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  1. You can bet MGP or Barton has some whiskey to meet the age you are looking for but the real question is whether or not the price is right. You can bet the right price is reaaaallly expensive. Still it does not hurt to ask
  2. Sounds like a good starting point with you recipe development. Vodka ready to drink cocktails are fast growing market
  3. Hi @thebottle Ive seen a few folks running the single head systems from CASK with success to can cocktails. in regards to selecting the equipment for this process there a many factors to consider before reccomending the minimum equipment. What kind of cocktails do you want to can? Will they be carbonated? What kind of ingredients are going to be used in the cocktail? (this is important to avoid contamination)
  4. Ah the joys of COLA. all joking aside. It is unlikely the TTB will approve the word bourbon to be anywhere on your front label unless it is actually bourbon. Wish I could suggest a work around but I dont think there is one. On the flipside it is wise to carefully consider your description of the formula you submit as this will often drive the COLA label approval process. Best of luck with it and if you get stuck shoot me an email and ill try to help you out. Cheers, ---KB Distillerynow@gmail.com
  5. Im currently on the same system but currently using it in limited capacity as we are still starting up. @Tom Lenerz can you speak a bit more to the specifics of loss in functionality? Im worried about it and want to be prepared for the problems
  6. @Stumpy's Dude that is a beautiful find. Im sure she will run well when you get it all together. One of these days I need to get up that way to see it all. Cheers!
  7. I have had to anchor a few stills and fermentors. I always recommend anchoring a cooker as it can walk if it becomes off balance. Anchors are not expensive nor difficult to set. Stainless anchors with Hilti expoxy is my go to. Size and specs will vary depending on the equipment. If you need some guidance shoot me an email or message. Distillerynow@gmail.com
  8. Kelvin Cooperage all the way
  9. I just heard about this auction going online in a week. Some cool equipment up for sale. https://rabin.com/Overview/Auction/distilleryequipment/?mc_cid=83df35bd7b&mc_eid=1831867e4a
  10. @chap Very interested to hear more about it and may want to buy. Can you shoot me a PM or email? Distillerynow@gmail.com
  11. captnKB


    call the good folks at Kelvin Cooperage. I swear by their barrels and have produced several award winning spirits aged in their barrels
  12. dang typos. Yes I meant PBW. With that said, a cold PBR can be a nice way to wind down the day
  13. Hi @TripleOaks welcome to the forum and Dave is definitely your guy to help you with the legal side of getting your place licensed. If you need any help with distilling side of things im a distillery consultant with affordable rates and am always happy to help. Distillerynow@gmail.com Cheers, ---KB
  14. I had an FDA inspection at the distillery I run and my experience was very similar to that of @Bob Morris and @Patio29Dadio . FDA came and inspected and wanted an requested an excessively exhaustive paper trail of production that simply did not exist. Our distillery as im sure most did, followed the guidelines published, but did not track every single last tiny detail. The inspector seemed unhappy about some things and took samples then left, saying they would get back to me with the test results. It has been 3 weeks and I have not seen anything back yet
  15. If the price is right and it will generate cash flow, while not overwhelming your production, it may be worth doing. Many factors to consider in such a decision
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