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  1. I am certain of my organizations understanding of the legislation. If you are uncertain of your interpretation [or ours, which you clearly are] I encourage you to reach out to DISCUS like I mentioned in my previous post. Most of our work was specifically on the definition of processor to expand it to cover all types of craft operations (dilution for barreling, dilution for bottling, blending and packaging, and a myriad of others). I never told anyone to blindly violate regulations, nor did I tell anyone to make drastic business decisions on an assumption of receiving a credit. I told them to a
  2. Please tell me you are not cleaning a copper pot still with Caustic. If there are any copper elements of your still (which there should be) those are being removed pre caustic, correct?
  3. Hey, welcome to the forums. So ADI forums has a tremendous search function. About 4 months ago we had this very discussion It's often faster to search older threads for the info you want then asking it again, but if you cant find what you need, ask away! I hope this helps you out! Cheers, Slick
  4. Ill say it again, thanks for making this a priority. Thats exactly what we needed. ACSA and ADI rallied troops, DISCUS rallied troops, we squeaked and squeaked and squeaked and we got the grease! It wouldn't have happened without dozens and dozens of businesses like yours leading the charge.
  5. What’s the deal? Legal? Illegal? Thought I saw a guidance about it a while back and now I can’t find it. Have had a cat living in a trailer mousing for us and it’s cold here in s c Wisconsin. Would love to get her some shots dewormed snipped and keeping us company full time but we run a pretty strict ship I can’t really present legal with anything against guidances
  6. Members of our ownership worked directly on drafting the language of the legislation with DiSCUS. Our goal, which was successful, was to use verbiage that directly impacts craft distillers, not just people putting booze in a package. Specifically, we tried to address the private label conundrum, which we did. We focused on the definition of the word "processing" to enable small suppliers an opportunity at collecting their tax relief, even if they are sourcing some or all product, or utilizing outside facilities for packaging, etc. At the end of the day, If you are bringing in product and chang
  7. Best kept secret in craft distilling for sure!
  8. That is very interesting re not milling grains You buy from pat at wt?
  9. Looking for a US FIP 20035lv or similar. pump, you have anything?

    Joe Logan


    1. SlickFloss


      I definitely have AODs and a multitude of centrifugals, I might have some FIPs but its unlikely I just moved a pallet to Louisville 4 weeks ago think that was all of them. I' am afraid that if I have any impeller pumps they'll be larger than you're looking for, but I will double check tomorrow. 


      Exp rating? Cart? Any other preferences? 


      Paul Hall can get you a new one for pretty cheap

  10. Is there any chance steel or any other metal (not stainless steel) got into the barrel? I have seen 6000 gallons of whiskey turned completely black by a lock dropped into it. We were able to salvage the batch.
  11. try holding high cook temp longer, also like others said use a little more water. Hydrolysis consumes water.
  12. Haha I think I have the same Ryobi HAHAHA!!! A lot of people have a lot of supercilious things. First distillery I worked at had a copper condenser....... If you're not using caustic and acid how do you know you're killing microbes? Power washers- do you guys struggle with hard water scales issues at all in your cookers and do you find the power washer to remove those films? OP end of the day, whatever works works! Just make sure you are spic-and-span fucking clean! Sanitation is the most important aspect of our job.
  13. Is mash tun copper or stainless? Copper do the recommended PBW protocol, stainless use hot caustic and hot citric with a triple rinse technique. If thats not enough you can supercharge your caustic with grease X, or often what I've found even more helpful is using a more aggressive acid like a passivating citric solution. Cheers, Slick
  14. I procured 200,903 barrels for clients, aged product and new fills, last year. MGP will make good on any empty barrels that make their way to your facility if you bought the barrels from them. If you bought through one of their partners which utilized them for storage you will be out of luck if that supplier decides not to make you whole. Our guys will usually flag barrels upon loading and credit customers accounts instead of sending them dry, but again I am a broker for them I'm not just using them for storage. I have seen/heard from clients of less than 200 barrels d
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