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  1. I have a copy of https://www.ebay.com/itm/International-Barrel-Symposium-5th-6th-7th-ISC-Cooperage-Wine-Cask-Cooper-2008-/303640750147 that I've found useful. I believe there is a PDF version floating around.
  2. Some filter suppliers will offer to do bench runs of filter media for you to test to help you select your filtration. (Shout out to David Strauch at Strauch Chemical) Personally we go as coarse as we can without any visual issues. For most of our whiskeys that means just going through a 5 micron cartridge. For our brandies we do see some haze so we use Beco Select A20 pads and chill filtration (around 4 C) or a similar cartridge with non-chill filtration depending on the expression.
  3. We distill our Apple Brandy for our Pommeau to 160 proof. That high of a sulfite content could come across in the brandy, but depending on storage conditions it might not be so bad.
  4. The brewery I previously worked at we hauled anywhere between 300 and 800 pounds of ground specialty malts up a 6 foot step ladder and into a hopper, twice a day. It wasn't fun but it is definitely doable.
  5. Natural cork? Could be cork taint or "corked" spirit...
  6. Check in with the CFR but a quick search for non-beverage in Part 19 found the following: §19.626 Records of distilled spirits shipped to manufacturers of nonbeverage products. (a) General. When a proprietor ships distilled spirits to a manufacturer of nonbeverage products, the proprietor must prepare a record of the shipment, forward the original to the consignee, and retain a copy. (b) Form of record. The record of shipment referred to in paragraph (a) of this section may consist of either the record of tax determination required by §19.611 or any other document that contains
  7. This happens to us on rye and wheat, it depends on the size of your screen and type of grain you are using. We find the less plump grains making it through our 3/32 screen. We were using a 7/64th screen before, but found a slightly tighter screen helped a lot. Depending on your product flow rate and HP of the motor you can go tighter, but it will slow things down.
  8. Saver has a warehouse in Kentucky.
  9. This one https://www.saverglass.com/en/our-products/catalog-spirits/cognacaise-2536-oz-plate-bouchon-tete-29 ?
  10. It is rare, but not unheard of for people to use your Fedex or UPS number to ship you free samples (that way you get billed for the shipping) but that is a weird response.
  11. We do just hitempase, no bio up front with no hold until 185 for 20 minutes. Add bio, amylo and malt at 145 and hold 30, cool to fermentation. Works well for us, we see between 4.3 and 4.8 PGs of hearts per bushel on a single pass run.
  12. I agree, storage conditions can be a big concern for used wine casks, also neutrality, used red wine barrels can impart some cool color but from my experience I didn't like what it did to the taste. Even more neutral, white wine barrels we have gotten a distinct "vinous" character from that we have to be careful with in our blends. If you don't have access to used toasted cooperage, that is more neutral, I would recommend a very lightly toasted, no charred barrel. I would look at getting some barrels from Seguin Moreau, the Alc 2 toast specifically. That being said, you are likely lookin
  13. You have to list both DSPs, Heaven Hill distills all their product at DSP-KY-1 and bottles at DSP-KY-31, as can be seen on this BIB label. https://www.ttbonline.gov/colasonline/viewColaDetails.do?action=publicFormDisplay&ttbid=19156001000250
  14. We use a Colorado Milling Equipment HMS, 20 HP with 3/32 screen. Works well for us, we mill about 1000 pounds in 30 to 40 minutes. http://www.coloradomillequipment.com/equipment/hammermills/HMS Spec Sheet.pdf
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