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Found 12 results

  1. Good morning Everyone! When you come up with an idea and want to proceed with developing it into fruition, all sorts of tasks need to be completed. I'm really interested in people's thoughts/comments who've started a small business. The TTB / location / equipment seems to have a delicate balance in order to streamline the process. Can anyone share a timeline to complete? I'd love some feedback.. here are my thoughts: Location/Equipment -> TTB permit --> State permit --> labeling / distilling --> bottling --> tasting room/ sales I get hung up on the process with regard to regulations. You can't get a TTB permit until you have a location and equipment. You can't do that without investors (if that's your mode of income start up). When do you start reaching out to investors? before your permits are complete? Thank you!
  2. Jump in head first - Operating, 4 year old New Jersey craft distillery for sale, asking $450,000. * We're on a month-to-month lease - you can extend that and continue operating or move our operation wherever you want to take it. * We make critically-acclaimed rums, whiskeys (bourbon, rye, and other), and brandy - all from scratch, in-house and with unique flavors and stories that truly stand out in the marketplace. * After paying off debt (included in asking price) the business would be profitable at current scale. * Lots of upside for someone with vision to grow and expand the operation. * Owner selling for personal reasons - more than happy to stay involved indefinitely as a consultant or part-timer. * Partial seller-financing may be available. * Sale includes everything in the distillery and intellectual property: All distilling equipment, brands, recipes, customer lists, wholesale accounts (approx. 30 strong accounts & another 100 occasional accounts), delivery mini-van, tasting room furniture & equipment, and spirits inventory (Approx. 300 proof gallons of rum; 500 proof gallons whiskey; 175 proof gallons of brandy aging in barrels; 1,100 bottles of packaged, ready-to-sell inventory). Happy to start a discussion and ready to move quickly - contact James at njdistillery4sale@gmail.com or call 267-496-7739.
  3. TL;DR: I'm in the beginning throws of creating a business plan. What part of your business plan did you struggle with the most and how did (or didn't) you overcome it? After enough research, I've come to terms that I won't be a distillery owner for at least 18 months, if not longer. I still need money coming in. I need to save. I need to figure out what the f$%* I'm doing. So here we are, at the beginning. I'm locked in with a blank document and in a staring contest its title; Business Plan. Sort of. I've broke it down into four major themes I need to flesh out: Production/Operations Marketing/Sales Financial Legal My plan is to start one page vision of the distillery/product (to get my head straight) and then go after legal (local zoning board/politicians) and marketing (distillers, retailers, bars and potential customers). I'll see what the reaction is to my vision and tweak as I go. Why this approach? Because talking doesn't cost money. Truth be told though, I'll be winging it for a while. So I'm wondering if anyone has comments or critiques to this approach? And maybe you'd like to shed some light on the areas you struggled with regarding your own business plan in the beginning.
  4. Hi all. We are gathering interest for a seminar this Summer. Please have a look and let us know if you're interested: http://cardinalspirits.com/business-of-distilling We've been in business for 2 years, after 3 years of planning. During an intensive 3-day seminar we will open our financial records to you. We will skip theory and dive into actual numbers. We will cover startup costs, fundraising failures and successes, tasting room financials, distribution financials, equipment costs, build-out costs, marketing costs, labor costs, and actual revenue. We firmly believe that if we had access to this information before we began building and purchasing equipment, we could have saved a hundred thousand dollars or more. Please, come learn from our mistakes, and our successes! Where: Cardinal Spirits, Bloomington, Indiana When: June 2017 (dates TBD) Cost: $2,000 person + $1,500 each additional team member. Price subject to change. No deposit required at this time. We are in the planning stage of this seminar and as such will not require a deposit or commitment until date and cost are official.
  5. From what I've read, the TTB requires that your facility, equipment etc. be fully operational before you can get a DSP license Is this correct? If so, how did you go about lowering the upfront investment costs during this period? (before being legally allowed to make sales)
  6. Recent article stating about very few of them making money. Ouch.. That is one of the differences of our workshop for the last 7 years. It is a business and planning for the bottom line is as important as that next recipe. Check out our facebook post on this here Still room in our March 14 - 18 workshop. Join Us!
  7. Wasn't sure exactly where to put this one, but as we're founding our business (we're establishing ourselves as an LLC in NC) we're trying to determine if there is any merit in paying a CPA to do our books. I ask because we plan to do a significant amount of paperwork on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, and so I'm curious about the value a professional could add. I'm not all that confident in my own abilities as an accountant for a small business, but would like to know if anyone uses an accountant, what types of qualities or experience did you find valuable in your accountant? Any information on expected rates for this type of work would be helpful as well. I'll also take any referrals, if there are any to be had. Many thanks for the input.
  8. Greetings from Montana, I am a microdistillery owner in Corvallis, MT looking to sell both my equipment and inventory. Turn key operation with aging barrel inventory as well as bottled inventory. Specializing in apple brandy and honey spirit (whiskey). Business valued over $200,000 with equipment and inventory. Asking $150,000 firm for a quick sale. Attached you will find majority of the business assets. Sole reason for selling is due to family problems. If interested, post or PM me and I will send you my phone number. I will entertain offers on inventory only but not on equipment only. Either both or only inventory. Distillery Assets.pdf
  9. My teens and early twenties had me in Seattle watching an explosion of "beer culture" with small micro breweries popping up in every 'hood and locals having real pride in the neighbourhood brewing. I moved to central Virginia, into a desert of beer. Over the last 7 years a dozen small breweries have popped up and there is a new excitement in the area for local beverages. I have been brewing beer for 8+ years with a simple set up. and have become quite good considering. I really just developed a taste for bourbon in the last year and a half because of bourbon aged beers. Richmond, VA has only 2 tiny distilleries for 1.3 million people. Cirrus makes just potato vodka (world class) and reservoir distilling makes 3 whiskeys, all real tasty but very expensive. A couple of years ago Seattle changed a state law that allows special treatment of distillers that use 51% grains from washington state. Because of this special treatment there has been an explosion of craft distilling all over the state. Now Virginia softened restrictions on breweries and the law has implications on distilling in the state also. I guess what I am getting at is, there is a renaissance in artisan distilling ready to swell up in my adopted home and I want to be part of it. It is also obvious to me that much of the equipment is shared with brewing and there is really an opportunity to co-op the development of brewing and distilling. I have volunteered at breweries in the past but my efforts to help out the local distillers have been rebuffed surprisingly. (moderately skilled labor for FREE!...no thanks) I visited a tiny hobby distillery in Washington state that was little more than a farmers shed and 2 bored retirees. They let me participate in a day's work and I really enjoyed it. But their goal to not die of boredom isn't really a business plan. They might as well make jam or apple butter to sell on the roadside. I would like to hook up with some growing breweries, and make small batch spirits that reflect the local agriculture and palate. I have been watching Catoctin Creek and Wasmund's (copper fox) impressive growth. And think the Troy and sons development is inspiring. Educate me... and help me develop some relationships that will lead to understanding whether i should put this to bed or make a go of it. Thanks
  10. Hey all, I'm just getting started with setting up the business. Currently I'm trying to figure out the business structure and county to locate in (between San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz). Does anybody know an accountant or other specialist who can advise me on these issues? Thanks! - Peter http://www.californiastandardwhiskey.com/
  11. We are a Louisville based Company looking for Micro distillers that can/want to offer a brand new whisky experience for their local/regional customers. We are setting up meetings in Louisville during this years ADI conference to discuss our product and how we can work with you and your distillery to successfully launch a new product in your region. We have a track record of success with this product. We are looking for 1 distillery for each state. We can meet anytime during your visit to Louisville, mornings, noon or night and we have a downtown location to meet with you, just a few blocks from the Brown Hotel, the conference host hotel. If you would like to meet with us, reply in confidence to ah104@bellsouth.net with you contact information and the date/time you'd like to meet. We can also set up a call in advance to introduce ourselves and give you a little more background on who we are. Looking forward to talking with you all and if we don't meet, enjoy your visit to the Bourbon Capital of the World! Sixdegrees
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