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Found 20 results

  1. 105 Gallon Jacketed Stainless Steel Still with 6” Copper Bubble Plate Column $13,500 This 105 gallon still is great for Bourbon, Whiskey, Brandy, Grappa, Rum and many others. It will distill between 130 and 185 proof. This Still has a 6" Diameter Stainless & Copper Bubble Plate Column with four 4" diameter sight glasses, Gatling Gun (Tube & Shell) Dephlagmator on top of the Column and a 3" Gatling Gun (Tube & Shell) Condenser on the side of the column. The column can be ran in Pot Still Mode to make Whiskey and Moonshine or it can be ran in reflux mode to make high proof light Whiskey or Rum. This 105 gallon still is jacketed. I ran Soybean oil but you can use any cooking oil or water can be ran in the jacket. This gives you the ability to run grain in mashes and other mashes such as potato mashes, grappa mashes and fruit mashes with the solids left in, without the worry of scorching. 105 Gallon Operating Capacity 120 Gallon Total Capacity 19 Gallon Jacket Operating Capacity 26 Gallon Total Capacity in the Jacket 2" Sanitary Butterfly Drain valve 6" Tri Clamp Column Connection 16” Diameter Manway ½” 5 psi Pressure Relief Valve on the jacket ½” 5 psi Pressure Relief Valves on the inner boiler 6” Diameter Stainless Bubble Plate Column with all copper internal parts The column is completely modular with Sanitary Tri Clamp Connections throughout It is very simple easy and fast to disassemble the Column for Cleaning Plates can be added or removed from the column to run different proofs The Column can be Set up to Run as a Pot Still Head in a Matter of 5 to 10 Minutes Top quality construction with beautifully rounded curves. Built from heavy gauge 304 food grade stainless steel Commercial grade thermometer Please contact me for questions, payment arrangements, and pick up instructions. Pete 732-300-2814 Located: Bayville, NJ
  2. For Sale: 8" Crystal Dragon Dephlegmator 4" Condenser Parrot Original Price: $5,748 Asking Price $3,000 obo http://stilldragon.com/index.php/8-procap-crystal-dragon.html
  3. For Sale: 20mm 20 plate stainless vodka column -20 plate stainless vodka column - 304 stainless steel construction - copper bubble caps INCLUDES: - Stainless column base - stainless dephlegmator - stainless product condensor - 8 additional seals $18,000.00
  4. Hi All, Our columns don't have adjustable legs/feet on them. Anybody have recommendations for adjustable legs - preferably that can be permanently mounted into concrete? I'm looking for a safe/secure method of adjusting our columns because our concrete is uneven.. Would this adjustable foot work if we use a couple and then use separate anchor bolts to secure it to the concrete? Is there a cleaner / more streamlined option? Thanks
  5. SOLD!!! PRICE REDUCED TO $10,000. The pot and helmet are worth this much! Price: $12,500. Brand new still with copper helmet, two columns (16 plates) and more. Decided to go in a different direction. Electric heat (4 ports). See attached for exact specs. Upgraded parts, fixtures and even boiler thickness. Feel free to call or text. 510-557-2917. Serious inquiries only please. Crated and ready to go (crate never even opened). EXW shipping. Equipment in Greenville, SC [Untitled].pdf Updated drawing of 300liter still.pdf
  6. Hello, I am just touching base and letting everybody know we are quickly working through our projects. Here is a 18" dia copper column with massive 18" SS flanges, 4 x 4" sight glasses and 4 x 2" LED ports. MADE IN IOWA, USA Enjoy. I wish everyone a Happy New Year.
  7. Distilling newbie here, I believe I understand the difference between a thumper and doubler. Correct me if I'm wrong... The doubler basically reboils condensed low wines to make high wines. Thumper does not use condensed low wines, only low wine vapors to make high wines. I've seen continuous systems that allow for a doubler still to work as a thumper or a doubler by changing valve configurations. Why would you use one over the other? What affect does each one have on the high wine product? Looked online for an answer and didn't really see much. I know there's a lot of expertise on this website, so I thought I'd ask here. Cheers, Joey
  8. 3_19_18 M&S SALES LISTING ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE.pdf Millers and Saints Distillery is stopping production. We are selling all equipment, and the brand. Everything can be yours. Let us know what it is worth to you. This pricing does not include delivery. See all items as listed in the pdf. The owner/distillers at Millers and Saints Distillery of Saint Louis Park, MN are moving out of the spirits business and focusing on other aspects of the beverage industry. As a result, we have Distilling equipment and a Branding Package for sale. MADE IN THE USA. -STILL - We are asking $40,000.00 The still is a 300gal copper top, steam jacketed pot still with a 14 plate 12 gauge copper column with 4 inch windows to the side. The column has a 16 gauge, 304 dimple copper jacketed deflegmator at the top and feeds into a 28 pipe, water cooled, stainless steel condenser. Dual temperature gauges at the top of the still and column allow exacting temperature awareness. The column and condenser are connected to a stainless steel frame for a compact and stable configuration. The still piping is configured to allow inline use of the column for higher proof spirits or a valve controlled bypass for lower proof spirits. The still, column and condenser were made in the USA by Global Stainless of Canby, Oregon. Global Stainless has a long history of providing exceptional equipment to the American and Canadian beer and spirits industries. The still has been in operation for under 4 years and has been run less than 150 times. It is in perfect working order. The still needs about a 10hp low pressure boiler (or equivalent) for full operation and is 14 feet tall when fully erected and piped.. Still will be dismantled and crated. Crating will take 24 hours. Buyer is responsible for arranging shipment within 2 weeks of purchase. Measurement equipment, barrels, racks, pump, office equipment, and electronic production data forms, formulas and templates. -The Branding Package includes all established rights to the name as well as approved labels and logo, branding iron, formulas and website. Individual item can be negotiated and purchased. SEE ATTACHED PDF for details. Ron Olney. Distiller Contact us at: ron.olney@millersandsaints.com
  9. We are building Full steam systems now at HBS Copper. We would love to give you a bid on your next system. We strive to give the best price for the best product. We will work with you on any design you would like. We have the knowledge and equipment to build your system. Give us a call at 270-334-3400 m-f 8-4 central time USA. Take a look at our latest video
  10. My original stall that started Appalachian Mountain Spirits is up for sale. Miss Kelsey is a glass column bubble plate still. She has three electrical elements, two glass columns, 4 bubble plates. Designed by Artisan Still Design and purchased 4 years ago. Small batch or to make high proof distillate. $5800, plus shipping FOB, or pick up. 276-782-0932
  11. Here are a few photos of the 12" continuous column still in production. Pricing ranges from $110-$130K with a doubler. The thumper shown here is full copper and can be purchased independently of a column.
  12. SOLD We are currently in the process of switching our distillation equipment to focus more on our farm and micro-malting facility instead of contract distilling. This equipment would be an incredible package for contract distilling, a distillery looking to expand, or a winery/distillery. Individual equipment prices are listed below. The entire package is listed at. We will consider any and all offers. Please feel free to PM, reply, or email adam.stumpf (at) stumpysspirits.com with any questions or for pics. - Continuous Column Still - 40 plate continuous column still that includes boiler with steam heat exchanger, wash pre-heater, 2 columns, condenser, and piping. The still is broken up into 2 15' columns that are 12" in diameter to save on ceiling height. Still has ability to fractionate. Still is currently being used to strip low wines. Stripping 8% wash at 25+ gallons per hour of distillate at ~110 proof. Still was previously used to run apple brand and produced 15 gallons per hour of 160 proof hearts. Pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, and thermos included. - 650 Gallon Pot Still w/ 5 Plate Column - Heated via steam coil. Pneumatic agitator. 4" bottom drain and 2" side drain. Copper dephlegmator at top of column. All stainless construction. Column has structured copper mesh. Also have copper sheet to place behind steam coils for spirit runs. Will include ~75 lb of copper sheet with the still. Comes with 3 condensers. Currently running small 316 stainless condenser that does just fine. Also have 2 larger 304 condensers. Capable of hitting vodka proof in 3 runs.Still outfitted with pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, and thermos. - 1,000 Gallon Mash Tun - 1,000 Gallon Pfaudler tank with 2hp 220 3 phase agitator. 6" drain reduced to 4" reduced to 1.5". Steam jacket. Cooling jacket. Hinged lid. Ladder. CIP ball. As bottom supports for false bottom (false bottom not included). On mild steel stand. - 950 Gallon Variable Capacity Fermenter - Spokane Industries tank. Variable capacity lid w/ good gasket. Air lock, 2" bottom drain, 2" fill port, thermowell w/ thermometer, aeration port, sample port, sloped bottom, dimpled cooling jacket. Stainless construction and sits on mild steel stand. - 800 Gallon Fermenter - Stainless construction with stainless legs. Hinged lid, CIP ball, dished bottom, 1.5" drain, side mounted prop agitator (no motor included), single wall. - Mash Cooling System - Kiesel SP 12 Eccentric Screw Pump, 16' 4" high temp hose, 2 8' sections 4" high temp hose, 2 5' 4" shell in tube heat exchangers - 1,500 Gallon Pasco Poly Tanks - I have 2 of these. Have top and bottom stainless manways as well as 3" and 1.5" tri clamp ports. - GAI 500 Rotary Filler - SOLD - OMB ET 1500 Pressure Sensitive Labeler - SOLD
  13. We're looking to upgrade our equipment and are interested in a new/used still. We're in the market for an adjustable pot/column whiskey still in the range of 400-600gal steam jacketed. Ideal setup would contain 4 plates/dephleg/ and condenser accompanying vodka column would be a plus. If you have any equipment meeting these specs...or know of anyone who does...shoot me a PM or email. Thanks Jon Good jon@gddistilling.com
  14. Hi, We have a 4 plate 330 gallon new Still for sale. This is new and we have another we are using for our needs. Column is Copper with 4 bubble cap plates. All 4 plates have bypass valves plus built in CIP This is oil jacket, electric heat SS jacket. Has magnetic temp control computer, i.e. you set the desired temperatures and it'll automatically adjust water flow to maintain perfect and consistent temp for consistent proof of spirits. $44K is below what we paid, Freight shipping included in U.S. Dimensions: 12'7" height, 5'26" width, 11'8" length. Having trouble uploading Pictures. Email me for pics: jecakes@yahoo.com
  15. Hello all. I would like to announce a new line of commercial 60 to 230 gallon pot still column hybrids. Stainless and copper stills fast delivery and meticulously built. They are what some people expect when they given say $4K for the flute type stills built for home users but intend to use in a commercial setting. We can do anything to like to customize your still and have it your way. Our first unit will roll out today. And I will post picture. This model is s 60 gallon working capacity, with a 4 plate dual flow sieve tray column and deplegmator, Condensor, heated by steam or propane this is a propane model. Stainless and copper has a brushed finish and heat stable clear coated to be easy to clean , if you have time to polish it, your doing it wrong I say. This model is roughly $8k with delivery and setup possible on a mileage and labor basis. The other unit will begin production Monday. I produce one unit at a time . So no wondering where is my still? It is 230 gallons same specs as above . Also let me note, these stills are not agitated by an agitator. The seals are all Chinese and poor quality. These seal vapor in and allow the agitator to turn. I use a method time proven by larger companies. Pump circulation. Highly effective. The 230 depending on options this still is around $15K. I will show production pics for now and also the large thumper that can be added for $5K with a column for high proof and $4K if not. Contact me here or at 315 414 1810 . And always American made with as many American made parts I can find.
  16. We're close to pulling the trigger on our first equipment. We will be using GNS and run it through a 300L still and into a six inch bubble plate column. For 300L, we know that a 4 inch column would be way too small. We hope that 6 inch bubble plate would suffice but would love your expert opinion. Thanks friends!
  17. For sale: 235 gallon OIL BATH still This unit is complete. It comes all ready to go with flow meters, oil (mobil them 43), electrical control panel, parrot, condenser, engine turn skirt, and insulated,...... EVERYTHING!!! This unit is ready to ship right now!! This unit is about 14' 6" tall, this unit has an 8" column with 20 plates for vodka, or the bypass valve at the 5 plate for rum or whiskey. This unit has a gin basket above the condenser (not shown). asking 34K , We will deliver and setup and install for an additional fee. questions? Please call or contact me at 515-559-4879 joseph@dehnerdistillery.com
  18. Hi, So we have been running a Still Dragon Single 8' Column attached to a 200L boiler for about a year now. At the present time we are almost running it around the clock to keep up with demand. We would like to invest in a larger still and after some research i have seen that most of them are Split Column Stills. The split column stills featured on Artisan Still Design look amazing, but I am a little perplexed as to how they operate. Is the first 4 plate column used for rums and whiskys, and the second 16 plate column used for vodka? or are the first and second column used in conjunction to give a total of 20 plates for Vodka Production? Thanks
  19. Does anyone know of any used copper column stills for sale? It seems there were a couple old bourbon distilleries liquidated over the last few years, but were the stills scrapped?
  20. Revenoor Built Spirit Column for high proof spirits. Can attach by flange to steam or electric powered stills to bring high proof of your spirits. Condenser operates flawlessly, and column is packed with copper ball bearings. Made clean spirits at 145-155 proof after One run, at a good rate. Perfect condition, made in 2010. $2000, you do the shipping. Email Bare Distillery
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