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Found 12 results

  1. Good afternoon, seeking advice on some maintenance issues that came up. Taking apart our still this week, new compression gaskets, seals, etc followed by detailed inspection. Found a few things that worry me. Solder breaking down? Also, found a very small leak at the base of my 4 plate column (the leak looks to be on the bottom side of the pan and very slow), see pics for clarification. This is an Arnold Holstein still, about 13 years old. They recommended Sodium Hydroxide and Citric Acid for regular cleaning. About 4 years ago I switched to a buffered alkaline detergent (PBW) and then follow it up with a Citric Nitric, RO rise in between. Hoping my chemical choice hasn't helped in the solder degradation. It is difficult to get a response from the manufacturer, and its never timely. The boss wants the still put back together asap, so I most likely will not be able to wait for Holstein's response. I'm wondering why this is happening, what steps I can take to repair the solder and prevent it from happening again. Additionally, my local welder and plumber don't want to mess with trying to fix the solder without knowing what it is (neither of them have experience with stills) and I'm getting pressure to use JD Weld and just get it back up and running. Any advise?
  2. Made in the USA by HBS Copper Ready to go 300 Gallon all copper Steam Pot almost (75% complete) ready to ship. Customer ordered this but could not fulfill the contract. We can build what ever kind of Column, Pot head or cap that you want. It you have a cap or column tell us the connection you need for yours and we will install that. This is only for the Pot but but we can add what ever you need. This does include the mixer also. Sale Price plus shipping $32,500.00 If your interested call 270-906-9594 or email mike@hillbillystills.com 300 Gallon Copper Steam Kettle · 300 gallon working Capacity · C122 Copper .25 thickness · 18” man-way · Kettle Temp Gauge · PRVs in Kettle and Jacket · Mixer Connection · 3” Drain · Copper Legs UL XP ElectricAgitator · UL Listed explosion proof electric agitator/mixer.1/2hp 230/460 3phase, 350 rpm gear drive with 5" marine style prop
  3. We DYE will be attend the 2017 American Distilling Instiltute Visit us in Booth No.: 216# We shipped a 1000L still, copper boiler with two columns, and three collection tanks, complete CIP manifold and all necessary accessories mounted. Our plan is selling it after the show, as we don't want to pay double shipping cost and tax. And we can do the installation and test after. If anyone want to know more about it in advance, pls leave us your email address or email me, will send specification . Contact person: Sue Lei Mail: info@dayuwz.com
  4. We are an established profitable distillery FOR SALE in California. We have nine brands distributed in CA and NV, including 3 types of Whiskey, 3 types of Vodka, Gin, light Rum, and dark Rum. Included in the sale are all licensing, equipment, and inventory. We have been operating with significant yearly growth for seven years. Asking $500,000. Private message me for a detailed sales brochure. Thank you.
  5. We have 2 of these in stock and ready to ship. We have these units in distilleries all over the US. With the appropriately sized low pressure steam boiler you can do a whiskey run in 4 hrs from start to finish. If you have questions email paul@distillery-equipment.com or call 417-778-6100. If you would like to talk to someone who has ran one of these at their distillery for 3.5 years call Rusty at 757-593-1055. Check out our web site http://distillery-equipment.com The picture above is of one of our 300 gallon Jacketed, Steam Heated, Pro Series Whiskey Stills. This Still comes standard with our 12" 4 plate Bubble Plate Column $26,995.00 new and in stock. This column will produce up to 160 proof in 1 run. The Dephlegmator (Pre-Condenser) can be turned off and the Plate Drain Valves of the Whiskey Column can be opened so that the still can be ran in Pot Still Mode. Any individual Plate Drain Valves or any combination of the Plate Drain Valves can be ran closed or open to obtain different proofs and flavor profiles. If you want you can do stripping runs in Pot Still Mode and then do Spirit Runs with the plates closed and the Drain Valves off. This 300 Gallon Whiskey Still must be heated by a Low Pressure Steam Boiler. This 300 gallon Still comes standard with: 300 Gallon Operating Capacity 304SS Stainless Steel Boiler 350 Gallon Actual Capacity 3hp 230vac 3 phase 0 rpm to 45 rpm Variable Speed Agitator: 18" Clamp Down Manway 4" Sight Glass in the Manway 5 PSI Pressure Relief Valve on the Inner Boiler 5 PSI Vacuum Relief Valve on the Inner Boiler 15 PSI ASME Pressure Relief Valve On the Jacket 15 PSI Steam Jacket Insulation Jacket 4" Tri Clamp Butterfly Valve on the drain 12" Diameter Whiskey Column with 4 Bubble Plates 12" Diameter Tube & Shell Dephlegmator (4) 4" Sight Glasses in the Column 4 CIP Spray Balls in the Column (1 above each plate) 4 Plate Drain Valves 4" Face Thermometer above the Dephlegmator in the Whiskey Column 4" Face Thermometer below the Dephlegmator in the Whiskey Column 2 CIP Spray Balls in the Boiler 4" Face 0°F to 250°F Thermometer in the Column 3" Face 0°F to 250°F Thermometer on the inner Boiler 12"x36" Tube and Shell Condenser Stainless Parrot's Beak Bolt to the Floor Stainless Table Stand or Stainless Column Stand for the Condenser, You Pick. 11'7" Overall Height Mirror Polish on Copper and Stainless Inner Boiler has a Mirror Polish
  6. Copper Distillery for Vodka 600liter(158gallon) capacity Steam heating 16 block bubble plates With two water tank, one wine storage tank Feel free to contact with us If anything we can do for you. DYE Company Anna daeyoo28@dayuwz.com
  7. Hello ADI! Just dropping in to show off the latest still built here at Craftsman Copper in Olympia, WA. This one is thus: 225 gallon direct fire boiler with hand forged onion head, all stainless hardware and gauges, 135 gallon preheater with manway and sight gauge, and a 235 gallon capacity condenser with hood and 1" x 60' all copper worm. All ball valves are lead free. Constructed using primarily TIG welding process, and of course some lead free solder where it was needed. I'm pretty proud of this one and look forward to hearing how it performs for my client. If anyone is interested in a still, feel free to contact me through here, or via email: james@craftsmancopper.com - also, if any operational micro-distilleries want to set up their tasting room with copper lighting, that's my main line of work! Oh, and I can also custom make you still heads based on your designs and dimensions. Just contact me if you're interested! Thanks for checking this out. Cheers, Jimmi
  8. I have been in the process of building a 225 gallon all copper, made in USA, Charentais still. The preheater is 135+ gallons (even though the drawing says 185, the design was modified), and the condenser barrel is 225 gallons as well. The onion type still head is all copper and hand formed. All seams are TIG welded, and the bottoms of all the vessels are welded then filled with lead free solder as an extra sealing agent. The drain is a 2" pipe with a lead free brass ball valve. All the lyne arm components will be copper and stainless tri-clamps with the preheater return featuring the same 2" lead free ball valve. The worm inside the condenser will be 1" all copper tubing. The still has been under construction for two months now, and was contracted to be finished by mid September. I'm not completely sure as to what will happen, but the intended client has run into some financing issues, leaving me holding the bag with all of my personal and business bills stacking up. I'm testing the waters to see if there might be any interest on here in purchasing this unit from me. I really don't want to pull the rug from under my client, but the reality is that I need to keep my house and keep the bill collectors off my ass. If there is anyone on here interested, please send me a private message and we can discuss the possibilities. Here are some pics of the project so far: Initial design layout: Onion head during fabrication: Onion head and cape during fabrication: Onion head and cape welded to the boiler: Preheater domed bottom welded in and domed top fitted: Flanged edge of the condenser barrel: Welded in bottom of the condenser:
  9. Please take a look at this short video... We can build anything you want. We can also help you decide what type of still you may be looking for. contact us at matt@hbscopper.com https://youtu.be/pEOl-B0_dbI
  10. I know it has been a while since I posted up, but I've been really busy with building copper lighting. So, here is the newest build happening in my little shop. It's going to be a direct fired 215 gallon still, all copper construction. I will let the pics of the gooseneck construction do the talking! Enjoy, my friends! And as always, if you want to talk about a project, send me a note on here! Cheers and Merry Christmas! Now it's on to the onion head and the rest to follow!
  11. Just a question about rivets with copper stills. Is a joined seam of copper with rivets, functional to keep the sheets together and leak proof, or purely just decoration? Also, is the seam welded or soldered in addition to the rivets?
  12. Hi everyone. Been reading everything about still design but found a number of different thoughts on copper thickness of stills. I have a couple of different questions. What is a good thickness of the copper needed? Are the sides thinner than the bottom? If an increase in thickness, does it change the heating properties? Does copper degrade or break down, noticeably, over time? Does thickness matter when talking about volume? Say, 30 liter still versus 300 liters versus 3000 liters? Sorry for all the basic questions, but i need some help from people who know. Thanks in advance Robin
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