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Found 21 results

  1. So, we have stills (700 Gallon Stripping/300 Gallon Hybrid Pot Still), a boiler, fermentation tanks, a diaphragm pump, a small bottling line and an RO system. But really, that’s all we have at this point. We’re going to be primarily focused on whiskey production. I’m a very recent (about a month) crossover from the brewing world and have set up quite a few breweries in the past, but this isn’t very similar in my experience thus far. I could literally set up a brewery in no time, but I feel like I’m struggling here a bit with the task of identifying everything we need. If anyone has any time,
  2. Hi i am trying to convert a production of 60 000 bottles. My question is how you guys would do it? 4-5 days a week distilling? and bottleling etc? What size of stills would you use?
  3. New startup distillery searching for Head of Distiller/Production Manager. We are a new distillery starting in the mountains of Frisco, Colorado. We are looking for a self-starter with a passion for craft spirits and great attention to detail. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in moving to the next level and seeing your name behind a brand. 4 years minimum experience is ideal, but not required. You must have experience with operating a distillery software system and managing inventory. Experience with Bourbon, Single Malt, Gin, Vodka, and Rum. You will be working side by
  4. *****Edit: Thank you for your interest! I have found a new position.
  5. Hi friends. We at The Independent Distillery are currently expanding and are looking to add one or two an experienced distillerymen/distillery-woman to help us take it to the next level. We are currently in production of four spirits. 3 Gins & 1 Vodka. Our products have continued to gain a solid reputation and as we arerapidly growing with new distribution contract into 3 additional key states. We hope to fill this Key position asap. if interested please don't hesitate to reach out. *(must have a solid understanding of back office, fed & state compliance, inventory and produc
  6. Role Seeking: Distiller-in-Training / Production Assistant Compensation: Depending Upon Experience Description: Golden Moon is a small but rapidly growing distillery that produces premium hand-crafted whiskies, brandies and herbal liquors and liqueurs using the best available herbs, spices and botanicals, and made with the same type of artisan production processes utilized by distillers making premium products in the mid-to-late 1800s. We are currently going through an expansion that will greatly increase our yearly production and will require additional production
  7. I would like to notify you of new opportunities we have opening up here at Grand Traverse Distillery in terms of whiskey production. Located in Traverse City we have been distilling Michigan grown grains since January of 2007. Starting with rye vodka we then expanded the line to include a variety of vodka products, whiskey, gin and rum. The past four years we have invested heavily in whiskey production, (100% straight rye whiskey and bourbon). Our Ole George 100% Straight Rye Whiskey is all rye, no corn or malted barley in the mash bill and has been awarded many top metals and best of cate
  8. Hey All, For the past 5 years we have been filling our bottles 375/750 with a Mori filler from TWC and love it. It's now time to upgrade and we are looking for a used bottling line We have a heat shrink tunnel on a conveyor but if it comes with one that's ok too. Would love it to have a corker. Thanks, Dave
  9. Templeton Rye is looking for a Production Shift Lead with at least 5 years of production experience, 3 of which have ideally been in fermentation and distillation. This position will work out of the new Templeton Rye distillery in Templeton, IA. The Production Shift Lead will oversee and operate all equipment from grain receiving through milling, fermentation, distillation and final product approval tanks. The Production shift lead will mentor and help train the other crew on their shift. This position requires a 12 hour shift schedule that will rotate to include days and nights. The Produc
  10. Company: Eastside Distilling Function: Production Employment Type: Full Time Industry: Spirits Job Title: Production Assistant Want an opportunity to work with a fun team in the beverage industry? We are line operators and production assistants at one of Oregon’s fastest growing distilleries. Job duties will include: Operating automatic machinery required by the bottling and canning line process Packaging bottles into cases and preparing pallets of finished product for shipment. Labeling bottles and boxes with attention to detail. Unloading
  11. This role has been filled! Got a lot of awesome reach-outs from this posting. I'm going to post our Lab Manager role here to share with all of you as well. Cheers! Templeton Rye Whiskey is opening a new distillery in Templeton, Iowa. We are looking for a Production Manager to join our team! If you're interested, email me at alexfigge@youngsmarket.com. Here are the specs: Templeton Rye is looking for a Production Manager with an Engineering or secondary education degree and at least 2 years of experience overseeing production in a similar role. The Production Manager is to plan,
  12. Golden Moon Distillery will be hiring several additional production personnel within the next six months to support our expansion. We are looking for entry level personal and more experienced personnel. Candidates should have some experience in either brewing or distilling, with a basic knowledge of mashing and an basic understanding of what distilling is. Candidates with professional training and/or past experience working in a distillery are most welcome to apply as well. Please send resumes and inquiries to s.gould@gouldglobal.com Please DO NOT call the distillery asking questions.
  13. Hey Everybody! Very capable distiller looking for my next opportunity. I have experience: ●creating a wide array of award-winning spirits from start to finish and creating new recipes. (Mashing, fermentation, distillation, blending+gauging, aging) ●designing and optimizing facilities and equipment layouts ●bartending, giving tours and general customer service. I am currently in the Portland, Oregon area, but I am willing to relocate for the right opportunity. I am also fully available for consulting work if you need a hand with your current or future plans for your facility
  14. To Whom It May Concern: My name is Nate Thompson. I recently finished an MBA program at the University of Southern California. My long-term career goal is to open my own distillery. In the meantime, I am looking for an opportunity to work full-time as a production operator and work toward becoming an operations manager to further hone my skillset and continue my education in the industry. My experience in spirits to date includes a work-study exchange with Hakkaisan Sake Brewery in Niigata, Japan, where my team reviewed the company’s struggling U.S. strategy, ultimately encouraging t
  15. I had a few questions with the monthly TTB reports: I am a little confused on where to document bulk spirits before they are made into gin. We make vodka first which goes from our production account and then gets deposited into our storage account before bottling. When we need to make some gin we take some of the vodka from our storage tank and then redistill it into gin. Do we show the spirits coming from our storage account back to production for redistillation? How would you show that on the production reports? If that is the case what happens when you make some of your cuts when
  16. Hey Folks, My partner and I are working on our business plan and one point is creating some challenges for us. Not having a background in fermentation or distilling, I was hoping someone or some people on here could point me in the direction of some information on how to work out yields - specifically for molasses-based rums - for fermentation and subsequent distillation. I imagine the variables are sugar concentration of the wash, the type of yeast, time, and temperature (and possibly others), but I'm not familiar with the basic formulas to estimate ABV of a wash post fermentation. Coul
  17. How are you keeping your fermentors warm during this cold winter? Most yeasts are effective at temps between 68° and 88° so with temperatures in the sub 20 range I am concerned about slowing down or stopping fermentation.
  18. After digging into many posts related to start ups, production, volume, sales, etc., I cannot locate any data - anecdotal OK - related to the amount of production / distribution (whether self or through distributor) / tasting room sales, etc. that a start up distillery had in Y1 and a comparison of same to Y2 or Y3. I'm not talking revenue - just cases (or bottles/barrels put up if applicable). I'm close to receiving approval on a loan for a small downtown (town=6000 people) Main Street location distillery and tasting room in (touristy) CO. I plan to produce vodka and two liqueurs and have
  19. After digging into many posts related to start ups, production, volume, sales, etc., I cannot locate any data - anecdotal OK - related to the amount of production / distribution (whether self or through distributor) / tasting room sales, etc. that a start up distillery had in Y1 and a comparison of same to Y2 or Y3. I'm not talking revenue - just cases (or bottles/barrels put up if applicable). I'm close to receiving approval on a loan for a small downtown (town=6000 people) Main Street location distillery and tasting room in (touristy) CO. I plan to produce vodka and two liqueurs and have
  20. Very Noob! to distilling and had a question about production time and yearly output of a basic whiskey. Using the example/diagram from the ADI Craft of Whiskey Distilling on page 30 1. Mash-Lauter 950 gal wash. 2. Ferment 950 gal 9% wash. Also Why use the two secondary tanks for brite beer? 3. Two stripping runs (no plates) in a 450gal wash still. yeilds 290 gal 35% low wines. 4. Three spirit runs in a 90gal still. Head and tail cuts yeilds 100gal 60% hearts for barreling. Say 2 years aging. 5. Dilute to 40% for bottling. what are the average production time for each step? and how muc
  21. What's the best way to neutralize residual botanical aromas after a gin batch? Is there a particular product or compound etc. producers use to effectively clean a still after gin batches?
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