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  1. On pot we've found that condensors need little cleaning if there is no copper on a downward angle of a Lyne arm. All of our deflegs and plates are CIP'd
  2. Im also just across the pond from you. We have an amazing team of employees and multiple of them have been consultants for large projects, as well as our project (I hired a lot of our consultants) which is also a bigger project. Many of us have also worked on a lot of smaller projects too. Collectively we have installed 8 Columns from 25 inches to 8 inch diameters, 22 hybrid pots, 11 non plated pots, and 6 MMJ extraction projects all over the country. Cheers, NBM
  3. Ester development in the fast ferment will not be as complex as the slow ferment. Every extra day of fermentation provides the opportunity for thousands of esters to trans esterify- which is a cascading reaction of newly produced carboxylic acids and alcohol molecules interacting with preexisting or newly formed carboxylic acid groups and alcohols. Often allowing a ferment to rest for a day post fermentation can increase ester complexity as well. Im not saying you aren't gonna pull this off and can't sell the bottle, im just saying it might not be the same profile 6-8 years down the line.
  4. This is what I mean by High and Hot. High percentage of rye cook it real hot. You can gelatinize rye at lower temps, but everything will gelatinize faster at higher temps. Our mashes are cooked to the upper threshold limit of high temp tolerant alpha amylase (189/190). Cosmic is right on with a Rye ferment, you can't get greedy on your grist ratio. If you need to dilute to the point of lower brix do it it is worth it. We've been cooking rye here for a long time and are just now getting to a 2.5 lb:1 gallon grist ratio. 10% can change a lot if that addition is malt and you
  5. I have a used 25 inch CARL stripping column- all stainless one section of copper plates. I have never run. Can allegedly strip to 160 proof at around 2000 litters per hour. Holler at me I think we're close to each other
  6. We have smoked all type of stuff raw and malted grains and botanicals. Depending on how much you want to do we do it on a Traeger grill! Could do it on any smoker, Just put trays on your smoker like its Mac and cheese!
  7. Set up a fork lift with grain bags already cut and ready to dump next to the platform, have worker grab off of fork when bag needed. No need to overload the pallet, taking a break to reload it will help with clumping and all that jazz.
  8. If you're only sending a few pallets worth palletize them but you can fit more in a single layer on a truck off pallets. Loading two layers is easy, unloading 2 is hard.s tick to single layers.
  9. SlickFloss


    Working on a gin like project that features fennel in the botanical bill as both a macerate and in the botanical chamber. Looking to bring out more of a cool fennel note on the back side of the final product but am struggling. Does anyone have any tips? Is it just add more? macerate longer? Method needs to be different (should I be taking off at a lower proof possibly etc)? Cheers F yeah
  10. You may be the next Bezos baby, shoot your shot this is your billion dollar idea!
  11. Does not currently exist to my knowledge your closest bet is online retailers who I imagine you are referring to in your post (Hi Time, Caskers etc)
  12. DD: I have never and would never run as you describe. Not saying you can't or don't do it successfully but I don't and would never even try. I originally was going to respond to all the things you said, but deleted it. OP: Sounds like you had some success omitting the thumper for the stripping run, but what you're doing is still not the best if what you're looking for is flavor. What type of spirit are you trying to make? The set up you have described can be modified to be more intelligent for a whiskey/rum stripping run if thats what you're doing. When you run with that set up you're str
  13. I don't think a thumper is a great tool to use for stripping, first I don't like the amount of energy you will put into the run with your intention being a quick strip. Second, kicking up your proof on a stripping run just takes out flavors for you to fractionate for yourself later, grandaddy used to tell me flavors in the water if you strip it all out you can't access it later, thats not technical or academic quotation but its been a great guiding principle for me. Plus less dilution later which is another input cost. You're stripping water out to dilute and put it back in later. In a factory
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