank. I rent out my distillery occasionally and a couple of years ago I calculated the volume of water to add to their gin but they measured several times and it kept coming back low. They got upset with me because I ruined their batch ABV. The sample was taken with a syphon hose towards the bottom of the tank. They stirred again and ABV spot on.
  5. "Cool post from the past" it is, 9 years ago. I am still lautering the rye, 10 years now, but not in the traditional way, I am using a belt press. I think I posted a video of it working on this forum a couple of years ago but can't find it with a quick search. I am using enzymes. When I went to larger mashes they were so viscous that it would stall the stirrer motor. We now add a high temperature enzyme to the hot water before adding grain. Completely eliminates balling problems and greatly assists with speeding up cooling before malt addition. But we think this enzyme is causing a m
  6. Mark Gillespie just published an interview with me on Whiskycast episode 837 https://whiskycast.com/tag/belgrove/ This follows one back in 2014. Thank you US citizens for showing such interest, especially Bill Owens who was such a help to me back in 2010 when I was starting out.
  7. Hopefully my whiskies will be into US soon. Have a COLA waiver to send samples this week to a keen importer.
  8. Thanks Adam, I finally got to look at the whole episode on D+ last night. I had only seen shortened versions on YouTube. No scene with the still unfortunately.
  9. Depends quite a bit on how long you are going to age it. If you want a quick turnaround I suggest taking a big fores cut, if your conditions allow and you can age for say 10 years then you can get away with a much smaller cut, the angels will assist with removing some of the fores. As long as you re-cycle the fores and don't throw out every time, a big cut is not a waste of your hard won spirit.
  10. NOBODY!!! The huge Scottish Malt Whisky industry filters out the grain
  11. Eliminate one section of the vacuum path at a time. Pull one of the hoses off the overflow chamber and hold your finger over the nipple, remove the other chamber hose from the filler head and suck on it then put your tongue on the end of the hose and see if the vacuum is held in the chamber. If it is OK then try putting a bottle on the filler head and do a similar process. If your filler has had quite a bit of work it is quite likely that the seal inside the rubber filler cone has worn out and needs replacing. One of my fillers wasn't working and I discovered the single bottle we wer
  12. From what I could see from the outside of the pump I very much doubt it has an oil bath
  13. I have a couple of Enolmatics, I am not sure if the vacuum pumps are the same but if they are I recently worked out a very easy fix for mine that failed. The pump appears to have a diaphragm and 2 valves. I often use mine for bottling liqueurs containing sugar. I suspect that over the years small sugary droplets got deposited on the valve surfaces and the vacuum gradually reduced. I allowed a small amount of water to be drawn through the pump and all of a sudden it was working like a brand new vacuum pump again. I did not dismantle the pump but assume the water washed the sugar off the va
  14. Is there any legal way to ship spirits from Australia to individuals in Canada via mailorder? I am reasonably sure the answer is NO but wanted to ask the brains trust before I respond to a request. Cheers, Pete
  15. @Violent Blue, They did film the distillation but didn't show it which was disappointing. I think you are Steve, we met briefly on a bus tour to Wild Turkey during an ADI conference in Louisville and again at a trade show at San Diego ADI. We discussed continuous distillation, I got mine built and had promised to show the setup on this forum but haven't yet. Have to do some drawings but have been too busy
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