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Found 23 results

  1. Thanks for adding me! Just working though the red tape to get my new distillery start up off the ground
  2. Good morning Everyone! When you come up with an idea and want to proceed with developing it into fruition, all sorts of tasks need to be completed. I'm really interested in people's thoughts/comments who've started a small business. The TTB / location / equipment seems to have a delicate balance in order to streamline the process. Can anyone share a timeline to complete? I'd love some feedback.. here are my thoughts: Location/Equipment -> TTB permit --> State permit --> labeling / distilling --> bottling --> tasting room/ sales I get hung up on the process wi
  3. I have over 20 years’ experience working with finance solutions through the SBA financing arena. My primary focus is Craft Beverage Lending on a nationwide platform. Dogwood State Bank is a preferred lender with the SBA and offers financing options to businesses with loan sizes usually ranging from $350,000 to $5,000,000. You can email me at sbirkner@dsbnc.com and we can set up a call to discuss your project. Cheers! Scott Birkner| SBA Business Lending Specialist Dogwood State Bank Small Business Lending Cell: 704.564.5940 10130 Mallard Creek Rd., Bldg 2, Suite 232 | C
  4. Happy Tuesday Morning Fellow ADI-ers, I wanted to offer a quick Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit for all of those looking to start a distillery, move to a new location, or open another location. In the world of insurance there are a lot of factors that come into play when trying to obtain coverage, as well as how those factors directly impact the premiums you pay. Today I want to focus on a topic that has been an issue for quite sometime, Public Protection Class, or PPC. The PPC program is a tool that was developed by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) for property and casualty i
  5. Hey there just wondering if anyone has any good sources for bottles, in very early stages of starting a distillery (ie. Sourceing to build a comprehensive business plan with accurate values) and would appreciate any equipment resources thats available. Thank you,
  6. TL;DR: I'm in the beginning throws of creating a business plan. What part of your business plan did you struggle with the most and how did (or didn't) you overcome it? After enough research, I've come to terms that I won't be a distillery owner for at least 18 months, if not longer. I still need money coming in. I need to save. I need to figure out what the f$%* I'm doing. So here we are, at the beginning. I'm locked in with a blank document and in a staring contest its title; Business Plan. Sort of. I've broke it down into four major themes I need to flesh out: Prod
  7. Hi there, we are newbies from Canada. Since late 2016 we have started the journey of opening a craft distillery. The information and sharing of information in this forum has helped us in many ways and is greatly appreciated. Again thank you to all the members.
  8. Interested in forum members' experience from "concept" to "actual launch" with spirits coming out of the still? Thoughts on challenges finding a distillery space that affected the time line? Thanks in advance!
  9. Aloha! I just recently got my membership in ADI and am in the process of opening a Farm-Distillery on the Big Island of Hawaii. I have a 20 acre farm between the Volcanoes National Park and Hilo where I am growing Kayinja Bananas and several vareities of figs to produce a local brandy under a wood fired still. We are planning to open around May 2019, which is when my banana fruit are likely to mature. With the help of the University of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Agriculture Research Center, we're cloning 1000 Kayinjas that are native to Central and Eastern Africa used to produce locally banan
  10. Head Brew-Stiller Hampton, VA ABOUT THE BREWERY: We have broken ground on the first ever Brewpub/Distillery in Virginia. This venue will house a 10BBL 3 vessel brewhouse, 1000L pot still, 200 seating restaurant and a “entertainment venue” with an occupancy totaling 1175. All this will be housed in a Nationally Registered Historic Armory in the heart of Hampton Roads! ABOUT THE POSITION: This is an exciting opportunity for someone that has a passion for quality craft beer/spirits and can navigate a startup business. We’re looking for someone to help us build sy
  11. Hi all, I've been working tirelessly to try to find a location for my distillery in northern NJ and have finally found something that I think will be great. The architect whom I've been speaking to (who was recommended to me by my contractor), is quoting me $10K for the work, and I'm uncomfortable with how high that seems. Do any of you know of architects in NJ who have worked on, or are at least familiar with, distilleries in the past? Would love to be able to chat with them and get some other quotes to compare. And for those of you not in NJ, can you share how much you paid your architec
  12. Hi all, I've reached out to a bunch of financing companies at this point now and haven't had much luck in getting the loan support I need to get my business up and running. I have talked to GE Capital, Brewery Finance, and a few local banks, but they all require that I have been in business for at least a year in order to be willing to provide a loan. Do any of you have experience in working with lenders in the early stages of your business and can you offer any advice? I've already gone to friends and family and am looking for loans to cover the rest of my start-up needs. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I've been following the site for a while now as I have been finalizing my business plan. I am located in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan and with a little luck will be opening a small distillery in the next few months. Does anyone here know about the declassification requirements for a Canadian Distillery, Ive read reports that several setups have been derated from F1, to F2 and even F3 in some cases. I am working with a mechanical engineer to sort this out but sometimes its better to ask a question than try and solve all the problems yourself. Thanks in advance for your time and I hope to
  14. Hello Distilling World- We're on track to start a new micro-distillery in the Salt Lake City area, so it is time to announce our presence. We'll be named Waterpocket, after the Waterpocket Fold in Capitol Reef NP - one of our favorite locations in the world. We look forward to bringing a variety of new, innovative, and flavorfu products to the Utah market. Our primary still will be from Mueller and much of the rest of our workflow is now determined. We look forward to participating in this community. I'm sure we will need the advice as we move forward! -Alan Scott - COO, Waterpocket, LLC
  15. I've been having some real trouble understanding which hydrometers are necessary for operations. Does anyone know of a guide for the hydrometers needed for operation? I know we need to have NIST-certified equipment for proofing and gauging, but don't understand the ranges of SG for which we need. Can anyone share a list of ranges, use, quantity and whether NIST certified of your hydrometers? We're ready to spend on these, but want to make sure we're spending correctly. I've seen a few posts on this, but there seems to be some variance on how many hydrometers most folks purchase and the numbe
  16. The Department of Health (California) says that we need to file for a Processed Food Registration (PFR) for our (soon to open) distillery. It entails about $500 in fees and an inspection to ensure compliance with production process controls, sanitation procedures and labeling and advertising requirements. It seems a bit gratuitous since we are basically making a sterile product. As far as labeling, I thought that was under the purvey of the TTB. Has anyone else dealt with this? Searching these forums, I am surprised that nobody else has mentioned it. Thanks, Earl
  17. Hello, My name is Jimmy and I am an Australian distiller living and working in Asia.I recently started a company with a business partner and so far things are progressing really well. At the current time I am looking to protect my interests in the company. Up until recently all of the agreements we have come to have been verbal. I have contacted a lawyer as I want to make them more legally binding. The background information is that I invested a small amount to money (compared to my partner) with the promise of receiving shares in the company. I have been working on a greatly reduced salary
  18. If you cant find someone who fits the bill but they have the right personality and can do attitude we could train them to be a Distiller for you. https://blackbuttondistilling.com/product/master-distilling-course/ Let us know. Jason
  19. Bently Heritage (previously Nevada Heritage) is looking for a full-time Master Distiller. This is an exciting opportunity to join an innovative project from the ground up as we launch one of the first distilleries in the state of Nevada. OUR STORY: NEVADA HERITAGE, our upcoming craft distillery, will live up to its name by preserving the great traditions and heritage of Nevada and the Bently name, while stepping boldly into the future. Like the distilleries of a bygone era, we’ll use only local ingredients: Winter Rye, wheat, barley, corn and other grains will be sustainably and nat
  20. Hi, I like everyone else would like to start my own distillery. In am in the Oregon and Washington State area and I know WA requires a craft distillery to produce its product from at least 51% grain grown from within the state. Oregon doesn't have that requirement, but I would like to support local farmers, and the local economy, and purchase things like; corn, wheat, barley, rye, etc direct from local farmers in Oregon and/or Washington. What I can't find is an easy way to do this. Can anyone help? How do you buy things like corn or wheat from a local farmer? Where? Is there a co-o
  21. Hello Craft Distillers! My name is Clay Graham, and I am the founder of Roots Distillery, a Bay Area whiskey and shine distiller with a love of mixing old Tennessee traditions with the culinary craft and startup agility of the Bay Area. I am really excited to come here and participate in this community, and I am really looking forward to meeting all of Ya'll and talking about crafting spirits. There are some real mentors here! Our first product is called Bandit, and its a hand crafted clean tasting moonshine with a clear corn and rye flavor. We are also creating what we call "botanical shin
  22. Hello, I am in the final stages before ordering equipment based around a 50 gallon micro distiller. I have been working to generate an equipment list and I was wondering if anyone had any guidance about if this looks similar to set ups you have seen or been a part of. Our list is as follows: -50 Gallon Hillbilly Still -Fermentation tanks -Stainless steel mash kettle with cooling jacket, steam injection, agitator, 3" bottom outlet and recycled cooling water system -Finished stainless steel tanks with 2" bottom outlets -55 Gallon Charcoal filter with pumps -2" transfe
  23. Hello everyone, I've been in the brainstorming stages recently trying to figure out what path I should take. I've always enjoyed a good absinthe. As I read about cost of startup plus time of licensing I have come to the conclusion that I should probably start out with some contract distilling to at least get started and then eventually start my own distillery in the future. Through all the reading im doing, I see a lot of people who started with contracts with foreign distilleries for their absinthe. Are there any domestic distilleries who do contract distilling? I can't seem to find them
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