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Found 6 results

  1. Are you about to open your commercial distillery? Need some hands-on experience? Do you know the basics and need a more specialized course in the how-to of hands-on? If yes, the Six and Twenty Distillery Operations and Management Course is must-have for you. Who: Six and Twenty Distillery, along with our friends from Artisan Still Design and Distillery Consultant Sherman Owens What: A 3-day, Intermediate-level and hands-on course on how to get your distillery, equipment and process running smoothly. When: October 16, 17 and 18, 2013 Where: Six and Twenty Distillery, 3109 Hwy 153, Piedmont South Carolina How much: $1200 per participant. Hotel and transport not included. Contact: David Raad at DR@sixandtwentydistillery.com for questions. Six and Twenty Distillery has teamed up with Artisan Still Designs and Distillery Consultant Sherman Owens to create the course that folks intent on getting in the distilling business need. This isn’t a basic course on fundamentals of distilling; this is a hands-on, commercial-grade course in our working distillery to show how to make your distillery work from day-one. Six and Twenty Distillery will be the workplace for the course. Participants will receive not just classroom instruction, but hands-on practical application of every step of the operations process they will need to hit the ground running. Our class size will be small and limited to 12 students, so this is a first-come, first-served opportunity. We will provide a detailed syllabus, lunch, coffee, drinks, snacks and a post-course BBQ supper on the 18th. Cheap and mid-range hotels are in walking distance to the stillhouse, and the nearest airports are GSP (20 miles) or ATL (90 miles). This course will cover: Basic distilling overview; the elements of a grain-to-glass distillery Defining your brand, what kind of distillery are you? Pricing your product Safety, what’s required and what’s necessary Choosing your location, what, where and why Power, plumbing and physical layout Mashing: Inputs, yield, calculations, grains, process, gravities Mashing: PRACTICAL APPLICATION on distillery floor Fermenting: Inputs, yeast, process Distilling: overview and theory, process, safety and dealing with problems Walk around: The parts of a still and what they do Distilling: PRACTICAL APPLICATION on distillery floor Measuring distillate, gauging and diluting Equipment: Collecting vessels, blending vessels, pumps and hoses, fillers, filters, and ancillary Cleaning regimen (observed): Mash tank, still, equipment
  2. Distillery School 2014 January 11-12 February 8-9 March 8-9 At the distillery in Centennial, Colorado The two day classes will start at 9:00 AM MST and will cover: Distilling Vodka, Rum and Whiskey, Mashing, Gauging, Blending, Spirit Aging and other topics you wish to discuss. To register: please emailMitchabate@aim.com Once registered we will ask you to send a check for $400 or call to arrange payment by Visa, Mastercard or American Express Checks can be made out to 
Downslope Distilling, Inc., 6770 South Dawson Circle, Suite 400, Centennial, CO 80112 Or call 303-693-4300 to charge by phone The course covers two days of in-depth hands on workshop covering materials thru finished product. Distillation on pot and column stills, sensory training and facilities and business issues for those interested in commercial operations. 

Below is an outline of topics that will be covered:
  3. 8 Feathers Distillery in Boise, Idaho is offering Distilling School! This hands-on class covers the fundamentals of grain to glass whiskey production and business concerns in starting your own distilled spirits company or for those who are just interested in learning the fine art of distilling. Participants will be working along side our head distiller learning all the steps it takes to make great whiskey. Topics covered include: Safety in a distillery Sourcing equipment Grain selection and processing Water conditioning Designing a recipe (a.k.a. a mash bill) Mashing Fermentation and related issues (congeners) Still selection and sizing trade-offs Mechanics of distillation (stripping and spirit runs) “Heads, Hearts and Tail” Understanding the use of setback Barrel selection and flavor impact Bottling Pumps Automation TTB Requirements Sales and Marketing For the complete class schedule – please go to http://www.8feathers.com/schedule-detail.html Additional presentations for the start up distiller include licensing, facilities, record keeping, package design formula and label approval and marketing of spirits. Cost is $450 and includes 2 days of instruction, handouts and some meals. For more information on school dates and how to register go to http://www.8feathers.com/school.html. Got questions? Please call Larry at 208.297.5225.
  4. We've set FEB 17th, 2014 as our next "Camp Distillery" date. This course is basically two days in one when it comes to the amount of subject matters covered and quality of content. We stick to a one-day course from 6am - 5pm due largely to overwhelming end of course feedback. The first half of the course covers mainly grain mash/whiskey/moonshine production, the second half is mainly govt regs, govt reports, licensing, product planning, marketing, distillery planning/budgeting. This course is laid out in true military precision (designed by a former Army officer), we always improve the course after each date. More information can be found on our website at http://mbrdistillery...Distillery.html. Our January course filled up a few weeks ago and this one will likely be filled up by the end of the year. We'll only hold one or two more after this course until next fall due to the weather (it's easier to heat a distillery than it is to cool one). Call me for more information, (270) 640-7744.
  5. Our next scheduled "Camp Distillery" will be held on Monday, April 8th, 2013 at MB Roland Distillery in Pembroke, KY. Our last class consisted of 10 participants from 4 different states, all giving us very positive feedback on their experience. This is a highly-involved 1-day course, specifically geared towards those that can't get away for a multiple day class/workshop. The course begins at 6:15am and is complete by 5pm (CST). We cover the entire production process from mashing to distillation, regulatory matters, and some very specific business-related matters to include lessons we've learned on the business side, gift shop/tasting room considerations & procedures, marketing/product development, and planning considerations for setup. For those that are on a very fixed budget, we are probably the best example of how to get into this business without a huge amount of cash. We started with one full-time employee three years ago and have grown to 4 full-time + multiple part-timers and are on track to continue this growth. Also, being that we're centrally located in the country, we're within driving distance for many. For those that may be interested in visiting other craft distilleries, we're on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour and within driving distance of multiple tour-friendly facilities (http://www.kybourbon...rail_craft_tour for more info) in Kentucky and Tennessee. If you need lodging, there are multiple, newly-built hotels less than 5 miles from the distillery. If you want to fly in, Nashville, TN is an efficient 55-min drive via I-24. Cost per person is $350 before March 1st, $400 after, group discounts are available. Complete print-outs of the day's curriculum, additional hardcopy resources, morning refreshments (coffee and donuts), and lunch are all included. We do expect this class to be completely full based on current interest. Call us at 270-640-7744 or e-mail us at info@mbrdistillery.com for more information.
  6. 2012 Distillery School at Downslope Distilling in Centennial, Colorado Distilling classes will be held on July 21-22 and August 11-12, 2012 We will continue to offer classes every month during 2012 We have had over 300 people attend our workshop from 30 US States and Canada http://www.downslopedistilling.com The two day classes will start at 9:00 AM MST and will cover: Distilling Vodka, Rum and Whiskey, Mashing, Gauging, Blending, Water Quality, Spirit Ageing and other topics you wish to discus. Once registered we will ask you to send a check for $350 to: Downslope Distilling, Inc. , 6770 South Dawson Cr., Ste. 400, Centennial, CO 80112 or call 303-693-4300 to charge by phone with Visa, Mastercard or American Express We are in the process of offering our ADVANCED CLASSES. These classes will be open to 4-5 people. The classes will cover MASHING/ENZYMES and all aspects of Distilling. The classes will be held on Fri to Sun and will be 9-10 hours/day. We will be mashing and distilling; .Please contact mitch@downslopedistilling.com Finally we are in the process of setting up a consulting firm which will help startups in every aspect of the business. Please contact mitch@downslopedistilling.com or call me direct at 303-693-4300
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