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Found 6 results

  1. Hello from Western Pennsylvania: My husband and i produce wine and beer and we are told we are pretty good at it. We have also recently started making cider which has challenges all of its own! We enjoy fine whiskey (single malt) bourbon and rye as well as traditional ginever and dry gins. We love to mix craft cocktails and make our own bitters. I joined the forum to learn more about craft distilling since we eventually plan on opening a small micro distillery and we want to learn as much as possible. Its a pleasure looking forward to seeing everyone on the forums. Does anyone have advice regarding malted grain sources in bulk?
  2. After much ado, we're in the process of getting our business going. LLC established, EIN, local zoning, building lease, still on order, bonding squared away... but now as I'm getting ready to start the big stuff - TTB paperwork, I'm not sure what order everything needs to be filed. It seems like a lot of the overviews completely gloss over building permitting and state liquor board registrations, and go straight to talking about Federal. In my mind it makes sense to go building permit, state application (I'm in Pennyslvania), and then TTB. But it doesn't look like TTB is looking for building permit documentation and if I can just send in a building diagram of our proposed layout, is that enough to get the federal work going while I get it submitted to the State? Or does the state need the Federal permitting information? I know there can be some overlap on things, but I can't seem to find any examples of how far you can push it. I don't want to trip myself up getting out of sequence. Anyone have some light to shed? Thanks!
  3. Thanks to Robert Cassell at Millstone Spirits Group and Max Pfeffer at Manatawny Stillworks there is now a guild forming in Pennsylvania. Thank you, gentlemen. Check it out from Max: PA Distillers, In an effort to get this rolling we are going to arrange a first meeting. To make it as easy for everyone we will make the first meeting in Harrisburg. Rob Cassel of Millstone Spirits is working on arranging for a representative from the PLCB and TTB to discuss tasting room compliance. I chatted with Rob a little about what we think the guild should be. At the core we think the roll of the PA Distillers guild should be to organize and educate. We each have our own ideas but we want this to be a group effort. So I ask as many as your to come and participate. Some things I’m sure we will discuss at the first meeting include: · PLCB selection process (Obviously this is a priority for most of us) · PA Guild store (think a store that carries all PA craft spirits at the airport) · PAC/Lobbying the State · Diverting state funding · Cross marketing We do want to stress that building up the guild’s strength will take time, just like everything else in this industry. Dues for this year will be $50 for DSPs and $100 for everyone else. Bring a check to the meeting. Please pass this on to any PA distillers not on this list or anyone else that may be interested in joining. We are aiming for mid-summer for the date of the meeting. More details to come. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If I do not have it yet, please send me the following information for our official list. I will send a copy out to everyone by the meeting: PERMIT NUMBER NAME (LLC) OPERATING NAME Contact PHONE EMAIL STREET CITY STATE ZIP COUNTY
  4. Greetings from Moonshineville. I just asked a question of the LCB here in Pennsylvania and found out that not only has no one seemed to ask it but the fact that the LCB not only does not know but that there is no legal consensus within the LCB or the LCB legal department. That question was: Is the 100,000 gallon production limit of a limited distillery based on the end product of the distillation, aka the Proof Gallon, or is it the finished production limit? Presently the Legal department of the LCB is researching and they are going to be debating over a consensus answer which should be available within a month. The fact that the legal in the LCB does not have a consensus and that there already have been some differences of opinion between the lawyers in the employ of the LCB should make this an interesting process. What we are looking at is a huge issue as the difference between the two is worth millions of dollars of sales potential. Based off my projection pricing numbers that gap with our product line is worth around 14 million dollars of product (24 million vs 10 million). I will keep you posted with any further deveopments in this issue as I am updated by the LCB legal department.
  5. Where to start? Been to a class, working on a business plan to secure an offer on a building. Not a lot of context to work with in Pennsylvania, especially in my great-lakes region. Every answer seems to raise two more questions. Trying to get legitimate pricing has been problematic at best. After some talking we were able to get rough numbers from still manufacturers, but bottles, labels and all those finer points are still elusive. Seems like the craft 'boom' has cause quite a backlog in the system and vendors are swamped getting through the inquiries. Local zoning put us 6 months behind by wasting our time with a bait and switch on approvals which wasn't too thrilling. There isn't a lot of context to work in within PA, which is a double edged sword. Hope to be on the cusp of the revolution, yet we're stuck blazing a new trail, which slows us down considerably. Happy to talk with anyone else in-state that is in/through the process. Let's make it PA Preferred!
  6. The limited distillery license in PA now affords distillers the right to sell and ship directly to customers. Yet, I don't think any distillers are doing this. Can anyone tell me why?
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