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  1. We are upgrading our space from 100 gal internal electric and are in need of a steam jacketed still between 250-300 gal. We are open to new or used (given the design / price is right for us). Ideally we would like a pot/column hybrid with 4 plates and a gin basket, but may be open to start with just pot or just kettle-column. We will be producing American whiskey from ferment, as well as vapor infusing NGS that has been macerated for gin, etc. We are also looking for a relative boiler that can serve our 300 gal mash tun as well (5,000ft elevation). or any kind of relative sized equipment. Also, we would like to keep lead time within about a 3 month window, if possible. Thanks!
  2. We Have 3 Brand New Stills Available for purchase. Due to be completed by Vendome in Mid February. Selling for Contract Price: 250gal 4 column Hybrid Copper Still $152,700.00 11.5inch 20 plate Copper Vodka Column (fed by Hybrid) $61,240.00 50 gal SS Gin Still $29,300.00 Available all together, or as individual pieces. Contact me for details and spec drawings. David Alexander David@700cotton.com 318-465-6523
  3. Hello, We are looking to sell our contract for Stills currently being built by Vendome. This is a full DSP build out inclusive of all the equipment needed for a full production DSP. Cooker, Fermenters, Stripping Still, Hybrid Still, Vodka Column, Holding tanks, FIP Pump, HHT Tank, Gin Still, etc. Contact me for details and pricing. $439K The build is due to be completed in January! David Alexander 318-465-6523 David@700cotton.com
  4. Hello, We are looking to sell our contract for Stills currently being built by Vendome. This is a full DSP build out inclusive of all the equipment needed for a full production DSP. Cooker, Fermenters, Stripping Still, Hybrid Still, Vodka Column, Holding tanks, FIP Pump, HHT Tank, Gin Still, etc. Contact me for details and pricing. The build is due to be completed in January! David Alexander 318-465-6523 David@700cotton.com
  5. I am looking to source 15 and 30 gallon new white American oak barrels, port barrels, sherry barrels, and cognac barrels. Do not need to have all barrels come from the same producer. Please provide cost list. Tony Guilfoy Noble Cut Distillery Columbus, OH
  6. Hey there just wondering if anyone has any good sources for bottles, in very early stages of starting a distillery (ie. Sourceing to build a comprehensive business plan with accurate values) and would appreciate any equipment resources thats available. Thank you,
  7. SOLD!!! PRICE REDUCED TO $10,000. The pot and helmet are worth this much! Price: $12,500. Brand new still with copper helmet, two columns (16 plates) and more. Decided to go in a different direction. Electric heat (4 ports). See attached for exact specs. Upgraded parts, fixtures and even boiler thickness. Feel free to call or text. 510-557-2917. Serious inquiries only please. Crated and ready to go (crate never even opened). EXW shipping. Equipment in Greenville, SC [Untitled].pdf Updated drawing of 300liter still.pdf
  8. Hello, I am Zach Zimlich with ZAK Cooperage and we are new to ADI! ZAK Cooperage is a 3rd generation, family-owned business that prides itself on producing expertly-crafted new 53-gallon white oak barrels. In 1991 we opened our stave mill in Athertonville, Kentucky and expanded into a cooperage that has supplied distilleries both locally and internationally for over 17 years. We strive to provide distilleries with the best product at a competitive price! Please feel free to check us out at www.ZAKCooperage.com or reach out to us at Zach.Zimlich@gmail.com. We look forward to building relationships with ADI members in 2017, and we hope you all enjoy the holidays! Best, Zach Zimlich ZAK Cooperage
  9. Is there, or has there been any motion. on a New Jersey guild? Id be interested. Thanks! Scott
  10. I am getting close to pull trigger to open a vodka brand. Right now it's just an idea that I am going to pursue very quickly. Instead of starting on small side plan is to start bigger right away so if demand requires I'm not short on product as have a pretty good marketing plan. I have a budget of $150,000 for equipment (would like to keep around 100k) or less If possible. I want a copper still for sure other than than that other options for equipment are open and would love recommendations. We are going have a decent budget for this and also are looking for master distillers who are willing to relocate and work hard for will make sure you have a place to stay and food to eat in exchange for that. You would get equity in the business only looking for indivuals who are ready to work ass off for next to nothing pay with potential being very large as you would own a small part of company. Please recomend equipment you you would purchase. Any tips you have and anyon interested up in relocating and working dm me.
  11. Here's one for the whole peanut gallery. So I consider myself a huge research geek. I will read and research things to death. But as much as I read and gather info...every issue I answer seems to spawn 5 new questions. Here's the question...what have been the biggest surprises or unknowns as you've gone through the buildout and startup of your distilleries. I feel like I am just waiting for that one big 'uh oh, I never even thought of that'. Thanks in advance.
  12. 1000L Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed Kettle with Agitator $11, 750.00 Still Dragon for sale Location: Charlotte NC Never used, ready to ship, compatible with oil heating method as well. 8 inch head. 980-345-0267
  13. Hello from Western Pennsylvania: My husband and i produce wine and beer and we are told we are pretty good at it. We have also recently started making cider which has challenges all of its own! We enjoy fine whiskey (single malt) bourbon and rye as well as traditional ginever and dry gins. We love to mix craft cocktails and make our own bitters. I joined the forum to learn more about craft distilling since we eventually plan on opening a small micro distillery and we want to learn as much as possible. Its a pleasure looking forward to seeing everyone on the forums. Does anyone have advice regarding malted grain sources in bulk?
  14. FOR SALE: We over ordered and have 24 new, wrapped 30 gallon (American White Oak, unbranded, Char 3) barrels made by Barrel Mill for sale. We paid $240 each for them plus 538 in shipping (so we have $262 ea. in them). We are asking $199 each. They are 12 to a pallet and still wrapped so we'd like to sell in sets of 12. Also, we have 22 used 30 gallon Bourbon barrels for sale, freshly dumped. Asking for $150 ea. Shipping is from FOB 29403. Please send an email to nick@highwiredistilling.com if interested or for pictures.
  15. Hey Everyone! Wanted to keep you updated once again share with you the Black Water Barrels Production Process!! We are still taking orders for bourbon barrels 30,53,60 gallons so visit our website to learn more and to place your order!! BlackWaterBarrels.com Cheers!!
  16. LondonNew

    Gin from Vodka?

    Hi everyone. Looking to dip my toes into Gin Distilling and I have a small Alembic Still. After reading alot into the base spirit used, most seem to be using some form of Neutral Spirit. However this is very difficult to purchase in small quantities in the UK. My question is can you use Vodka (standard 40%) as a starting point and then move onto NGS later or would this be a pointless exercise?
  17. I have a question. What is the difference between a farm distillery and just a normal distillery? is there a different application? are there different regulations?
  18. Dellmation


    Hello, I am new to the industry as an investor in a Craft Spirit company. Does anyone have any guidance for me on finding the right still? I mean how to approach even finding the right still for us. O
  19. No waiting around for a Still Ladies & Gents! "Can be on your floor in a week! Start making the money, your already talented right?" - We will ship this anywhere in the USA Free! Price: $79,900. - NEW - 250 Lt. 3 Column Type Still: Please direct inquires to romesburg@gmail.com or just give us a ring. (810)794-8077 Cheer's, Scott D. Romesburg Romesburg International, LLC. 250 Lt. Type -3 Column Still NEW.pdf
  20. I have 10, 15 gallon oak barrels with #3 char. I also have 10, 30 gallon oak barrels with #2 char. They are brand new, never been use. The 15 gallon barrels are $275 each, and $300 for each 30 gallon or best offer. Email me with any questions.
  21. Any suggestions on where I begin? I am a new investor to the Craft Distillery business and I need help. Any suggestions on where I start. This is something that just happened and I usually know everything there is to know about my investments prior to investing. HA. Any tips on still selection, construction, vendors and suppliers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  22. good evening all, I just got on to this forum! Thanks to all for being here. Good day! I am in sales for a new craft spirit company and I an out here trying to learn what I can from the experts. I am new to the industry so I get to be the guy who knows absolutely nothing around a bunch of people who know everything! Ha. Well.....I'm used to this. See you around the boards!
  23. I am looking to find local distribution. Any suggestions about how to find a good distributor. I have never done this before and any suggestions are welcomed.
  24. Dellmation


    Hello, I am new to the boards. I am an investor in a new craft distillery and I am looking for any guidance on bottles, labels, closure and corresponding machinery. Any suggestions welcomed.
  25. For Sale - 1000 Liter Hoga Still - Hand hammered all copper pot still - New - never used. - Steam Coils - 3 phase agitator - CIP balls in boiler, onion, column - 16” manway in boiler - 12” manway in onion - Temp and pressure gauges - Pressure relief valves - Custom made iron stand - Price is $20,000 firm - Available for pick up immediately We purchased this still in 2013. It was never installed. We have purchased a larger unit and need to free up the space. Please contact me if interested 615-347-6661 or madmanager@mac.com
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