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  1. Kelvin Cooperage all the way
  2. I just heard about this auction going online in a week. Some cool equipment up for sale. https://rabin.com/Overview/Auction/distilleryequipment/?mc_cid=83df35bd7b&mc_eid=1831867e4a
  3. @chap Very interested to hear more about it and may want to buy. Can you shoot me a PM or email? Distillerynow@gmail.com
  4. captnKB


    call the good folks at Kelvin Cooperage. I swear by their barrels and have produced several award winning spirits aged in their barrels
  5. dang typos. Yes I meant PBW. With that said, a cold PBR can be a nice way to wind down the day
  6. Hi @TripleOaks welcome to the forum and Dave is definitely your guy to help you with the legal side of getting your place licensed. If you need any help with distilling side of things im a distillery consultant with affordable rates and am always happy to help. Distillerynow@gmail.com Cheers, ---KB
  7. I had an FDA inspection at the distillery I run and my experience was very similar to that of @Bob Morris and @Patio29Dadio . FDA came and inspected and wanted an requested an excessively exhaustive paper trail of production that simply did not exist. Our distillery as im sure most did, followed the guidelines published, but did not track every single last tiny detail. The inspector seemed unhappy about some things and took samples then left, saying they would get back to me with the test results. It has been 3 weeks and I have not seen anything back yet
  8. If the price is right and it will generate cash flow, while not overwhelming your production, it may be worth doing. Many factors to consider in such a decision
  9. Hi @Birster Id reccomend a more mild chemical for passivation of new equipment. I like to use PBR followed by a hot rinse the followed with a mild acid wash, then rinse. This should remove all oil, grease, dirt and contaminents. Does you new still have a CIP system?
  10. Id agree with @adamOVD 500-1000 cs is a reasonable goal for your second year. As a few folks have said, there are many factors that will drive the acheivement of this goal. Sales through your tasting room or as cocktails will bring in much bigger dollars than sales to your distributor. Some combo brewstilleries kill it on bottle and cocktail sells and dont worry about bid distro. Others do the exact opposite. Something critical to your plan to consider is what sales avenue you intend to move most of your sales through. Cheers, ---KB
  11. Wow that is pretty big column for starting off. A column that size will produce a heck of a lot of neutral spirit. I dont think the column would run well feeding it such high ABV, typically columns of this size run better with a different inputs. If you need any help setting up the column of speccing ancilliary equipment for it, drop me a line and I can certainly help you out. Distillerynow@gmail.com
  12. Neat looking column and welcome to the forum. Id like to give you more input on operating the column but would need more information to do so. Can you share a bit more with us including number of trays in the column and some of your expected inputs? Cheers, ---KB
  13. We dont use turbo yeast, nor do I reccomend it due to the off flavors it can create. I buy most my yeast from Fermentis. If you need some help selecting the best yeast for the job, shoot me a message. Distillerynow@gmail.com Cheers, ---Kris
  14. adding water to the barrel does not change the proof gallons in storage so there is no effect or change needed on your TTB reporting
  15. ill 3rd that, keep the charcoal wet. Be sure to throughly was the charcoal before you filter vodka through. Tiny particles of charcoal dust will end up in your finished vodka if you dont rinse the charcoal well
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