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Found 16 results

  1. I have had queries from distillers who noticed that some of the gauging calculations they performed using the Canadian Alcoholometric Tables did not agree exactly with the results they obtained from the AlcoDens software. The reason for the discrepancies is that the Canadian tables are a hybrid of the TTB "in air" values and the OIML "in vacuum" values. When these distinctions are taken into account the tables and AlcoDens agree very well. The Canadian tables do not include blending calculations so the values obtained from these tables have to be interfaced with other systems for further processing. This makes it important that the basis for the numbers in the tables is understood. For those who are interested I have written up a comparison of the examples in the Canadian tables with the values obtained from AlcoDens to illustrate how the Canadian tables should be used.
  2. Hi All, I am looking for help in getting details of shipping companies to ship pallets of bottles from the US to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Please send me any names of good companies thats also reasonable. Thank you in advance
  3. Is there any legal way to ship spirits from Australia to individuals in Canada via mailorder? I am reasonably sure the answer is NO but wanted to ask the brains trust before I respond to a request. Cheers, Pete
  4. SOLD TO A VERY NICE HOME Hey everyone! We're almost ready to receive our new still so it's time to re-post this beauty This still was awesome for me. It enabled me to grow my business for 3 years before investing in a huge system. I was able to stay fully electric for years, significantly cutting down my initial investment costs. I was able to run everything on one still, stripping ferments, spirit runs, gin runs and rum all in one place. In year 2 I added an electric continuous stripping still and that kept me going all the way to the end of year 3. Now its time to go big, and pass this starter system on. (I'm not selling the continuous stripper yet, but we can talk if you're interested) We will run this still 6 days a week right up to when we turn it off. If the buyer wants to come down and see it in action, we'd be happy to provide on-site training for a few days. Perfect for a startup Now the deets: Artisan Still Design (ASD) Delivered Nov 2014 60 Gallon Series 1 Modular Still Computer Controlled with integrated electric heat and Dephlegmator controll (can be run full-manual) 304 Stainless steel boiler, electric Baine Marie Heat (3 x 4500W Elements) - easily run on steam if you want 16 plate fully versatile stainless column with copper caps French Brandy style copper helmet Custom designed in-line Gin Basket 2hp CIP system Fully Versatile from stripping to gin/rum/whiskey/brandy and vodka on 1 still! Located on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada V9N7S7 Ready for pickup in Feb $25K USD We'll take it apart for you, but buyer is responsible for costs associated with crating and shipping Shoot me an email for questions (delete the spaces ) Dave @ WaywardOrder . com
  5. We just bought A full copper pot still and a mash tun from Specific Mechanical In BC, Canada. On time delivery, excellent support during installation and startup even dough we are located 6 provinces appart! Great design team also as we were a bit picky on the look of our equipment! I would recommend them to anybody and I will surely buy my next still there! You can see there work on our website distilleriedustlaurent.com and on our Facebook page!
  6. Hello everyone in the ADI. I want to introduce the Heretic Spirits distillery, coming summer/fall 2017 to Collingwood, ON. We have made some great friends so far and look forward to meeting a lot of you at the ADI convention in Baltimore in a few weeks. Cheers - Scott Morrison (Heretic Spirits) Please check out our splash holding page at http://www.hereticspirits.com.
  7. Calling all Canadian Distillers... We are using ADI as a great chance to meet for a drink and get to know each other. With such a big country and so few of us it doesn't happen too often. http://evite.me/uqMzYJvuDh All are welcome and feel free to invite anyone you know in the Canadian Distilling space! Cheers and see you all at ADI!
  8. Head Distiller_ Halifax, Nova Scotia Seeking a head distiller to run a new distillery opening April 2017 in Halifax, NS. The distillery is a custom build facility, initial equipment is a 500 gallon Vendome still with a stand alone 20 plate vodka column.Prior commercial experience in distilling or brewing preferred. Preference will be given to applicants with a Distilled Spirits or Fermentation Science degree. Applicant will have to oversee all aspects of production, manage distillery area employees, clean and maintain equipment, and oversee all safety protocols and SOPs. Compensation will be dependent on experience and can include a profit sharing component. Please reply to CompassDistillers@gmail.com
  9. Hi everyone! First off, thanks to everyone who shares their knowledge on these forums. I've been reading them for a long time, and I'm excited to be starting down the road to becoming a distiller myself in the coming year. My name is Jon, and I'm building a plan for a small scale brandy distillery here in Ontario. Will be a part-time endeavor at the start, and I've had the chance to work with a local distillery for some time to get an understanding of all the joys of distilling in Ontario, and travel North America through my 'day job' and meet and work with other distillers in the US and Canada as well. I'm really interested in traditional, pot-still distillation for both brandy and whiskey, and I feel it's worth the extra effort. I'm of the mind that if I start small, and work to build a brand and following, I can make Ontario brandy successful, and produce some other fun products along the way that people get excited about. Looking forward to being a part of this community, and one day sharing some of the knowledge I pick up along the way. I know it will be a long, difficult, frustrating, expensive, not particularly profitable journey. But it's mine, and I can't wait to take it!
  10. Hello, I've been following the site for a while now as I have been finalizing my business plan. I am located in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan and with a little luck will be opening a small distillery in the next few months. Does anyone here know about the declassification requirements for a Canadian Distillery, Ive read reports that several setups have been derated from F1, to F2 and even F3 in some cases. I am working with a mechanical engineer to sort this out but sometimes its better to ask a question than try and solve all the problems yourself. Thanks in advance for your time and I hope to meet you all down the road. Adam
  11. Hello all, This is a great resource, thank you to all who support it and led a hand to those of us less experienced! I am in the planning phase of a Brewery / Distillery in British Columbia, Canada. We have a bit of a different regulatory regime here, but the problems seem to be much the same. Looking forward to chatting with you in the future! Michael Rosser Fairall Brewery & Distillery
  12. Hi there, I'm setting up shop in BC, Canada and am wondering if anyone has any experience in selling their product in the province without the government liquor stores. As a craft distillery we will be barred from selling through the government controlled stores but I'm having trouble finding information on private provincial distributors. Do you self distribute? -Dave
  13. If you live on Saskatchewan or Alberta and are interested in Starting up a distillery on our farm I too am interested, maybe we could get together on this and get it up and running. Detailed business plan written, land available, RM and city interested, looking for some partners, quotes done, building designed, just need some help.
  14. Hello folks south of the border!! I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and am thinking of staring a micro distillery here in the city I grew up in. I have been lurking around on this site for a while and like to read about everyone's start-up stories. I thought it was time I introduce myself. I do not have any agriocultural/distilling experience but after a trip to the East Coast this summer and experiencing my first Micro Distillery I became obsesed with the idea of starting one up in Winnipeg. I am in the beginning stages of planning, planning, planning - discovering what I need to get started. My goal is to start small and grow in size. The plan is to have my ingredients sourced from organic prairie farmers. There are no micro distilleries here in Winnipeg so I don't have much to go by. The knowledge you guys are providing on this site is extremely valuable and great for someone just starting out. I hope to get to a point where I can distill a couple days a week, bottle and market the reset of the time - and make money doing it!! Until then, I will continue to follow the forums on this site, ask lots of questions and welcome any suggestions/help or support I can garner to get off the ground. Thank you all JC
  15. The Town of Perth, Ontario, Canada, and Waverley Spirits Limited invite you to attend Behind the Grain - The Art & Business of Craft Distilling, a symposium taking place February 8 and 9. The symposium will deal with just about everything you need to know about starting your own distillery, including the science of distilling, the regulatory framework in Ontario, financing, branding, packaging, marketing and sales! The program for Behind the Grain stems from our experience as a start-up in the craft spirits industry. Featured speakers (including Jason Lippa of Distillery Solutions; and Kris Berglund, Ph.D., Distinguished University Professor of Food Science, Michigan State University) have extensive knowledge of the craft distilling industry and are eager to share their knowledge and foster the development of new craft spirits producers in Canada. Join us in Perth for a great weekend of learning and networking in a relaxed and charming atmosphere! Hope to see you there! Sincerely, Jamie Snasdell-Taylor Founder Waverley Spirits Limited
  16. Hello fellow forum members! Just wanted to introduce myself - I am planning to open a craft distillery in the historic Town of Perth, Ontario. Been working at this for about a year now and am at the recipe development stage for our first product, a character vodka made from local wheat and corn. So far we've run one sizeable test batch with promising results. Our goal for 2013 is to get our vodka to market and to get working on some whisky. If you're interested in following our progress, we're on Twitter @waverleyspirits and on FB at www.facebook.com/WaverleySpirits. Also have a website http://www.waverleyspirits.com though it remains a simple splash page for now. Looking forward to many hours of reading and learning here on the ADI Forum. Very happy to be part of such a great industry. Hope to meet as many of you as possible over the coming years All the best for a great 2013!
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