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Found 21 results

  1. I've got 3 (mostly) full pallets of O-I Packaging Solutions Forte style 750ml bottles. One pallet of ~1100 bottles is frosted lemon yellow glass, the other two pallets (~1800 or so total) are clear. I also have one pallet of O-I Kalido 375ml clear bottles, roughly 1800 bottles. Asking $1,000 per pallet, regardless of bottle type. Take one or all, but I'm willing to sweeten the deal if you opt for the latter!
  2. FOR SALE: 700 Mixologist Bottles (750ml) w/ matching cork Paid $1204 for bottle + cork Asking $700 for all Please contact kcurrie@southerntierdistilling.com if interested. Thanks! STDC
  3. Trying to offload some bottles that we no longer use. They are Ariane 750mL made by SaverGlass, approximately 960 bottles available. Looking to sell entire lot for $1200 with FOB from distillery in Washington, DC. Please feel free to reach out with any questions to zsheldon@district-distilling.com
  4. NNPB 28-350 screw cap finish NEED TO GET OUT OF STORAGE TO MAKE MORE ROOM FOR INCOMING BOTTLES 7 pallets 1 Liter -120 cases/pallet 12pk approx 1,215 lbs/pallet 8 pallets 750ml 88 cases/pallet 12pk approx 1117 lbs/pallet These are packed in corrugated with dividers so simply unload, fill, then refill cases and ship out. I can also tell you who I bought them from if you want continuing stock down the road. You pay shipping.
  5. Anybody know how I can find out who the company is that manufactures the bottles for Hornito's?
  6. Hi, We have two different styles of glass bottles we no longer have a need for. We are selling the following: O/I Pinch Grandeur Bottles: $1.00 per bottle FOB Baraboo, WI 7 Pallets – each with 810 bottles per pallet 1 Pallet – 1,215 bottles on this pallet O/I Imperial Bottles: $1.00 per bottle FOB Baraboo, WI 11 Pallets – each with 1,080 bottles per pallet Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these bottles. Thank you. PINCH GRANDEUR.pdf IMPERIAL.pdf
  7. Selling excess glass from our facility FOB Ferndale Wa 98248 1L NNPB bottle approximately 616 cases (12pk) 88 cases per pallet, 7 pallets available (7392 bottles) asking $0.50/bottle cased or best offer. 750ml NNPB bottle approximately 896 cases (12pk) 112 cases per pallet, 8 pallets available. asking $0.50/bottle cased or best offer. Cases are blank white cases. must purchase 1 pallet minimum (will not break down) Both of these are 28-350 kerr caps the basic plastic tamper evident caps like on Tito's. I will throw in the caps for free if interested. Best, Jes
  8. We have half a pallet of the bar top, Dojo, bottles and 5 pallets of the screw top, Tropic, bottle available for sale. $1.10/bottle down from $1.38/bottle purchased price, plus we will throw in corks for bar top and metal tops for screw tops. Email andrew@tetondistillery.com for details
  9. Hey distillers - we will have a new 750ml bottle in the next 3-4 months called the "Beer Barrel" which we were going to market to craft breweries; however I've also noticed a trend with several distilleries making root beer flavored whiskey. If anyone is interested in this unique bottle, please let me know and I will send you some more information. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  10. Hey distillers - here is another new Mason style jar which is 4-5 months out from production, but for those distilleries that are still in the planning process this would make a great package to get your moonshine product noticed. Please get in touch with me if you would like more information. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  11. Hey Distillers, Say hello to the new 750ml "Preakness" bottle. This bottle is now in stock so if you need to see a sample or need any further information please contact me. Technical Specifications: Weight: 30.865 oz Height: 13.268 in. Diameter: 2.815 in. Finish: 032-3120 * Also available with a 28-405 continuous thread finish Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  12. We have 35,700 750ml St Louis bartop oval bottles ( available for immediate sale. When prepping for OND, we committed to the glass and then later decided to go with a different packaging design. The bottles are in the supplier's white, blank 750ml 12 packs, and are currently sitting in Ohio. We can off load them to you for our cost for the glass- $1.45/bottle and we will eat the already incurred shipping charges. We are happy to help you arrange shipping out of there. Reply back here or give me a call: (608) 692-3988 Brian.
  13. Hey Everyone, We are looking at stocking these two 750ml bottles below in the cork and screw top finish, but first would like some feedback before we commit. These are American made and will cost less than a dollar per bottle so they will be a less expensive alternative to the premium bottles currently in the marketplace. Cheers, Shawn
  14. Arkansas Glass can supply a 750ml bottle for very competitive prices. We have an over stock and would like to move some of these bottles. If you are interesetd contact Casey Turner at cturner@agcc.com.
  15. Hello All, St. George Spirits has excess glass for sale after the completion of a bottling contract. The bottle is from Germany, specifications listed below. Please let me know if you are interested, I can have samples sent. Matura bottle dimensions: Volume: 750mL Height: 345mm Width: 74mm Weight: 750g Color: Flint Mouth: 18.3mm bartop Matura bulk pallet dimensions: Weight: 2016.5 lbs Height: 74.5” Width: 48" Depth: 40" Available: 60,000 units Price: $0.95 per bottle ($1.20 original) Minimum: Three (3) pallets FOB: Alameda, CA Terms: Advance Picture Attach
  16. New stock 750ml bottle in Xtra flint with Stelvin finish http://unitedbottles.com/en/cartier-bvs-750ml.aspx Clear out 750ml Amber bottle with Stelvin finish http://unitedbottles.com/en/crema-750-ml.aspx We have the Stelvin closures that can be applied by hand.They are called WAK closures, manufactured by GUALA. Have a look at the clear out section. If interested, make an offer. http://unitedbottles.com/en/great-deals-to-clear-out.aspx Cheers!
  17. I have some glass overstock for sale. SQUARE with ROUNDED CORNERS - 750mL & 1L 28mm screw cap finish 750mL & 1L - all 12 bottles per case 1L = 60 cases per pallet 750mL = 128 cases per pallet $1 per bottle + freight. I can arrange freight if needed. please feel free to email me for photos, etc: brenton.engel@gmail.com Thanks!
  18. Hi Folks, United Bottles & Packaging, first production of a 750ml Jug with a finger ring will take place in mid-October. This first production will be in Amber. The mouth finish is 38mm CT. Made in the USA. Priced at $0.74/each in bulk pallets of 1470 jugs. Price for prepack will be advertised later. We are looking at having a sample run for a few of them in flint to send out. Looking forward to your questions and request,
  19. Dear Craft Distillers, it's been a long time coming but we finally did it. We finally made the mould for the 375mL version of our 750mL FLIP TOP bottle. 60,000 bottles will be in our Montreal warehouse last week of March and ready to fill your waiting order. I have 8 samples. Let me know if this is something for you and I'll offer a personalised quote to your door. As usual, minimum order is one pallet of bulk glass or pre-packed in 12 pack cartons. Looking forward to your requests, Cheers!
  20. Hello ADI members, I have 26 pallets of new SaverGlass 750ml Heritage Antique Green for sale. We are glass decorators and not glass suppliers but a customer default of payment and they signed over ownership of blankware. I am willing to sell by the pallet (504 bottles) and willing to offer a deal if you buy the lot. Message me or email me if interested Quest Industries Stockton, CA Regards, Chad Tomlin chadtomlin@questllc.com
  21. Hello ADI members, I have 26 pallets of new SaverGlass 750ml Heritage Antique Green for sale. We are glass decorators and not glass suppliers but a customer default of payment and they signed over ownership of blankware. I am willing to sell by the pallet (504 bottles) and willing to offer a deal if you buy the lot. Message me or email me if interested Quest Industries Stockton, CA Regards, Chad Tomlin chadtomlin@questllc.com
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