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  1. Hi, 

    I made a post a few days ago in for sale peer to peer, that is still pending approval. Another post I made that day has already been approved. Just wanted to check in and see what exactly, if anything, I needed to change in order to get the post up.

  2. I know Wood Hat Spirits in Missouri store their barrels in a shipping container on their property because they don't have enough room in their distillery.
  3. You can auction booze through an approved vendor and in Kentucky you can now sell vintage liquor to a retailer who can then resell it. Other than that I'm not aware of any other legal ways to sell liquor per-to-per.
  4. Since the list was on the back label my guess they just highlighted a couple of key botanicals.
  5. Hi Ian back in 2015 The Spirit Guild got a label approved for a botanical brandy. That looked like... Fanciful Name Distilled from (name of fruit) Botanical Brandy With a list of botanicals in the description on the back label.
  6. Join us for Part One of a Three-Part series as we host the industry experts Thoroughbred Spirits Group for a strategic discussion on the opportunities and risks of incorporating bulk distillates into your portfolio. Their Managing Director, Scott Schiller, and special guest Heather Thome, Vice President of Craft Spirits at J.B. Thome & Co., North America’s largest bulk alcohol purveyors, will provide a comprehensive view on what to consider regarding; branding, liquid development, financial, and exit strategy. The hosts will also have an open Q&A session. The free webinar will be
  7. An Oregon distiller I know runs direct fire stills off of propane that comes from a big tank on the property because he is out in farm land. He said that some of the up sides for propane were that it burns cleaner and hotter than natural gas.
  8. I don't remember hearing anything about ginskey becoming a class/type. With the new update to the labeling and advertising laws all spirits except for vodka are allowed to have an age statement including gin which was a round about way of allowing aged gin without creating an additional C/T. The new rule also extended the bottled-in-bond labeling rules to gin and since its announcement last summer there have been 3 or 4 gins released as BIB because they were distilled in a single season, aged in new charred oak for at least 4 years, bottled at 50% ABV etc.
  9. Try looking in the forum peer to peer marketplace
  10. EZdrinking

    Hemp Vodka

    Of the two US distilleries that say they are fermenting Hemp and Corn to make vodka they both say that it took them years of trial and error to get the mash right, so my guess is they are not going to be very forthcoming on how they make their product. Also, one nutritional source I looked at says that only 1-2% of hemp seeds are carbohydrates. That seems like a really poor substrate for making spirits unless you have an incredibly large and cheep source. And, unless the data I looked at is wildly wrong, it sounds like the two distilleries that are making these hemp vodkas that the corn is rea
  11. Last I heard was the next best bet is the annual tax extenders bill that will get passed at the end of the year. Similar to last year. At this point I think it is safe to say that nothing of substance legislatively is going to happen until after the election is over and settled.
  12. TTB has defined distillation as "a single run through a pot still or a single run through a column of a column (reflux) still." Title 27 §5.42 (b) (6). They do not provide a definition for rectification but its meaning can be inferred from its usage in Title 27 to mean something like a production process that changes the class/type of a spirit (so not vatting/blending of two spirits of the same C/T and not proofing etc.). That being said, in the UK rectification has a different meaning closer to the re-distillation of a spirit. i.e. the head of the Gin Guild is know as the Grand Rectifier
  13. Other than Huber's book, the International Barrel Symposium books are the best resource I have found.
  14. Yes. High West is a good example of this practice. They have been buying straight bourbon and rye from Indiana and Kentucky distilleries then they blend and proof them to their target profiles. If you use the same type of spirit from two states i.e. an Indiana Straight Bourbon and a Tennessee Straight Bourbon then you can blend them together and the label will read either A Blended of Straight Bourbon Whiskey or Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey. If you were to mix the bourbon and the rye I think it would just be labeled as Blended Straight Whiskey or A Blend of Straight Whiskeys. Whe
  15. I don't know about varieties but I do know that they take around 7 years to produce their first crop of berries.
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