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  1. Does anyone have specific bottles produced by Owens Illinois: Bella: Both 750mL and 1.75L Aspira: 750mL Contact: Bill@gunnarspirits.com
  2. Hey Distillers, We finally have the 50ml Mayberry jars back in stock if anyone has been waiting for them. Give me a call or send me an email. Shawn Kelly Wm. R. Hill & Co. 4500 E. Main Street Richmond, VA 23231 P 910.399.1846 I C 910.620.9921 WmRHill.com Thanks, Shawn
  3. 750 ML CLEAR GLASS BOTTLES $ 5 Imported from Italy – A stunning and unique 750ML (approx 24 oz) CUSTOM MADE clear glass bottle 'Vinea' with a beautiful one label front inset label area - or leave area plain - great designer look that will catch any customer's eye! Cork top closure not included (images are decorated for display purposes only) $5 per bottle Approximately 28,000 new bottles available. Discount for whole lot!! Crated, sealed and palletized in 2 sizes: * 390 bottles per pallet * 520 bottles per pallet PALLETS SOLD INDIVIDUALLY AS WELL AS IN MULTIPLES Located in Covina, California Contact info : 'Zeke ' 626-824-6696 Call or Text
  4. Hi everyone, We have 5 bottle types that we no longer use that we are looking to get rid of. With all of the glass concerns, we wanted to see if anyone could use any of these types of bottles. We are willing to add a 10% discount from the supplier's prices in order to help these move. FOB Baton Rouge. If you are interested email me at matt@threeroll.com. Bruni Decanter Alex https://www.bruniglass.com/en_GB/prodotti/tutti/showproduct/ale4/bot-decanter-alex-750-f 750ml Units/case: 12 Cases: 72 Saver Glass Single https://www.saverglass.com/en/our-products/catalog-spirits/single-2367-oz-plate-sb-278 750ml Units/case: 12 Cases: 392.4 Saver Glass Oslo Apothek <a href="https://www.saverglass.com/en/our-products/catalog-spirits/oslo-apothek-2536-oz-carnette" rel="noopener" target="_blank"><em>Apothek</em></a> 750ml Units/case: 12 Cases: 147.58 United Bottles and Packaging Whisky https://unitedbottles.com/catalog-products/sp042?query=whiskey&hsLang=en 750ml Units/case: 12 Cases: 406
  5. We are in need of various styles of 70cl bottles. If anyone has any extra stock please let us know. Call Stephen Gould at Golden Moon Distillery. 303-993-7174. Thanks.
  6. We have a new bottle called the 750ml St Genevieve. It is a Cognac style bottle that could be used for Brandies. This bottle will be producing at Piramal Glass at the end of February for those who are interested. Happy New Year! Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  7. For sale - 36,992 'Tito's' mold bottles with caps. $0.45/each (includes tamper proof cap). Will break into smaller orders. Sourced from Tricor Braun. Standard 750mL with plastic Tamper proof cap. In Portland, OR. Will ship - buyer responsible for shipping expenses. No 1.75L available.
  8. I've got 3 (mostly) full pallets of O-I Packaging Solutions Forte style 750ml bottles. One pallet of ~1100 bottles is frosted lemon yellow glass, the other two pallets (~1800 or so total) are clear. I also have one pallet of O-I Kalido 375ml clear bottles, roughly 1800 bottles. Asking $1,000 per pallet, regardless of bottle type. Take one or all, but I'm willing to sweeten the deal if you opt for the latter!
  9. FOR SALE: 700 Mixologist Bottles (750ml) w/ matching cork Paid $1204 for bottle + cork Asking $700 for all Please contact kcurrie@southerntierdistilling.com if interested. Thanks! STDC
  10. We have empty ready to fill PET bottles with caps for distillers to use for sanitation purposes Please contact G.lombardo@azurewater.com Http://www.azurewater.com
  11. Do you need 8 oz. ,12.0 oz, 16.9 oz, 25.5oz. 33.8 or gallon jugs empty Azure Water’s purified bottled water comes from the Floridan aquifer. This water goes through a rigorous multi-step purification process that ensures you get the cleanest and purest water possible. All Azure water bottles are blown, filled and capped right on-site. All of our bottles are BPA-free and sturdier than most competing bottles. Our bottles come in a variety of sizes including: 8 oz. ,12.0 oz, 16.9 oz, 25.5oz. 33.8 Call (352) 728-5646
  12. Hello, I have 39,000 750mL Long Neck, flat bottles (the Tito's bottle) for sale in Portland. Along with the bottles are 23,000 plastic black screw caps. These were from a canceled co-package agreement. Cost per bottle unit is $0.75 and $0.09 for caps. If interested, please email jon@craftcanning.com
  13. Never used for production wrap around automatic label machine from Pack leader. Initially bought to slide in line on our in-line system for ease of bottle switch outs. We are changing our line and do not need this label machine. (used for a test run only). Depending on the length of the label and bottle size, up to 100 containers per minutes but will label automatically as a bottle passes the sensor so perfect for hand bottlers as well as high speed lines. The Packleader ELF-50 is incredibly easy top use, adjustments of in-feed, wrap belt and line belt are automatically synced. Label Specifications: Base Paper Translucent Reel Inner Diameter: 76 mm Reel Outer Diameter: 250 mm Gap of Label 3 mm min. Width of Base Paper Label Width + 4 mm Width of Label 120 mm Head – 10 ~ 120 mm Length of Label 15 ~ 300 mm (Standard) Label roll direction: #4 Left side of copy dispenses first. We initially set it up to run 50ml PET bottles and both the 750ml and 1L OSLO (Kaleido, Nordic) style bottles. These are incredibly robust and low maintenance label machines. Packleader also has exceptional and quick responses when help is needed. I also had a small powder coated cart made to hold the machine and a shelf for label storage for quick changes I would be happy to throw in with the machine (on wheels). Initially paid $10,500 plus $350 for the cart. I am open to offers but am Asking $7,500 for the machine. Best and please message for further details. Jesse Parker 1.360.929.4441 jesseparker@distillersway.com
  14. Hi i am trying to convert a production of 60 000 bottles. My question is how you guys would do it? 4-5 days a week distilling? and bottleling etc? What size of stills would you use?
  15. Trying to offload some bottles that we no longer use. They are Ariane 750mL made by SaverGlass, approximately 960 bottles available. Looking to sell entire lot for $1200 with FOB from distillery in Washington, DC. Please feel free to reach out with any questions to zsheldon@district-distilling.com
  16. 1 Pallet of 200ml Flask type bottles for sale! Asking $0.25/each or best offer. There is approximately 4,000 bottles of the pallet (we used a few cases but the original pallet is in tact), these come in 24pk cases KRAFT color NOTES: Available: 4,000+ Cases: YES 24pk Kraft brown (bottles are already in the erect cases ready for bottling) Finish Type: 28-350 TE screw cap (I can supply a contact for caps if you need, these typically are $0.02/cap depending on quantity) Attached is a bottle schematic for your reference I can also arrange shipping quotes for you (you pay for shipping) Feel free to call me or email me as I may get back to you sooner through one of these methods -Jesse Parker — Distillers Way LLC. — +1 360 929 4441 jesseparker@distillersway.com 5235 Industrial Pl Ferndale, wa, 98248 united states of america www.distillersway.com Bolera.pdf
  17. Hello I would like to introduce myself and Vitroval USA, a branch of the European glass packaging company Vitroval Spain. Vitroval Spain was established in 1989 and has developed and supplied a comprehensive range of glass bottles for spirits, wine and olive oils www.vitroval.com Vitroval products were distributed by brokers in the United States until June of 2013 when the Vitroval USA office and warehouse was opened. Please contact me to talk about spirits bottles or developing a custom bottle for your product. The www.Vitrovalusa.com website currently displays our wine bottle product line and a few specialty bottles. Beginning in 2015 a selection of sprits bottle will be added. Brett Peterson brett@vitrovalUSA.com 707-363-6289 Vitroval USA 6420 Goodyear Road Benicia, CA. 94510
  18. Has anyone had any experience with off shore bottle suppliers? I am currently debating going to a custom bottle with an off shore manufacturer but I am unsure of the suppliers and was wondering if anyone had any experiences and/or advice to share good or bad. Specifically, I am looking at a chinese company for production of my bottles that would cut my costs but almost half delivered... Thanks! Mike
  19. Selling off my distillery equipment. Have some bottles left, 1/2 pallet of 375 juniper bottles from Berlin packaging - 12 bottle cases and tops, $.80 per bottle 1/2 pallet of 750 Pancho bottles form Bruni Glass - 6 bottle cases with some wood corks $1 bottle 900 of the 750 Pinch Granduer from OI specialty. - with some wood corks - $1.2 per bottle. Rikutec Fermentation tanks 1000L have three - $300 each 1 SS 250gal tank - $1500 Tube in Tube Wort Chiller from Trident Stills - $1500 Activated Carbon filler housing from Trident Stills - $500
  20. Hi everyone, looking for the screw tops like Guala Closures, the aluminum screw top with additional “skirt”, like a foil top. Are there other similar types, the guala seems proprietary and hard to find. Any bottle sources for these? only need this for a small project, so not high volume. Also, is any special equipment needed to install these tops. Currently use t-cork so install manually. Thanks
  21. NNPB 28-350 screw cap finish NEED TO GET OUT OF STORAGE TO MAKE MORE ROOM FOR INCOMING BOTTLES 7 pallets 1 Liter -120 cases/pallet 12pk approx 1,215 lbs/pallet 8 pallets 750ml 88 cases/pallet 12pk approx 1117 lbs/pallet These are packed in corrugated with dividers so simply unload, fill, then refill cases and ship out. I can also tell you who I bought them from if you want continuing stock down the road. You pay shipping.
  22. Hi All, We are looking to sell a number of pallets of 750ml Serenade bottles from Bruni Glass (Pic below/technical drawings attached). The bottles come in unlabelled 12-packs and have 90 cases to the pallet (total of 1080). We are looking for $1.05 per bottle, or best offer. If you are interested please email me at Reade@DeepEllumVodka.com. 17013D3.pdf
  23. Anyone with recent experience with United Bottle and Packaging? Are they shipping from U.S. or Canada for U.S. distilleries?
  24. I have 1000 Saverglass 1L Zadig bottles for sale. No cardboard. On pallet. Never unwrapped. Available at $.50/bottle. Pickup in Oakland, CA.
  25. 750ml bottles screw top with black caps available for sale. 8 pallets 105 cases each, 12 bottles per case. In unmarked carton cases. Price is $0.9 delivered with in USA. Pick up for a better rate please inquire. We are located in Finger Lakes. Please text Eddie 9177546052
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