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    Register This A webinar with Matt Strickland will be all about finding the perfect still to fit your needs. With a growing list of models and manufacturers in our ever-expanding spirits industry, it can be daunting and confusing for even experienced distillers to find the right still for the job. He talk about how to decide what your needs are, what’s important to really spend money on, choosing the right still size, balancing operations, and much more. BIOGRAPHY:Matt Strickland is the Head Distiller for Distillerie Cote des Saints, a new farm distillery in Mirabel Quebec, where he makes single malt whisky and gin. After earning his Master’s in Oenology and Viticulture from Oregon State University he began working for the acclaimed Corsair Distillery in Nashville Tennessee as the head of research and development. He has since gone on to form his own consulting business, D.R.A.M. Services and Consulting. He is a faculty member of both the Distilled Spirits Epicenter and Siebel Institute. He also sits on the Board of Examiners for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling where he also writes much of their learning materials and regularly contributes articles the their monthly magazine BDI. He has also written two books, Cask Management for Distillers and Batch Distillation: Science & Practice.
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    Register A webinar with Matt Strickland. In this presentation he will briefly discuss the basic still components, how they function, and how they affect the character of your distillate. We will also look at the various specialty components that often come with modern stills, explain how they operate, and how you can leverage them to distill your best product. BIOGRAPHY: Matt Strickland is the Head Distiller for Distillerie Cote des Saints, a new farm distillery in Mirabel Quebec, where he makes single malt whisky and gin. After earning his Master’s in Oenology and Viticulture from Oregon State University he began working for the acclaimed Corsair Distillery in Nashville Tennessee as the head of research and development. He has since gone on to form his own consulting business, D.R.A.M. Services and Consulting. He is a faculty member of both the Distilled Spirits Epicenter and Siebel Institute. He also sits on the Board of Examiners for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling where he also writes much of their learning materials and regularly contributes articles the their monthly magazine BDI. He has also written two books, Cask Management for Distillers and Batch Distillation: Science & Practice.
  3. Eric

    I signed up for Nancy Farley‘s nosing event on 10-29 and that went through fine for the $75 charge and when I clicked on the link for the nosing kit a 404 page showed up and I couldn’t order the kit can you please help me out? -Dave

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    Celebrate with us in St Louis, MO, “Gateway to the West”, ideally accessible via air and road travel. Experience the exciting growing Missouri craft spirits scene with more than 30 distilleries and cooperages on the Missouri Spirits Expedition. Hear from our distinguished keynote, Dr Anne Brock, Head Distiller at Bombay Sapphire. After a day of educational sessions and networking with more than 1,800 industry colleagues, enjoy one of 1,000 restaurants, and feast on one of the 300+ weekly music acts. St Louis is ideally accessible by road and air travel. See you there! September 14-16, 2022 – ADI 2022 – Craft Spirits Conference & Expo, America’s Center, St Louis MO September 17, 2022 – Gin Summit, Marriott Grand, St Louis MO
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    REGISTER HERE Early Bird $2,750 – ends October 15, 2021 Standard Registration Fee: $2,900 Returning to Ironroot Republic Distillery in Denison, TX for the 4th year, this very successful, in-depth master class will sell out early. Nancy Fraley (Internationally renowned independent Master Blender) will be teaching this class on all aspects of barrel maturation. Arrivals (Sunday) – Meet & Greet reception at the hotel – 7:30pm Day 1 (Monday) Our first day together will be spent in a classroom setting, as we examine the traditional philosophies and methods of blending whiskey, rum, and brandy, as well as “crossover” techniques in blending, such as borrowing from one tradition to the other to create something new. Other topics will include how the barrel room or warehouse can be used as a tool to achieve certain aromatic profiles, wood policy and cask management, the effects of entry proof, water reduction or “proofing” theories, the use of traditional blending tools such as boisé, laboratory equipment, etc We will also discuss the practical applications of blending, selecting and balancing the proper components for the blend to achieve a targeted spirit profile, and the impact on flavor of spirit and wood. Finally, we will look at fractional methods of blending. Day 2 (Tuesday) will be a “sensory” day devoted to putting the previous day’s theories to the test with nosing and tasting analysis of barrel samples, finished products, etc. We will learn what to look for when creating a blend when analyzing barrel samples. There will be a brief lecture on cellar management, the function and anatomy of the barrel, and the physiology of oak. Day 3 (Wednesday) will be a “hands-on” day where the class will be broken into groups and will be asked to replicate product “standards” which the instructor has created, that will be judged by other class participants. We will also discuss safety as it relates to the blending process. Finally, distillers Jonathon and Robert Likarish from Iron Root Republic will lead us on a tour of the barrel room and a tasting through their barrels. Departures (Thursday) Dallas airports are about one and a half hour away without traffic. We will finish Wednesday afternoon with experiential learning ending around 4:30pm (you can leave early if necessary), or you can leave on Thursday morning. REGISTER HERE Registration Fee includes: 3 days of instruction Welcome reception Sunday night Breakfast and Lunch on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Farewell dinner Tuesday night Hotel Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights Transportation between hotel and Iroonroot Republic Distilling Video of the lecture (recorded from previous sessions) Proof of vaccination to be sent by November 1 to annesophie@distilling.com. 50% refunds for cancellations before November 1 (midnight PST). No cancellations after Nov 1 (please contact us if you have a recent positive COVID diagnostic). Transportation between Dallas airports and Ironroot Republic is not provided. If you rent a car, Parking at the hotel is free. Additional information on traveling to/from Denison will be available during registration. For more information, contact: Anne-Sophie Whitehead – annesophie@distilling.com
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    Submit Proposal The American Distilling Institute has now opened the Request for Proposals for educational sessions for the ADI conference in Saint Louis, MO, September 14-16, 2021. Call for Proposal will close on November 15,2021. Accepted presenters and rejected sessions will be notified by November 24, 2021. Some sessions might be pending potential acceptance and we will reach out accordingly by December 5. WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS SENT VIA THIS LINK. Advanced scientific, operational, safety and legal presentations are of heightened interest. Please complete all questions to the best of your ability. Comments are to be entered in the Comments section, NOT the session description. Length of sessions can be 45 min (our regular sessions), 30 minutes (Rapid Fire/Expo stage sessions), and over 90 minutes (Deep-Dive sessions and workshops). Educational sessions are considered solely on the basis of their value to the community. Any session submitted by a supplier must include active participation of a client to be considered (client can be named at a later date). We do not compensate for speaking. Speakers will receive a complimentary speaker badge but will be responsible for lodging and transportation. Submission and acceptance imply that you agree to be recorded and your name/likeness maybe used in conference promotions, including pre and post conference communications. All tasting sessions are subject to approval under local liquor boards and will be discussed separately. You will have the opportunity to submit revisions to the description of the session and will have full access to your bio and contact information post acceptance. Please reach out to speakers@distilling.com with questions. We look forward to reading your proposal!
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    Register A webinar with Seth Sirbaugh, Principal of Tribe Branding & Design, moderated by our own ADI president Erik Owens Everyone in the distilling industry hears the term ‘branding’ every day, but it’s often said as a catch all, misused, or just partially explained. Your brand and identity can have as big an impact on your business as the quality of the spirits you produce. The process of branding involves much more than your logo and labels. Your brand is who you are to the public and ultimately how you can connect with them. Branding can also establish your positioning—the key differentiators that set you apart in a crowded industry. ADI’s goal is to give our membership one-on-one access to an expert who can help provide clarity on what branding really is and how it can help shape your distilling business as a whole—and then share that information through a webinar. To help us do this, we have partnered with Seth Sirbaugh of Tribe Branding & Design to deliver a webinar focused on specifically on branding for distillers. Tribe has spent the better part of a decade working with craft distilleries and breweries to help each client define, target, and present their own unique brands Now—we want to hear from our membership. The content of this webinar is going to be built specifically on our members questions. Your participation will help inform all of the the topics we discuss. Whether your brand-related questions deal with budget planning, identity design, packaging, defining your overall brand—or even just where to start—we need to hear from you. Email us your questions: hello@tribecol.com (please make this email a link to direct email link that comes up with a subject line of: ADI Branding Webinar Question) Webinar is limited to the first 100 attendees. We are looking forward to hearing from all of you. Cheers.
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    Register Fee: $1200 Hosted by Elliott Davis, Mine Hill Distillery Offering a full review of how to set up your distillery for success, from financing, to operations and sales/marketing. Friday November 5 Speakers/Vendors 6:00 pm Welcome: Founder’s Room Mine Hill Distillery Tasting 6:30 pm Cocktails: Guest Speaker Bill Owens, Founder ADI 7:00 pm Dinner: The Station The Foundry, Newtown CT Saturday November 6 Speakers/Vendors 8:00 am Coffee/Tea: The Station Zero Prophet Coffee, Washington CT 9:00 am Grain, Mashing & Fermentation Thrall Family Malt, Windsor CT 10:30 am Equipment: Choices, Choices, Choices Mine Hill Distillery 1:00 pm Lunch: The Station Bridgewater Market, Bridgewater CT 2:00 pm Distilling: Cuts, Proofing, Barreling Mine Hill Distillery 3:30 pm Package Design: Bottles, Labels & More All American Label, Curtis Packaging 6:00 pm Cocktails: Panel Discussion: What buyers want Local Restaurants/Bars/Liquor Stores 7:00 pm Dinner: Riverfront Firepit El Camion Taco Truck, Woodbury CT Sunday November 7 Speakers/Vendors 8:00 am Coffee/Tea: The Station Harney & Sons, Salisbury CT 9:00 am Finances: Start Up & Operations Mine Hill Distillery 10:30 am Distillery Insurance Peter Whalen, Whalen Insurance 12:00 pm Sales Training & How to Select & Negotiate a Distributor Marco Pelliccio, Propel Beverage 1:00 pm Lunch: The Station Oliva’s, Bethlehem CT 2:00 pm Q&A: Big or Small Mine Hill Distillery 4:00 pm Closing Please note: Hotel and breakfast are not included. We will forward nearby hotel suggestions shortly after your registration. Early Bird discount ends September 15 at midnight EST. Registration ends November 1, unless all seats are filled before. ADI member discount – 10% For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, proof of vaccination is required. Please email to annesophie@distilling.com by November 1. We will comply with all states and local guidelines. No cancellations allowed after October 15, 2021 midnight EST. No refund will be issued for non-compliance to the vaccination proof after this date. Suggested Hotels: Wyndham Southbury – 1238 Strongtown Rd, Southbury, CT 06488 The Milestone Inn – 146 S Pomperaug Ave, Woodbury, CT, 06798 Bed and Breakfast: Homestead Inn – 5 Elm Street, New Milford, CT, 06776 Click here for AirBnB listings in the area.
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    REGISTER HERE Registration Fee: $75 plus cost of Aroma Academy’s Fault Kit This highly sought-after, in-depth session will explore the various factors that influence the development of off-flavors and taints in distillates. We will look at the entire production process from raw ingredients, operational controls in fermentation, distillation, maturation and storage, processing and product transfer, and finally, packaging materials. The class will also examine methods of sensory analysis and quality control, and we will nose through numerous samples of possible distillate faults that arise during the stages of production. Finally we will discuss how these faults can be remodeled within the production process. Nancy Fraley and Julia Nourney have been co-teaching Nosing for Faults annually at the ADI Conference for years, and are now moving their class to the virtual environment. They will be teaching using their years of experience as independent blenders for brands around the planet. A synchronous educational opportunity to connect with a master blender from the comfort of your home. KITS ORDERED SEPARATELY (by October 15 to ensure delivery): Aroma Academy’s fault kit: https://www.aroma-academy.co.uk/products/faults-aroma-kit-30-aroma-training-system) so that you can have a shared sensory experience with the concepts they are teaching.
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    Click Here to Register Specialty malts are extensively used in brewing industry to enhance beer taste, mouthfeel and colour. Such malts are produced under conditions of high temperature, which results in non-enzymatic browning and an increased concentration of aromatic constituents, primarily through the action of Maillard chemistry. The majority of Scotch malt whisky is made using lightly kilned malted barley that yields only delicate aromas to the finished product, and the characteristics differentiating whisky of one distillery from another is primarily introduced by varied fermentation, distillation and maturation practices. With demand increasing for greater product variety, there is increasing interest in the use of specialty malts as a tool for aroma control. However, current knowledge relating to the use of high colour malt for whisky production is largely anecdotal, and the substantial differences between distillery and brewery practice necessitate investigation. Our research group at Heriot-Watt University are investigating the impact of malt roasting conditions on efficiency of wort/wash production and resulting aroma volatile composition of distillate. Samples of pot still malt were roasted at laboratory scale and incorporated to distillery grist across a range of inclusion rates (10-50% w/w). Experimental grists were mashed, fermented and double-distilled in 2 L copper pot stills. Grain processing characteristics were assessed using industry recognised methodology and distillate aroma was assessed using GC-MS. Designed experimentation was employed to produce response surface models, assessing the impact of roasting temperature and time on measured qualities in malt, wort, wash and spirit. The results demonstrated that although use of roasted malt for distillate production reduced alcohol yield, there was a substantial increase in number and concentration of heat-derived flavour-active molecules in the distillate. Appropriate selection of malt roasting conditions and grist composition were identified as key for limiting impact of high colour malts on ethanol yield whilst retaining a significant impact on aroma volatile profile. The findings of our study have considerable implications for the commercial use of roasted malts in whisky production, and for the production of roasted malts directed towards the distilling industry. BIOGRAPHY: Rutele Marciulionyte holds a BSc degree in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry from The University of Edinburgh. For several years she worked at Thermo Fisher Scientific, developing, validating and utilising analytical methods for product quality control. Currently Rutele is a PhD student at Heriot-Watt University, where she combines her passion for both chemistry and Scotch whisky. Although she is fascinated about every stage of whisky flavour development, her research is focused on barley malt. She is studying malt roasting as a new way of introducing flavour volatiles to the spirit through Maillard and caramelisation reactions.
  11. R5 Whiskey from Charbay in California takes Racer 5 IPA and the distills and ages it. It looks like their label does not mention the original beer and is typed as a flavored whiskey (class/type 149). Here is their label: https://ttbonline.gov/colasonline/viewColaDetails.do?action=publicFormDisplay&ttbid=18066001001154
  12. Thank you for the suggestion. We can create green/sustainable distilling section of the forum.
  13. Smirnoff sells roughly 230.4 million liters/year if my math is right that could mean they would save as much as 691k liters in alcohol per year.
  14. Before the recent change in proof variation I spoke with a distiller who would run Smirnoff 100 proof through his TTB approved benchtop machine from Anton Paar because it would always come out precisely at the lowest point of the allowable tolerance which at the time I believe was 49.85% ABV. It would not surprise me if there are other large distillers were doing the same thing but 1% under is obviously outside the expanded 0.3% tolerance so there is a calibration issue or some are cheating the expanded tolerance.
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