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  1. 5 year old distillery moving to new facility we are eliminating most of our equipment. Looking for an offer on everything or it goes to auction. $30k - Make a cash offer only. List of most substantial equipment. Lots of other small things not listed Description Brand Notes 100 Gallon Still/ Mashtun w/Agitator Distillery-equipment Baine Marie, 6" Column, Electric 16,500 Watt Electric Oil Bath Heating System with Controller, agitator control, 2" valve Dephlegmator SS Gin Basket with Sight Glass and copper plate 4 - Copper column Sections with Sight Glass and bubble plates 100+ Gallon SS mashtun w/Agitator / Steam Jacket Never Installed Purchased from Old Pogue Distillery KY Gas Steam Boiler Never Installed Purchased from Old Pogue Distillery KY Copper Cooling coil Copper Cooling coil extension Latina Tank 160gal Latina On wheels with two valve openings and sample valve, lid with oneway pressure release valve and hand pump Commercial Refrigerator 30gal SS Barrel no valve Bubba Barrel With Lid 3 - 100gal Conical tank with stand Plastic Mart 10 foot 1.5" transfer hose 20 foot 1.5" transfer hose 1.5" CIP Ball Spirit Diaphram Pump and hoses 3 part water filter Misc Meters Thermometers Triclamp gaskets and clamps/ valves Large Digital Scale Small Digital Scale Stainless Steel 3 basin Sink 8 Red Steel Barrel Racks Bottling Machine One Bottle Self Stop WIth Filter Labeling Machine Hand Crank Roll 6 Empty 30gal Barrels New Barrel Mill Charred Oak Misc Used Barrels Shop Vac Rigid Two 30 gal barrel lid stays 10 Gal Stainless Steel Vessel With Valve Email responses to distilleryequipmentsale2020@gmail.com
  2. Hello- We have for sale a StillDragon 500L bain-marie kettle with mixer. It comes with a brand new 8" copper bubble cap column( 4 plates) w/dephleg and 6" X 48" condenser and stand $15,000 firm plus buyer pays for shipping and crating. FOB Muskegon, Michigan Thanks for looking!
  3. Used Iberian Coppers pot still for saleHand-hammered in PortugalApproximately 4 years old - good conditionSet up for direct-fire heating, but you could add a steam coil pretty easily.Will include the still base and burner for free.Must pick up in Boulder, CO.
  4. Looking for a good home for a dependable still. I'm looking to get is sold as quickly as possible. I need to get it off my friend's floor so he can install his own equipment. He's been nice enough to store it for me! I had been saving it in case I got back into the industry, but I've decided to stick with my day job! Still Description: The still is a Series 2 Bain Marie Style Artisan Still from Artisan Still Design. It originally cost $85K new. It was used primarily as a stripping and finishing still to make whiskey, gin, and even small batch vodka. 150 GL double jacketed copper pot with 4 inch drain, pressure gauge, thermometers, etc. Can be run with steam or as a double boiler using 6 heating elements (elements not included). It's set up for either Steam or as a double boiler. I ran it with oil in the jacket as a double boiler and used heating elements to run it. I didn't have a boiler, so I used the electric setup. I do not have controller...these can be built for minimal expense or you can contact Sherman Owens for a control box if you need. If you decide to run it with steam, you wouldn't need a controller. Other Items: 1/2 Copper (Top) and 1/2 SS kettle (bottom). 4 plate copper column with copper bypass, ports for thermometers on each plate. Plates are bubble caps. Stainless steel dephleg with thermometer port. Stainless steel condenser with thermometer port. Stainless steel parrot. SS Jackets, piping, etc. 2 hp Agitator with motor, housing, and mixing shaft. CIP ports for pot and column. Has all seals, valves, thermometers, pressure gauge, pipes, tri-clamp fittings, tri-clamp seals, etc. Just needs to be put together. I'm asking for $25K OBO plus shipping and it would ship out of Prosser, Washington. A Friend is storing it for me at his distillery there. He'd box it up and get it shipped to you, if you decided to buy it. If interested in the still, please IM me. I am looking for a cash buyer and will not lease or use a payment plan. I will entertain lower offers. Thank you!
  5. Hello, I am just touching base and letting everybody know we are quickly working through our projects. Here is a 18" dia copper column with massive 18" SS flanges, 4 x 4" sight glasses and 4 x 2" LED ports. MADE IN IOWA, USA Enjoy. I wish everyone a Happy New Year.
  6. looking to find a source for 6 inch copper dwv im in washington state id like to get 10 to 20 feet. but id settle for a few feet if i could find it by the foot for under 115 bucks any suggestions?
  7. Just bought my first column! Very exciting, but it's used so it needs a good cleaning as it has quite a bit of build up inside. What's the best way to clean/refurb? Just the usual rinse/caustic/rinse/acid/rinse? I've seen some people recommend scrubbing with steel wool - bad/good idea?
  8. Hello ADI! There was a lot of interest in our machine at the last ADI conference. For those of you that didn't see it, here it is: Contact us through our website detroitstillworks.com for more info. We look forward to hearing from you.
  9. I have a full electric 50 gallon set up with thumper & worm for sale. I am asking $1800 OBO. My ex-partner and I were in the middle of setting up the business when the business fell through. I also, have about 60 750 ml Round Clear Glass Moonshine Jugs, about 120 Black Stopper Corks, a case of 72mm x 35mm Clear PVC Shrink Bands, about 18-400 Round Phenolic Black Continuous Thread Closure, and about 100 100 ml Round Glass Flint Euro Bottles for sale as well. I can do $200 OBO for those. Any offers will be considered!! If buyer is somewhat local, we can work out something with delivery. Below are some details about my still: 50 Gallon Pot 1" Cap Logic Cap (no messy paste!!) 1/2" Copper Tube Copper to copper fittings. 5 Gallon Thumper with Stainless Tri Clover cap Brass cleanout 5 Gallon 1/2" Worm ¾” Lead Free Brass Hose Connections for cooling All Silver Solder Professional Temperature Gauge 220 Volt Electric Heating System Made with 20 oz. 99.9% pure copper and silver solder with lead free brass for the stills thumper screw cap. It also has a heavy duty Professional temperature / pressure gauge for super accurate control. Thanks, Roy Warlick
  10. We are building Full steam systems now at HBS Copper. We would love to give you a bid on your next system. We strive to give the best price for the best product. We will work with you on any design you would like. We have the knowledge and equipment to build your system. Give us a call at 270-334-3400 m-f 8-4 central time USA. Take a look at our latest video
  11. If your looking for new equipment please give us a opperitunity to work for you. Give us a call at 270-334-3400
  12. For sale is a custom barrel thief. Roughly 3 week lead time. Asking price $300. Includes a custom emblem acid etched on the front of the thief. Piping diameter is 1/14" ss tubing. PM or email Jon for additional pictures and questions. Best
  13. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has used this product before: http://pro.everbritecoatings.com/portfolio/shelter-point-distillery/ (aside from shelter point obviously) As Im sure you can all relate to, polishing the still and keeping it nice and new penny shiny is a pain in the butt. I was just looking into any high heat coatings that might work for helping to keep the copper looking nice and came across this stuff. I spoke with tech services, and they said they did even make an ethanol resistant version of it, to protect against drips and what not. We currently use a citric acid wash to clean (or left over wine), and then we polish with a metal polish, but after a week of operations the luster wears off and its back to old penny look. Thoughts?
  14. Hi, We have a 4 plate 330 gallon new Still for sale. This is new and we have another we are using for our needs. Column is Copper with 4 bubble cap plates. All 4 plates have bypass valves plus built in CIP This is oil jacket, electric heat SS jacket. Has magnetic temp control computer, i.e. you set the desired temperatures and it'll automatically adjust water flow to maintain perfect and consistent temp for consistent proof of spirits. $44K is below what we paid, Freight shipping included in U.S. Dimensions: 12'7" height, 5'26" width, 11'8" length. Having trouble uploading Pictures. Email me for pics: jecakes@yahoo.com
  15. Double Diamond 220 gallon all copper still for sale. Same exact still here: http://www.coppermoonshinestills.com/id51.html Link to a video of our still in operation. https://www.facebook.com/knoxwhiskeyworks/videos/1054489924595985/ Only used about 2 months, maybe 40 washes before we upgraded to our 300 gallon still. Internal coil is 3/4"-60 foot length and gave us a heat up time of about an hour. Easy to take neck off and clean out. The waiting list on this still is about one year. Asking $12,000 Located in Knoxville, TN.
  16. Looking to buy used equipment for a small start up. (not from China) 55 to 100 Gallon copper pot still to make Vodka. 55 Gallon still to make Gin. 3 fully jacketed ferment/mash tanks. 1 Two roller grain mill.
  17. Up for grabs to the first taker is a complete start up distillery. I have upgraded my stills and fermentation tanks to larger ones, so my original equipment must go. Two 70 gallon stills. Both with copper heads and stainless boilers. Both are electric heat to an oil jacket, so no direct heating elements into the wash. One is a pot/stripping still and the other is a 6 column still with gin basket and deflag. They both work perfectly and have produced amazing, award winning product for 3 years. Because of how great they work, our demand outgrew their production capability, which is why I built bigger equipment and must sell this startup equipment. I also have quantity 10, fermentation tanks. Each are 55 gallon stainless steel tanks with stainless lids. All the heating elements, heating controls, are included (there are 2 for each still) and only require a 220volt plug in for each (4 total plugs). Hoses and a OSHA safe rise platform to operate the equipment are all included as well. These were custom built with a lot of LOVE. Asking $25k for everything. UPDATE 10/30/15 - Price reduced to $15k to make room for new equipment. First come, first serve. Email: Sean(at)state-38.com for photos or questions. Serious inquiries only. I will remove this post when the equipment has sold. Buyer assumes responsibility for shipping, though I will load onto a truck for buyer.
  18. For sale UNIQUE 3 antiques pot still. Full alembics 100% artisanal fabrication. Antiques from 1936 (old school fabrication) - Charentais system (French) Capacity: 1250 liters Origin: Argentina - Mendoza Province Price: 30.000 dollars (each set of three componnets: alembic pot, preheater and condenser) -FOB Price
  19. Looking for a pot still. Direct fire or bain maire. No column. Would prefer about 1000 liter in size with agitator and CIP. All copper. Our ideal setup would be a Charentais alembic.
  20. Hey guys I just wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves again, since it has been a while. We are one of the few American Still builders here in the USA. We can build anything from 30 gallon all copper to 300 gallon all copper or Stainless here in Kentucky. If you go to hbscopper.com you can see our references here in the USA. We can design it or you can design it and we will build it. We can do Steam jacketed, Electric or Hot oil bath. If we can be of any assistance please give us a call at 270-334-3400 from 8 AM central to 4 PM central time. We do take 12 -12:30 for lunch. You will find that our customer support is second to none, before and after the sale! www.hbscopper.com www.hillbillystills.com
  21. I need help on calculating the surface area required for copper internal heating pipes in a 3000ltr / 800 gallon wash still design I'm working on. The pot size will be <>2000mm/1200mm - 79"/47". I'm thinking circulating thermal oil instead of steam as the easiest option for heating the still. My understanding is thermal oil runs at about 300C / 572F, with the oil being pumped through an open system (zero pressure) via a header tank. The heating side will be gas fired. Agitation will be part of the design equation, any thoughts welcome.
  22. I just wanted to take this opportunity to show you a little of what we can do here at HBS Copper (Hillbilly stills). We can do any custom work you would like. We also offer steam coil Still for larger systems. Please if you have any unique ideas let us make them happen for you. We have Great onsite welders and all of our copper is heavy gauge tig welded. Please see this video. It may give you better Idea of what we can do. I made in the USA.
  23. We have a 250 Liter Kothe Electric Still for sale (No Boiler Required). We purchased the still in late 2010 and have recently upgraded to a larger version. It is available for purchase today. Here is what is included: 250 Liter Pot with 3/4 HP agitator (agitator was replaced in 2013) Column on top has 3 bubble trays and a dephlegmator Side Condenser is wrapped decoratively in copper Under the condenser is an insulated tank for storing hot water which can be used in conjunction with the provided pump for CIP Spray wand in the pot and spray balls in all the bubble trays 3 - 15KW heating elements (wired for 208V 3PH power) Electric Thermostatic control panel that can lock in the temperature to a tenth of 1 degree F $55,000 FOB Columbus, Ohio. We will break down and palletize for shipment upon request or available for local pickup, Call Dave @ 614-357-1896 with questions or email at dave@watersheddistillery.com Picture (the still on the left is what we are selling) http://drinkupcolumbus.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/watershed-distillery.jpg
  24. So, the local health department visited. They are concerned about our use of copper mugs for Moscow Mules. Basically they state that because the drink has a pH of <6 we shouldn't be using copper. But, if the level of copper is below 1.3mg per liter (the limit the EPA has set for water) they think we will be fine. So, now I need to have one of our Moscow Mules tested by a lab. I'll update this as soon as we have new info...
  25. So, basically a few welds on the thumper to condenser arm, and then it's time to give it a polish. Thanks for all your advice and support on here, everyone. Here it is the first time the boiler shook hands with the thumper. As a point of reference, I'm 6'3".
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